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chronic neck pain

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  • Posted By: AMJAD ALI
  • August 29, 2009
  • 07:13 AM

background of health problem:
I was suffered with jaundice13 years a go. After getting quire from jaundice, I has been suffer from more sleeping in the day time. Pain in upper abdominal, constipation .after getting relax from this problem I suffer for long time form burning (heat) around the chest for a small duration. Its appear and disappears. Then after start feeling uncomforting after some days suddenly, neck pain started. Regularly I has been feeling neck pain sine 12 years
Problem by which I suffering:
1. Wake up too early in the morning and will not get asleep most of the time. Some time gets.
2. After getting wakeup in morning, feels more sleep after that feel heavy and tightness in the head, face. & Eyes become red. And sleep will not go away same time slowly starts neck pain .Feels more sleepy.
3. Whole day feels pain in neck, head and eyes, feel burning in eyes. and comes more yawn
4. Whole day Feels tightness of face and head. And complete body nerves feels tightness.
5. Some time feels more pain in neck and eyes burning with sleepiness after lunch.
6. When I getting sleep same time I feels headache (feels sleep with headache).
7. Feels too active at the time of sleeping. And feels too dull (in active) at the time wake upping.
8. In daytime feels sleepy with neck pain. If I will sleep (go to bed) even though I will not get asleep. Some time if I get asleep then I would not feel neck pain then after some time again start feeling of sleep then after feels neck pain.
9. dizziness and inactive (whole day face looks heavy)
10. Feels poor sleep. Some time fragmented sleep.
11. Memory problem.
12. Depression due to chronic neck pain.

13. My stomach every time with full of gases, some time I feels irritation in the upper tang and upper stomach pain., due to this some time sleep getting disturbed (getting wakeup). If gases come out then I feels relax.
14. In upper tongue, some time feels irritation (uncomforting) .some time if gases released, then I will get relaxed.
15. After meals feel bulky stomach.
16. difficulty in passing of the urine and feels burning
17. burning in the foot & more sweat
18. Feels burning (heat) around the chest for a small duration. Its appear and disappears. Like a flow of some signal in the body.
19. In the day timing getting more giddying
20. some time suffer from sinus (cold)


1. When i will get good sleep that day i will not feel neck pain and feels good and no depression.
2. At the time of sleeping, if I feel good sleepy without headache then only I gets deep sleep after that next day I feel good.
3. if I sleep too late night(for two hours) ,next day I will not feel much neck pain ,but fells burning in eyes and tightness in the neck and head
4. If some time I will not get more gases up side. That time also I get good sleep and will not be feel neck pain.
5. If feels more sleep and falling in asleep then I will not feels much neck pain. but feels dizziness
6. If suffer with cold or fever that time also I would not feel neck pain.
7. Most of the time after Ramadan up to one week, I did not felt neck pain.
8. After 6pm, Neck pain intensity will be reduced.

Please define the rout cause of the neck pain.


1- Due to lack of deep sleep/due to poor and fragmented, sleep.
2- due to anxiety , brain disorder or nerves system disorder.
3- Weakness and numbness.
4- Reasons of poor sleep due to poor digestion system and gases trouble and poor liver function.
5- Neck and head ache due to insomnia, dyssomnia or any other sleep disorder.
6- neck and face pain is due to sinus
7- Poor sleep due to existence of more heat in the body.
8- Sleep disorder is due abdominal (digestive and gases) problem or is abdominal problem due to sleep disorder. OR vise versa
9- or any other reasons and disorders

10-Required little bit concealing regarding the treatment. Because of fall down in the negative depression due prolong existence of the neck pain and other related problems.

Psychiatrist prescription :

tab: fluvoxamine
tab: cohero/fortified micronutrient therapy

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