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Chronic leg pain...Please help

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  • Posted By: raspberryears
  • December 31, 2007
  • 01:06 AM

It all started 17 years ago, Or about that time. One evening I was sitting at home watching TV, When all of a sudden, My legs started to uncontollably "***k",:eek: To the point that I had to get up and walk around. This continued off and on for about 2 year's, Which it was about that time that I ended up with cellulius. To make a long storey, Somewhat shorter, The cellulitus turned into Lymphedema, Which I still to this day have.
As you can imagine, The Lymphedema is terrible, Something that I will have for the rest of my life. This is bad enough, But what's even worse, Is that after all these year's of going to all these different doctor's,Neurologist's, Lmphedema specialist,And receiving so many misdiagnosis's, Having gone thru sleep studie's, Taken almost every kind of pain medication their is out there, (And Yes, I've already been checked for RLS, And do not have it.) Anyway, After all this, The excruciating pain, The countless night's without sleep,Year's of it, It's all I can do to keep my sanity..... :eek: I still am no closer to finding a answer, As to what it is I have. Hopefully someone out there can help..................
As for the pain itself, It come's on as a Hot, Burning, (Feel's like a knife being stabbed into my leg, Thigh region mostly, But also in my calves as well... I've also had it in my arm's too, But not as often.
Anyway, This pain is also comparitive to a electric shock of sort's, It feel's like a volt of electricity is charging thru my body, In fact, The entire time this goes on, You can actual see my leg's Jump and ***k uncontrollably., It's terrible...
As for "what" bring's this on, It seem's like anytime I eat or consume anything with "Salt" in it, Excessive amount's of sugar, Dairy product's, Or very much "caffeine", Well, It seem's to trigger this pain in a matter of no time. Also, Riding in a vehicle that does'nt have very good "shock's" on it, In other word's, Any kind of ongoing vibration also seems to trigger this pain, The twitching, And the jerking...
As for the medication's, As I've said, I've taken just about every kind of pain med. out there, Believe me. And as for drug's that might prevent this pain from first occuring, I've taken Magnesium, Calcium, All kind's of Herb's and so called remedie's, But nothing has really seemed to help. I'm sorry, But I'm at my absolute wit's end, I just don't know what else to do. That hopefully, Just maybe, Their will be somebody out there somewhere who know's what this is, Either having experienced it themselve's, (Hopefully not) Or someone in the medical field, Who has some insight as to what's going on with me. Please anybody out there, If you can help me, I would sure be forever grateful.


Valerie aka raspberryear's

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