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Chronic joint pains.pls help!!!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 21, 2008
  • 03:51 PM

I am 20 year old university student.I was diagnosed with Seronegative arthritis 6 months ago,but the doctors don't know what type I have.I have experiencing medial,posterior pains on both my feet and also heel pain(both feet).I also get elbow pain in both arms.4 months ago the pain in my left elbow was so painful that I could'nt move it which lasted for a week.Around that time My feet was paining so much that I coudn't stand for long.I still have pain and tenderness that is sometimes at its worst or at its best.The pain can last for days to weeks and then reduce(but always there).I only noticed these symptoms about 8 months ago.I used to experience weak wrist and sometimes pain in both my wrist for 5 years(but ironically is least joint that is affecting me).Doctors can't find any problems with my x-ray,they think its normal.Most medications don't work.Usually feel better immediatly after eating.I am vegetarian and I eat healthily and take multivitamins.Medications I have been on don't help(steroids-5mg,NSAIDs-150mg per day,HCQS)

I went to India(Kerala) for the holidays about less than 10 months ago.Over there I experienced loss of appetite.Sometimes I experience this(not common). I was diagnosed there.My results for TSH,tyrosine,ESR, and RF factor and other tests which all came normal except for IgE which came 7%(2% above normal). When I came back to South Africa I was tested again about 3 months for RF and salts and blood counts,TSH ,Gram tests and ECG.All came normal again except my magnesium which was about 2 digits above normal(I presume the antiacids I was given with pain Killers I was taking could have contributed for the slight increase).My sister(4 years older) was diagnosed at the same time for seronegative but she was also diagnosed for sub-clinical hypothyroidism.She thinks light joint pains which is not as bad as mine is becuase of her hypothyroidism.My results came out twice normal for this).Her joint pains are not as severe as mine .She experience stiffness on her wrists and fingers mainly.I don't experience morning stiffness and hardly experience stiffness.The joint pains are the main worry.

I am planning to go for food allergy test.Does anyone know how this works?

Any suggestions what it might be.

Please reply,
Thank you

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  • May I pls get a reply?
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  • Check out the post on mycoplasma from Mommy Cat : "4,576 with this diagnosis."
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  • Maybe celiac disease.
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  • THanks a lot.I am going to try a wheat free diet.Isn't it better to get blood test to check if I am allergic to any food?I read about mycoplasma.I hope I can do that test here.THank you
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  • I've searched for that reference I gave from Mommy Cat and can't find it. Look in Google for mycoplasma and Gulf War Syndrome, or check out:http://www.whale.to/m/scott7 .Apparently a mycoplasma infection can cause joint pains and a lot of other stuff. Hope this helps. Marionstar
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  • Please get help with trying a wheat free diet! It's not as simple as it sounds. Things like candy, lipstick and mouthwash contain gluten (wheat) products. this is a good place to start: www.glutenfree.com
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  • HiI experience joint pains but its mild-to moderate.I also have a history of autoimmune disease in my family. Check these sites out for those people who suffer from any unknown health problems :www.notmilk.comhttp://www.drmcdougall.com/med_hot_arthritis.htm I'm trying this out.So far the rheumatologist told me that I have a non-specific arthritis,but thinks its autoimmune.You are right its very difficult going on a wheat free diet and that is why I gave up 2 quickly.It was really difficult for me as I am a student away from home and a vegetarian!I also read like in the above site that there are lots of people allergic to milk.Since for me to avoid milk is an easier diet I will try this first.But I won't give up the wheat diet if I haven't found my problem.Thanks to everyone for your advise.I really appreciate it.S.B.B
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  • I went on a strict milk free diet for a week and I felt no change.I'm starting to believe that I mite not be allergic to any food.TOmorw I'm going to start my 1 week wheat free diet.I know its tough, but I'm going to do it this time.I have prepared my wheat free food and this is only a 1 week challenge to find out if its wheat or not.Thank you guysS.B.B
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