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Chronic infections in my mouth for last 5 years..Please help.

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 21, 2009
  • 06:22 PM

Hi everyone. I have had these infections recurring for the last 5 years at least. It always begins in the left side of my face five teeth back from the front tooth. It seems to orginate right at the point of where the gums meet the interior soft tissue of the mouth. It starts with a slight sensitivity which I can feel on the outside of the left side of my face. Within just two to four days it can advance to an abcess that can spread the entire length of my upper teeth from the front back to the molar. The pain extends into the upper and lower jaw and sometimes even down to the lower teeth. When it gets full blown the pain on a scale of 1 - 10 is a 20! I've heard that these types of infections can lead to issues with the heart. I was wondering if that was true.
I've been going to my Doctor who has prescribed antibiotics which of course eventually rid me of the infection, but only for a few months. She is clueless as to what it might be. However, she did recommend finally a MRI. Unfortunately, that will cost me at least $700 which I have to save up for. I don't have insurance. In the meantime, it's come back and the pain right now is manageable. However, I'm noticing a few different symptons. I'm feeling very weak and sort of dizzy and it feels like all the bones in my face hurt. I've been having heart palpitations too. I've had heart palpitations actually for a couple of years so that's not new.
Since I've taken incredible amounts of antibiotics I've been treating it naturally over the last 8 months. But just like the antibiotics the natural method doesn't seem to stop it from coming back eventually. I don't know where to go from here. My biggest dilema is not having insurance nor the money to pay for the exorbidant medical bills. Does anyone have any suggestions? I would appreciate any input. Thank you in advance.

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  • This may not help you, but when I apply Tanac to a developing mouth ulcer, it not only brings relief but quickly cures it. Tanac contains tannic acid from Tea. This acts as an astringent and shrinks up the skin it's applied to. The product is becoming hard to find now, but the flashy new replacements aren't even a fourth as effective.It may not prevent recurrence, but it may give relief and quickly heal your ulcers.
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  • Well, there are three basic types of abscesses, the first being gingival and being limited to the gum tissues themselves. The second and more common is a periodontal abscess, which invades the deeper tissues and nerve root of the tooth. The third type is periapical, and extends deep enough to penetrate the bony structures of the jaw. Chronic abcesses can actually produce no symptoms on many occasions and pockets can form where the abscess is walled off from surrounding tissues. I would agree that an MRI would be warranted to determine the nature and extent of abscess formation. The heart palpitations are likely due more to stress than related to the abscess. As for periodontal disease affecting the heart, research has shown that the bacteria responsible for gingival disease is more present in persons suffering from particular types of heart disease. It suggests a relationship, but not necessarily identifies the causal factor. If you are near a state hospital, oftentimes a medical university as well, then you may stand a better chance of obtaining the MRI and other tests needed to determine the nature and extent of infection. Abscesses in certain instances can have great risk, so it's unwise to leave it untreated. Best regards, J Cottle, MD
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  • i WAS getting sinus infections for years starting like yours only on the right with a slight ear ache and then in a few days it would be full blown sinus infection and the anti biotics worked for a few months and then it started all over again.tHEN my neice introduced me to natural products OPC3 & Aloe. I take both every morning and OPC3 at night.No more infections in 3 years. started to get a sore throat and drank lots of aloe and the next day throat was better. OPC is an antioxidant which also helps with my arthritis.Remember the antibiotics kill the good bacteria in your gut.So you need to replace that also. best to you
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