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chronic IBS or ????......!!

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  • Posted By: sillylilly09
  • March 12, 2010
  • 01:50 PM

i suffer from lower abnominal pain daily,chronic pain before ,during and after opening my bowels.ive had dark red blood mixed in with my stools for 3 months now.2 stone weight loss in 6 months.constantly tired.can only eat very small amounts of food at a time.im now 6 stone 9,female and 5ft 2.very underweight.also have early finger clubbing which the doctor conformed.(havnt a clue what that is)i have suffered like this for 3 yrs n has slowly got worse.have just been signed off from the gastric dept at hospital because they can not find a cause.i am not satifyed with that diagnosis n know something is wrong.ive had all the normal colonoscopys and endoscopys,chest xrays,blood test.i didnt know GASTIC BLEEDING AND WEIGHT LOSS was a symptom of IBS.anybodys advice would help plz.

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  • How look your stool? Are you anemic?
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  • were the chest x-rays and endoscopies done in the past 3 mos when your symptoms increased in severity?i would find a doctor that will order a stool sample for lipids, proteins, fungii, bacterial infections, and parisites as well as test you for Celiac and Crohns. just to rule them out.hyperthyroidism/Graves Disease and liver disease might be other considerations given the clubbing of your fingers and the fact that you've already had chest x-rays for the lungs. have you ever had your urine checked for protein? might be a good idea to rule out kidney involvement.
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  • hi and ty 4 ur advice.my chest xray was done last sept and was clear then.(before symptoms increased.endoscopys and endoscopys were ok n clear.they were done last sept also.doctors have never asked for my urine to be checked.i was so frustrated that i bought my own coeliac test n was neg.my stool sample was tested for parasites n bacteria infections.all neg.all the test that have come back have been neg.the last time i saw my consultant i lapped a stool sample infront of him and demanded another test for all the things you have said.(consultant has not got back to me with results yet)i dont really know why i bother because as far as they are concerned i have chroic IBS.i believe that they are just treating the symptoms and not finding the cause.IBS is a cop out.i have found that 9/10 people diagnosed with IBS do not have it and have either a food allergy or intolerance or in some cases ibd. sorry just makes me a bit angry!! my finger clubbing is a concern because i know its a symptom of something else.just dont understand why doctors just dont seem to care.when i have demaned tests to my gp and consultant they just have an answer for everything and make you feel you are paranoid.. im going back to my gp and not going to sit back and suffer anymore.thank you so much for your advice.its very appriciated.
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  • I am so sorry you are going through this, I started only 6 months ago but with these steps it has gotten so much better. Do any of the things and I pray any will help you not suffer from this horrible disease.. I started talking aGUMMY women's vitamin with B12 AND D which help the health of your colon and then every time I eat anything more than a apple I take an enzyme. I drink water allot and when the pain comes have a 2 ft box to place under your feet this helps with the release of bowels
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    • September 28, 2014
    • 07:11 PM
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