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Chronic headaches - PLEASE help me! :(

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  • Posted By: missmystery
  • March 29, 2011
  • 09:05 PM

:confused: i am a 17 yr old female, i have been sick for the past year & a half, i have seen many doctors & specialists such as ENT's, phsycologists, neurologists, eye doctors & none of them cam figure me out, i really need a diagnosis or help because im not getting anywhere and i want my lfie back. My symptoms have been EVERYDAY, non stop for the past year & a half and it is terrible. I have acute, chronic headaches, sore throat that also never goes away, light/soudn sensitivity, stiff neck, night sweats, nausea, dizziness, buzzing/"wosshing" in ears, extreme fatigue, my headaches wake me up at night so i never get sleep, difficulty breathing & swallowing. Last year i got a tonsillectomy, reconstructal deviation/turbinate reduction surgery, thinking it would cure me, but it didnt. ive tried antidepressants, gabapentin, migrane medicines, narcotics, anti fungals. & antibiotics. ive seemed to become allergic & non responsive to all (oral) antibiotics. Last year i had a spinal tap tested for meningitis, but it came back negative. Ive had millions of blood tests & scopes my my nose, it is not my thyroid, diabetes or hypoglicemia. Could this be my adnoids?? What could be cauing this?? Last week, i saw an infectious disease specialist. He ordered an brain CT w/ contrast but basically kicked me & my mom out & told us it was not an infectious disease. could he be wrong? could this be lyme disease? we also just found out that there was actinimycosis in my tonsils when they were taken out, yes, we just found that out last week & they were takin out LAST year. ive had mri's & CT's of my brain & sinuses, keep in mind none of those were done with contrast. I am open to any advice, because i want my life back. my lfie was PERFECT before! Im supposed to be gradding in june, and i have not been in school since grade 11 of last year (in feb2010) i am so sick everyday, i have no fever though. my head feels like its on fire at times, but no fever. i have also got a frontal bulge on my forehead, it looks like there is implants there, but when the drs touch it i can barley stand it. nothing helps my headaches or sore throat, none of my symptoms. EVERYDAY, non stop my headaches are there. it is life dibilatating because i literally cannot do anything, & before when i was not sick, i was busy, happy, outgoing, now i can not even walk up the stairs, go to school, work, see my friends or anything. PLEASE help me, i wanna move on with my life and enjoy it!!! any advice, suggestions or diagnosis would be much appreciated. my parents are so worried about me, and we are losing hope because NOBODY will help or give us a diagnosis.:mad::(:eek:

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