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Chronic fatigue and migraines

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 5, 2010
  • 03:48 PM

23 year old Male, average health. My first ten years I was ridden with constant ear infections and then later respiratory illness. Once I got into Middle School, issues eased but still normally got bronchitis once a year. Later, determined that constant flooding in the families house likely caused heavy build-up of mold (though we'd moved when I was 5, and my constant ear infections were thereto prior).

Moved out when I was 21, moved again when I was 22, and then out of state when I was 23.

Since I was 22, I've had chronic fatigue. Since I was very young, I've gotten migraines. My forehead and sinuses usually feel congested/pressured, I'm quite lightheaded most of the time. I used to be described as extremely energetic/hyperactive, and when I was a child was prescribed Ritalin and Dextrostat, both of which had adverse reactions with me. Nowadays, I can hardly get out of bed due to exhaustion.

Original doctor thought I had a severe sinus infection and repeatedly prescribed Biaxin/Azithromycin (as I have minor allergies to the Cillins and severe allergies to Cipros), which only helped a little. New doctor believed I should get an x-ray, which showed no infection.

I have severe allergies to dust and grass, and minor allergies to cats (of which I have two, but less allergenic Siamese). Girlfriend is extremely allergic to cats but shows no reaction to ours.

I have many symptoms of Aspergers but have never been diagnosed. I generally suffer from chronic depression (though lately may be more a result of being unable to do anything!). I had no language delay in growing up, and in fact was able to speak well before most children. I have a very strong use of the English language, and have learned several others (though am not using proper grammar in this post), have always been socially inept/anti-social (though have no problem with humor, but tend to very much prefer dry humor). Sometimes am clumsy, other times extremely agile.

It's gotten to the point that at work (where I am a programmer) I will get extremely lightheaded, my throat will feel dry and feel like it's swelling up, my skin will get numb yet slightly itchy, and I can't think well. I will end up just staring at the computer screen, unable to focus.

Doctors so far have been unwilling to diagnose or treat me.

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  • Nowadays, I can hardly get out of bed due to exhaustion. It sounds like chronic fatigue immunity dysfunction syndrome. A trigger of this issue can be bad mold exposures and other assults on the immune system eg viruses. The difference between depression tiredness and CFIDS exhaustion is that with depression people often want to stay in bed, with CFIDS exhaustion one would rather be able to be up doing things, but the exhaustion is so severe, it keeps one in bed. CFIDS often gives people depression due to trying to deal with being ill. Maybe doctors are reluctant to diagnose males with this due to certain stupid myths out there that this is a womens illness. A quarter of those who get this illness thou are MALE! http://wwcoco.com/cfids/bernesx.html There is also thought by some to be some link between CFIDS and Autism (Asperger's) due to various theories on how these illnesses happen eg methylation issues, toxin exposures and more recently the newly discovered XMRV virus which is being found in higher amounts in both these illnesses. One of the biggest online forums for this is at http://www.forums.aboutmecfs.org/forum.php . There are things you can try which may or may not help with this illness. I myself take B12 injections twice weekly for it which for me has helped my brain (memory issues) some.
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  • I had similar symptoms plus a lot more including rashes that would flare up in conjunction with the other things. Sores in my mouth. Dried up tears. Swollen eyes. Very sore joints. I'd have maybe 3 good days and then 10 bad and the cycle just continued for a whole year. I was exposed to a few things that i thought could have been the causes such as mold, 7 dust, new carpet, menopause, crash dieting, and dental work. Who knows???After much hunting and seeing many dr.'s (including my husband lol((not his area of expertise))I figured out for myself after months of searching, that I most probably had chronic sinusitis. Possibly MRSA but didn't know about that. i dont think so now.I had an MRI because of my eye/headaches and one episode of double vision and two of being so tired I had to pull into a Walmart parking lot to sleep for an hour before I could do the rest of my errands. I had all the blood work done to see if it was autoimmune disorders like Lupus.I had a CT scan to check for deviated septum or other obvious sinus problems.After a year of constant issues, I finally was convinced that this was Chronic Sinusitis. My ENT ordered the cat scan and when it showed not much of anything except a very messed up jaw from TMJ, he never even called back and didn't make me another appointment. I mean, I still had all the symptoms whether it showed anything or not! Anyway, I decided to start massaging the area between my eyes and the bone up under my eyeball because that would become sore when I would have these flare ups. Especially on my left side. My tears would get all dried up too and then I'd have very blurred vision. I'd have to use eye drops just to see and so my thought was that maybe something was clogged in there?I looked at the pictures of the sinuses and decided to just start massaging and gently probing and if an area was sore, I just focussed there and put pressure on it. Anyway, the massaging worked absolute WONDERS for a couple of issues.No longer were the frontal sinuses causing the headaches and tiredness and vision problems. That went away within a few days. For the first time in a year I caught a normal cold instead of one that settled in my frontal sinuses! Then I went back to my GP and she prescribed an antibiotic for 4 weeks and WOW. The two things combined have really done the trick!I have mild allergies and still have minor issues but I can't tell you how much BETTER I feel after a full year of thinking I was going to go CRAZY. I have had no cold, no sore joints, no green mucus, no eye issues, no tiredness, no vision problems for a month!!! Now I did have a little congestion since and a scratchy throat and the sore joints but no green stuff!My GP, after I told her how things had changed since I began the massaging, told me about 2 boys that she had been seeing for chronic sinus problems and bad allergies. She said that she had been treating them for a couple of years with little improvement. Their mother had taken them last year to some DO doctor who did manipulations and massage. My GP said that since they have been doing that, the change has been unbelievable. I told her I don't normally go for that stuff, but once in a while I do believe that they are onto something. I'd like to find her name even though she lives 2 hrs away. This mother was driving her kids there once a month.BTW, I have a siamese cat too : ) His fur doesn't bother me but our gray tabby is a whole other story. We have 4 cats (outdoor except the siamese is in and out) and 3 of them I am allergic to if I touch them and then touch my face or eyes and one not. Weird huh.I can see how years of this could absolutely lead to depression. The fatigue was sooooo freaking annoying and would just shut me down!I hope you find what works for you.
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  • I just wasted 30 minutes replying to this post only to have it say that I was automatically logged out because my time had run out. Lost all I had taken the time to write and it *****s me off lol!So this is the condensed version.I had the same symptoms and a few more. Twice I was so overcome with fatigue that I had to stop in the Walmart parking lot to sleep for an hour before I could continue with my errands! I finally figured out, after much searching, and after many Drs (including my hubby (OBGyn) who said my symptoms were so all over the place). I was chronically sick and fatigued for a whole year and at my wits end. I figured out that I had chronic sinusitis. I had no idea that my headaches where sinus related. It's very clear to me now that they were. Who would have thought that Chronic Sinusitis had so many symptoms! I had blood work done to check for all autoimmune disorders such as Lupus and Schongrens. I had a MRI to check for MS (had an episode of double vision) and a CT scan to check for visible sinus issues.I had so many possible causes for the initial outbreak. I was exposed to heavy pesticides, mold, new carpet, and dental work, Nothing showed up in all the tests except for major issues with TMJ.But I am soooo much better now. Been better for over a month!!! There are a couple of things that you might want to try. I can't believe that I'm better! I still have an occasional itchy throat but no green stuff. So, it's not that I have absolutely no issues but the chronic fatigue part is TOTALLY gone. I can def see how a person could get depressed. I just wanted to bawl at times and even did I was so at my wits end!Rather than take the time here to explain it all again, This is my email if ur interested.c_mercedes@rocketmail.com
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