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Chronic fatigue and life medical history?

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  • Posted By: DearPearl
  • June 3, 2013
  • 04:22 PM

Life Medical History
Rent said I was a healthy baby, only started getting sick in toddler years
Pre first grade/life
Throughout life, I’ve NEVER been normal (closest- prob 7th ?)
This has been going on for as long as I can remember

Always had cough, runny nose
Did a lot of masturbation (throughout life, less in 6th-7th grade)
I guess that was because of stress?
1st grade
Fragile, weak, tired looking
(May not have actually felt tired, just looked tired in pictures)
Constant phlegm and cold like symptoms from 5?- 9 years old (menarche)
2nd grade
Better than 1st grade, I was able to make friends Emys and Tania
We played together
I don’t think I was really that tired
3rd grade
Most of my “happy” memories stem from this grade
Maybe euphoric? I don’t even know what is normal
4th grade
Started to become noticeably irritable
I remember pinching my brother
Just ugh,
Really sensitive, and sort of melancholy- beginning depression
5th grade
Full on depression
Weird incident- I remember hitting? Or pinching Myself at school and timmy looking at me weird
Not anti-social yet, still comfortable around others
I remember actually wishing for death, thinking about mom and dad and reasoning that they would understand the pain I was suffering
the worst part of depression, how it’s worse than getting sick or chronic fatigue is that it’s every second 24/7 you feel this depression that you try to push aside but it’s always there.
Elementary School Age:
Always irritable (at helpless people (I still am)) and sensitive
Now idk if this was just on several occasions or if I felt normal/calm day to day
At school, I always tried to be good and hospitable (although I was still sensitive)
There were some good days (playing nice with Jenny, pets at the mailbox

6th grade
First half depression (although not as deep as fifth grade ofcourse)
Second half of 6th grade was quite good, I was happy
7th grade
The most positive in a long time
Maybe some mild depression, but overall I felt healthy and happy
8th grade
Mono and back to depression/
Fatigue starting (because of mono?)
At times, Incredibly irritable, I would clench my fists, tried to find “constructive” ways to deal with anger

Middle School (high school- intermittently)
Period pain (most summer between 5th and 6th grades)
Nausea, dizziness,
Irregular (skipped a month here and there, longest I went without 6 months)
Threw up 3 – in band, outside on my way to the clinic, from grocery trip to home in the car

Throw up
9th grade
First half really irritable
When we moved to new home, could no longer sleep with rent, just irritable around people
Second half- fatigue
10th grade
About a month after swimming ended, would sleep 4 hours a night approximately
Became increasingly sensitive to the cold
Also, there was this phase when I always needed to have water with me, a lot of thirst
This phase where I had to drink water like every 5 min or whenever I was reminded of it
Otherwise, I’d feel eeegggh
Summer between 10-11 volunteering at library for a very brief time, sleep got better, than returned
11th grade
Sleep problem persists
I remember that I started to look brighter. Back in middle school, my face was so old and mature-sombre looking. Now, my skin was more bright and youthful although I still felt tired.
12th grade
Sleep gradually got better
Summer between 12th grade and College:
Exerpts from that summer:
“My temperature fluctuates so much- sweating then cold and back
Rapid heart rate, feels like wasting of the heart
Fatigue and tiredness
Swollen throat (but that’s probably because of viral/bacterial infection
Also of note is that my symptoms are mirrored in a way in rent? But maybe that’s just because she’s overworked. “

“When I have a period, I feel like:
I want to throw up
And pain, especially in my lower left side
And is this normal?
During my period When I lie down, I feel a pulsation in my lower abdominal area
and I feel a lot of pain
chest pain “

College Year One
Muscle wasting:
Middle school, esp 8th grade- skeletal muscle wasting, incredibly skinny arms
10th grade to now- heart muscle wasting
Soreness in chest
A lot of anxiety that replaces depression now
But overall, I feel much better than my school years.
Probably because I’m not around people as much and I have more time to relax

College Years
After taking metronidazol, my clitoris has bulged out significantly more
I don’t know if this is normal

Another clue-
Metranidazole reaction: vaginal itching, sore legs, heating? One time it was actually more comfortable wearing shorts, fatigue, sore throat, difficult to breathe
Might have been a “serotonin reaction”

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