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Chronic diarrhea & abdominal pain for 7 mos

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 3, 2008
  • 08:01 PM

Hello, I am logged in today because of health concerns for my 21 yr old son. He has been to 2 different Gastroenterologists - one in our home town Chambersburg, Pa (Dr did colonoscopy & did biopsies) can't give him a diagnosis - just says there is colon inflammation & several ulcers) then he went to one in Hagerstown, Md (thought there might be parasites) so he ordered an upper GI and checked stool samples. Still can't find what the problem is. This condition has gone on way too long. He has gotten worse the last two days -- we called a toll free advice line and were told to take him to Washington County Hospital ER. We did this and after 2 hrs all they did was take his blood pressure and tell him to see his medical doctor. His diarrhea was so severe, 8 times during the night, and 3 times while he was at the ER plus he felt very weak. About an hour after we left the ER, he started shaking all over & said he was cold -- he is not any better today. We do not know what else to do for him, but he is obviously in need of urgent medical care. Also, he said his diarrhea is very mucousy, he has bruises and cuts that are healing very slowy, excessive weight loss (he lost 25 lbs in about a month and a half, he eats & eats but is still losing weight. Can someone out there give us some help!!! Please, my son needs a correct diagnosis and ASAP. Thanks.

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  • Does the diarrhea happen after he eats? If so, try this link http://habbasyndrome.com/_wsn/page2.html Does he have any other symptoms such as fever rash pains etc Is there a family history of any gastroentestinal problems?
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  • He has diarrhea without relationship to meals and he does have abdominal pain, right in the middle. The doctors seem to be ruling out IBS,ulcerative colitis, and Chrohns. The Colonoscopy showed ulcers in or around his colon and inflammation but they don't have a diagnosis for his medical problem.
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  • I know this may sound weird, but does he consume a ridiculous amount of diet/sugar free stuff (diet coke, sugar free gum, sugar free candy, etc) how would he describe the pain, stabbing, throbbing, burning etc? Has he traveled recently? Has he been tested for celiac? I think I may have found a helpful link, but I have to get off the computer now so I have not read all the way through it. http://www.med.ucla.edu/modules/wfsection/article.php?articleid=296
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  • here is a link about celiac http://www.celiac.org/cd-symptoms.php
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  • I have a couple possible answers for you, has h-pylori been ruled out? Alot of symptoms sound like the rare disease called wipples disesae. Gi docs have to scope a specific area of the small intestines , I would suggest going down to university of Penn and seeing a doctor by the name of Doctor Ostroman in fact go there website. Although I'm still not diagnosed sounds, like the doctors are the right track but there stumped and dont know where to go from there.
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  • Researchers recognize three major causes of peptic ulcer disease: infection with Helicobacter pylori (formerly known as Campylobacter pylori), use of NSAIDs, and pathologic hypersecretory disorders such as Zollinger-Ellison syndrome. http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/zollinger-ellison-syndrome/DS00461/DSECTION=symptoms
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