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chronic cough, gagging, choking, burning, hypersensitivity

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  • Posted By: DaveinLA
  • May 23, 2008
  • 05:08 PM

or the last year and a half, I've been choked and gagged by a mysterious problem in the throat region. It all started with what seemed to be an innocuous head cold. I have a constant feeling of having to "clear phlegm" from the throat, and a constant need to cough. A strong tickling/burning sensation sometimes seizes the throat, making the muscles clench and my eyes water. I have a constant sensation of a thickened area/lump in the region (known as "globus"). I've had just about every test imaginable, including allergy panels, an endoscopy, a laryngoscopy, a virtual bronchoscopy, a barium swallow, a stress-treadmill (for the heart), a sinus CT scan, an MRI of the throat, and a colonoscopy. Right now, the consensus from my ENT and pulmonary physicians is that I have GERD/LRD and apnea. I'm about 30 pounds overweight but not "obese" (I'm 6-1, 235). The GERD is the sort that doesn't manifest in heartburn. I'm now using a CPAP machine. Next week I will have a 48-hour PH test. I'm told that even minuscule amounts of acid or bile or other reflux can continue to irritate the airway. I'm 51, am vegetarian and have never smoked. I've had my tonsils (1962) and gallbladder (1994) out, had esophageal fundoplication (1995) and had a minor upper abdominal hernia repaired last year. I often have bloating, belching, chest pain and so-called irritable bowel. Can damage in the airway mucosa from reflux and/or post-nasal drip ever heal? Can this damage be invisible -- i.e., not "gross" enough to show up on X-rays and MRIs? This condition feels permanent, but I don't want to assume it has to be. Does anybody out there have a similar tale? Maybe a long-term regimen of CPAP, antacids and nasal medications is needed. It gets really tiring trying to constantly suppress a cough and "clear" the throat of what seems to be intractable mucus. Thank you, D

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  • [I too have been plagued with chronic gagging, choking to the point of dry heaving, cough without any mucus, my voice is hoarse from the constant cough and burning at the back of my throat. My Dr. felt it was acid reflux and prescribed medication for it . The medication worked for a couple of weeks, then the symptons started again more frequent than before. I use a Bi-pap machine but cannot keep it on because of the gagging. I am at a loss as to what is causing this, any Ideas?
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    • February 22, 2011
    • 04:12 AM
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