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Chronic constipation, fatigue, nauseous, mild jaundice, itchy, contagious?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 8, 2014
  • 01:55 AM

6 months ago i found a abandon puppy took him in (not sure if relevant) im pretty sure he had worms. Me n my girlfriend that i stay with took him to the pool we got in with him a couple days later i started feeling bad. Headaches, nausea, fatigue, skin rash n constipation. I went to get std screening n hep testing because i cut my finger on dirty glass everything came back negative. It seems like i am loosing muscle mass too. My partner is also experiencing the same as me. I know it must be contagious whatever it is because i have a second partner n she is starting to feel sick. She got tested too all negative as far as stds... what could be spread to cause constipation thats not an std? I feel like im dying every day. I cant gain no weight i have no appetite. I got blood work done again and my red blood cells were low. Ive never been anemic. I have mild jaundice in my eyes my skin is so easy to rupture. I asked my doctor if it could be parasites hes saying no because i don't have diarrhea. The puppy indeed had worms though. I am thinking this could be the cause of my upper respiratory infection in april n my bladder infection. Thoughts? Also have a mass on my right thigh that turn out to not be cancerous.

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  • I would suggest you ask your doctor to perform liver function studies (blood test) to see if it indicates any problems with your liver. Yellow eyes alone, doesn't mean you are jaundiced. In most cases, a person has to ingest contaminated feces in order to contract worms from an animal. Good hygiene greatly reduces the risk. If your doctor doesn't provide answers, there is nothing wrong in getting a 2nd opinion. I would suggest you look for an internist in your state.
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    • August 16, 2014
    • 07:36 PM
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  • If you traveled outside US could be parasite. Dont have to have diarrhea. Us doctors know little about it. Stool tests not reliable. Get cat scan of all digestive organs. Could have parasites in kidney. You have classic signs.
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    • September 30, 2014
    • 06:10 AM
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  • You do NOT have to eat feces or travel out of this country to get parasites. Stop listening to the uninformed. There are many ways to get parasites, and dogs are a good way. Also undercooked meat, someone preparing food for you who had worms..leafy veggies sometimes pick up parasites outside. There are so many different ways...look it up. I would guess that the mass in your thigh may contain parasites. look up turpentine parasite cleanse on youtube. Dr Jennifer Daniels has great info. and vids. All of our mainstream doctors are deliberately trained to deny the existence of yeast and parasites because it make our govt (in taxes docs pay) and big pharma, and the med institutions TRILLIONS in misdiagnosing and feeding you a line of crap. Best of wishes. Seek ****s. He can show you the way and help your life greatly/
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