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Chronic Back Pain-no answers...

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  • Posted By: MaggieMay30
  • July 4, 2007
  • 05:30 PM

Hello, My name is Maggie and I am seeking some guidance in what to do next for my back pain. I am also wondering if my back pain could be connected to a uternine fibroid I have. So, here's some history:

After my pregnancy 2 1/2 years ago, the right lower lumbar of my back began to have a lot of pain. During my pregancy, I had a uternine fibroid that caused a lot of pain. The doctor said it may be "truckated'?. It was about the size of a softball. After my pregnancy, my OB/GYN said not to worry about the fibroid because it would degenerate and should cause me no more problems.

It has now been two and a half years & the back pain has only gotten worse. I went to lots of doctors & specialists, got an MRI, went to a chiropractor for months, went to physical therapy, got massage therapy, took suggested supplements, bought a tread mill and walked, did home exercises to strengthen my core, tried to lift correctly and stopped picking up my little girl so much, but still I am in awful pain. Also, I am not overweight, eat a healthy diet, and only wear good tennis shoes everyday for my back.

Over the years the doctors' have told me that I do not have any spinal problems and the problem is "just" muscular. My last MRI was about 1 1/2 ago. So, right now I just try to cope with the pain. I take tramadol daily and vicodin on occassion. I also take the maximum recommended doses of tylenol and ibuprofen daily.

The worst part of it all is that I am getting very little sleep and it's affecting my daytime functioning. I get up several times a nite when my back seizes and spasms and do my muscle rub, back stretching, heaing pad routine until I can fall asleep again. I have recently ordered an expensive TENS unit online b/c I heard it can help. Overall, i'm desperate at this point since nothing else has worked.

In addition, I have been having heavy bleeding, severe cramping, and clotting during my period. I went for an ultrasound and learned that I have a fibroid on the left side of my uterus-the same place I had it during my pregnancy.

I have appts. w/ my OB/GYN and my primary care doctor soon. I want to be able to best advocate for myself at both appts. and would appreciate any suggestions/feeback of what I should ask for in terms of better diagnostics.

Thank you for Listening & any advice would be greatly appreciated, Maggie

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  • I had incredible back pain from endometriosis. It was worse with my periods at first, but the endo got so bad that it happened all the time. Complicating things is that I do have a chronic spinal arthitis, but I always thought the pain felt different from that endo pain and I was proven right after I had a complete hysterectomy. So it could very well be from your uterus. If you're at all curious about my arthritis--tho I doubt you have that--it's called ankylosing spondylitis. It can be years before it shows up on MRIs or CT scans. Mine, like most people's, started with pain on the right side of my lower back. It is worse in the morning and after being still for a long time. It progressed up my entire spine and into my shoulders and neck--real fun! But I bet yours is your chick bits, like that other pain I used to get was. --Heather
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