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Chest Tightness + Stomach Problems + "Girl" Problems... Desperate for Help

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  • Posted By: sophiedaphne
  • March 4, 2012
  • 02:14 AM

Hi everyone,

I am a 24-year old female, and I have been having these symptoms for about three years. I would really appreciate if someone could give me ANY insight on this stuff, because I haven't really gotten a definitive diagnosis from any doctor I have seen.

The first major thing has been chronic stomach issues. I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome about two years ago, but I just don't think that's it. Growing up, I had severe stomach pain with cramps and diarrhea after eating most things. I stopped eating meat about three years ago and that has helped a lot, but I still find myself having pain and discomfort in my stomach. This alternates with constipation, during which I cannot "go" for a few days straight. I had an ultrasound done when I was much younger, and no issues were found. I was also tested for Celiac's disease in college, and the test came back negative. Right before I get my period, I get incredibly severe pains in my right lower abdomen. I was in the hospital last year for severe stomach pains, and they did an ultrasound and said that there were small cysts on my ovaries, but that this was common and the ones I had were nothing to be worried about. I wonder if this is causing any problems, but I can't imagine it changing that much in a year's time, and I have had these pains for more than a year anyway.

I often get indigestion/heartburn. I "burp" a lot (although it's not a real burp. I never, EVER burp. I can remember the four times in my life when I've actually burped. What I am describing is almost like an expulsion of air, but it doesn't really come out on its own, I have to force it out to get the pressure off of my chest. I don't know how else to explain it, but it's VERY uncomfortable). Sometimes taking antacids work, sometimes they don't. It really comes and goes. I can go months without this symptom, but when it comes, it lasts for days.

I also get a very tight/full feeling in both my stomach and my chest. It does not hurt, but it is very uncomfortable and it happens regularly. I feel bloated and I feel like my stomach is bigger and fuller than it should be. I also feel like someone is sitting on my chest. Sometimes, the inside of my chest feels "itchy." Breathing deeply does not hurt at all, and I don't feel pain, just discomfort like maybe I am congested. I have seasonal allergies (pollen, hayfever) but don't recall ever feeling pressure the way I do now.

If this isn't enough, I often get feelings of dizziness/lightheadedness. This always happens if I stand up too quickly, almost without exception. In middle school, my doctor said I had low blood sugar, and he wrote me a note to allow me to eat an extra snack during one of my classes. A nurse I recently worked with told me that this was the worst thing to do if you have hypoglycemia, but I do find that I get relief if I eat something (although I do tend to over do it when I feel this way because I want to feel better faster). I feel shaky and a little disillusioned when this happens. It does not happen too often, but it does tend to happen when I have gone a long time without eating.

I don't know if all of these things are related, but I do feel as if they are. I am otherwise relatively healthy, and I am not too overweight (5'2", about 130 pounds... guess I could stand to lose a few pounds), and I do eat healthy (relatively). I don't get a lot of exercise, but I try to go on the elliptical at least twice per week for 10-15 minutes. I do not believe that any of these symptoms are due to anxiety or stress, because I do not feel stressed or anxious.

I would really appreciate it if anyone had any insight, because I feel like I cannot go on like this for much longer... I hate feeling uncomfortable all of the time. Eating just isn't enjoyable as much as it used to be, because I always feel badly afterwards. I am also kind of shy, so I do suspect that when I've gone to the doctor, I probably did not stress how uncomfortable I have been for the last couple of years.

If anyone could give me any insight, I would so greatly appreciate it... thanks so much.

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  • I bet you drinK alot of coffee or pop, and do you skip breakfast? or diet? Some times thiz is the way Yohr Body say's Help me, or Love me. Maybe you have a past hurt in your life yoj haven't corrected.This is a ztreesful time in the World. Try mor Quality food's funPlay tben Rest. Don'y worrry so much. Go for a walkin the Wood's.
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  • Dear Friend,You are gluten intolerant despite the test came back negative.You have to be gluten free lifetime.Your liver is not working properly.Could be lliver fluke.See a registered practitioner that does live blood analysis and dark field microscopy.You might have PCOS or endometriosis.Check with your gynae.Go for cranio sacral therapy and Chinese medicine.Do blood tests for Lyme disease (borrelia WB), rickettsia, Q fever, toxoplasma, bilharzia, CMV, EBV and Coxsackie.Love,Dr B
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