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Chest Tightness + Stomach Problems + "Girl" Problems... Desperate for Help

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  • Posted By: sophiedaphne
  • March 4, 2012
  • 01:42 AM

Hi everyone.

I am a 24-year old female and I have been having strange symptoms for maybe the last two years. They're not serious, but I find that I am uncomfortable nearly all of the time.

I had severe stomach problems growing up, in that eating most foods gave me cramps, diarrhea, pain, etc. Despite having ultrasounds, nothing was found to be wrong. I stopped eating meat three years ago, and it has helped, but has not alleviated all of my issues. My doctor diagnosed me with irritable bowel syndrome about two years ago. I get heartburn quite a bit, and would say that I get indigestion pretty often, but it comes and goes. Sometimes I'll get it every night in the week, sometimes I won't get it for a month at a time. I also have periods of constipation, and it gets pretty bad. Sometimes I feel like my whole abdomen is very full and my chest feels "full" as well.

I also seem to have chest tightness pretty often. My chest does not hurt and if I take a deep breath, it does not hurt, but it is really uncomfortable. I nearly always feel congested or like someone is sitting on my chest. I also feel dizzy and lightheaded on occasion, but find that this is alleviated when I eat something. I was told that I was hypoglycemic when I was in middle school and was allowed to eat a snack in some periods throughout the day. I worked with a nurse last year, who told me that eating food was the worst thing to do when you're hypoglycemic, but I still find it works when I feel lightheaded and dizzy.

Finally, I have been having a recurring itchiness "down there." I've been tested for yeast infections many times, and that is never the cause. I was also tested for some kind of bacterial infection, but that wasn't the cause either. It is in one very specific spot, and it comes and goes, but when it comes it is beyond anything I can describe in terms of itchiness. It doesn't hurt, and I think it is more on the outside than on the inside, but it is just so annoying when it comes. I don't know if it is at all related to the other stuff, but I thought I'd mention it, because it happens to often.

I was thinking about possible things that this could be, and GERD was a possibility, but surely my doctor would have mentioned this as a possibility? I am pretty shy in real life, so maybe I haven't expressed these symptoms strongly enough to a doctor, but I can't seem to find anything that ties these things together. I'm sure my husband thinks I am a hypochondriac, because I'm nearly always complaining that my chest feels tight or that my stomach hurts. Other than these things, I would consider myself reasonably healthy. I don't get a whole lot of exercise, but try to at least go on the elliptical twice per week for 15 minutes or so. I eat healthily (relatively) and I wouldn't say that any of my symptoms are caused by stress or anxiety. I don't feel overly stressed or anxious about anything.

If anyone has ANY insight or suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you!

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  • REFLUX!!! The tightness in your chest and the drops in blood pressure can be two symptoms of reflux. Sounds like you are aspirating some of your stomach acid and causing your body to panic. Treat the reflux agressively and track your symptoms. Good luck!
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