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Chest tightness but no breathing problems

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 23, 2008
  • 01:40 AM

I've used bacitracin almost ever day because I was worried about getting cysts that I'd gotten a few times on my ... private area.. For some reason it never occurred to me that the use might cause problems over the about 6 or so months I used it frequently, but I looked it up recently to make sure and I discovered the symptoms of an overdose were chest tightness, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. Around the same time, i developed chest tightness but no other symptoms. I can't tell if it's in my mind or if I'm really sick. My chest has varying degrees of tightness that seems to sometimes go to my throat but my breathing isn't affected. Sometimes I get heart-burn like pains, mild and infrequent, but it feels like nothing I've had before. I haven't had a great appetite and I've been burping, and it's like I'm tensing my chest muscles. This has been going on for 5 days. I'm a 19 yr old female, and if I were older I'd think I was having a heart attack or something. A family friend who is a doctor listened to my breathing and said it was fine, but I'm still worried. Do I just have weird indigestion, am I making it up or could it be an actual problem. I'm paranoid my throat is going to close up any second, but I've stopped using bacitracin.

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  • What im about to say is a diagnoses I often hate to hear..as I think too many females are told they have this issues by their doctors, when sometimes the issue is something else.. but Your post makes it sound as if you may have an issue with anxiety. First you kept on taking medication you didnt need cause you were over anxious about if a problem would reoccur....and now even thou you dont know if something is just in your mind "i cant tell if it's in my mind" and also after a doctor has already reassured you your breathing seems fine.. You still are very anxious. Anxiety.... Anxiety will too in fact give symptoms like chest tightness and can give many other symptoms too. If you hold onto this state.. you might find yourself also getting headaches, nausea etc...
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  • I agree with the above post because i suffer from anxiety/ panic attacks. The symptoms you describe are symptoms of anxiety. with anxiety if the common sense is telling you something is irrational but the anxiety or fear is overriding that you can pretty much say its anxiety. I am now terrified of getting an absess in a tooth that had an absess about 6 months ago so much so that when i get a sharp pain in the tooth im convinced all day the absess is coming back and im gonna get sick even though the sharp pain isnt an absess and i know that it is irrational to think so. Second dont look up side effects of medication on the internet if you are concerned about side effects ask your doctor before leaving his office. your doctor will tell you what you need to be aware of they will also ask you certain questions before they prescirbe the medication this is to lesson the chances of allergy/ side effects. The internet does carry alot of good information but it also can over inform a patient to the point where to patient convinces themself that they are having the allergy or side effects. Have you ever heard about med students have trouble with illnesses because they sometimes believe they have them after studying them. Sometimes information is too much and you dont need it what you do need to know is when you are not feeling right and the name of the medication that way if something does occur you can attend to a hospital or call emergency help and based on your symptoms and the medication they will know whats happening. Before the internet became so widely available do you think that the people all got sick or died because they didnt know infact they were less sick because they didnt know the would only attend the doctors or hospital when they new something was wrong with there body... here is a trick you may want to try get some mild anacid like that chalky drink normal strength. Drink it and dont think about it anymore than wait to see if it works even if you dont have acid i may still work, the placebo effect can even work if you know that your taking something that you dont need or that shouldnt make you feel better. the brain controls the entire body and when this is overstressed or not functioning (anxiety/ depressions) as it should it can do the craziest thing to your body.
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  • Yes, i do struggle with anxiety, but it usually doesn't manifest itself physically. When I'm distracted, I barely notice it in most cases, but even after being told by a doctor that I sound ok (he just listened with a stethoscope but didn't check out anything else), and convincing myself that it might be psychological, I still feel it. It's very odd, and I keep trying to relax, but it won't go away. When I lie down, I barely feel it, but the minute I get up in the morning it's back
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  • When I lie down, I barely feel it, but the minute I get up in the morning it's back That was an interesting comment you just made there and another which points to it probably being anxiety. When one is laying down.. one usually relaxes more (rest state), less symptoms when one is relaxed. In the morning, there is a lot to do and one starts thinking about all one has to do that day... hence more anxiety. So it would make sense that it may come back at such a time. Sometimes people may be so used to being anxious... that they stop noticing just how truely anxious they actually are as it's become like normal for them. (My sister has a problem with anxiety and that is how it was for her, she didnt even realise she was anxious or had been anxious, till she started taking the anti anxiety med prescribed for her symptoms and noticed that helped her be in a calmer state). Also like the other poster said.. if you are prone to anxiety.. looking up medicine symptoms.. could well cause you to start having them.
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