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Chest pains in my 13 year old son?

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  • Posted By: zennyboy10
  • December 29, 2010
  • 10:26 PM

Hi , my son has been complaining of chest pains , Im going to let him write as he can explain better than I can.

Hi guys , Ill tell you about whats happened , from the start.
I was lying down at night , reading a book and I had that sort of phlegm at the back of my throat , I kept swallowing , and it would go down but it never finished so I thought I may aswell stop swallowing and start to sleep , but I couldnt because it was annoying, so I tried to swallow but I couldnt and then because I was scared so my heart started beating fast and my chest/heart hurt , I thought I was having a heart attack , but after reading for a couple of minutes , I finally went to sleep. Then the next day at school I didnt feel to brilliant , I was having chest pains , my chest hurt and I was REALLY dizzy , sitting down and standing up , it has been like this for two weeks but my chest has improved. My symptoms now are chest pains (most of the time is when I breathe in , its like a short little pain , they dont come all the time , it has got better) I also get arm and back pain when I breathe in mostly , sometimes when Im not even breathing in deeply and sometimes it happens if I cough , the pain is a quick stabbing pain and last for 3 seconds and goes. The arm pain is in both arms and the back pain is everywhere ? The dizziness isnt too bad , infact I would say its pretty much gone ,although it does come back sometimes , (I think it might be due to me being on the pc quite a long time , as I have lowered my time now and I feel less dizzy , maybe because of this ).I have been to see a doctor and he checked my heart and back and he said everything was ok , and I told him I had asthma but I stopped using my inhalers about 3 years ago because I genuinely thought I was getting better and he said it could be your asthma so he gave me both coloured inhalers (brown and blue) and now I take 2 puffs of the brown inhaler twice a day , the blue one is used if Im not feeling good , like really bad , asthma attack etc , thankfully I havent had to use it. The brown inhaler has helped me quite well , at night espcially because it would be terrible at this time. Also , I get stomach pains , mainly after eating , but sometimes not. Its like needles piercing , its a short stabbing pain , and last for a couple of seconds then goes , say if I squeeze my belly , I can feel it , its quite annoying , and sometimes its like a moving fluttering type pain and sometimes (sorry lol , but I want to tell you everything :P ) its like a burning or cooling sensation like something is moving through my stomach. Im 13 years old (nearly 14 , 3 months), Im overweight (obese if you like ) Im 11st 10lbs ,height is 5ft 7 inch and my bmi is 25-7 on bmi calculators. I have been thinking Im having heart attack because these are symptoms of one , also on my fathers side , there have been diabetes and heart attacks unfortunatly , but my dad himself thankfully, has not diseases or anything like that and because Im very fat , I think like this aswell , although I do get lots of exercise during school as I play football and hockey , so its my diet which is quite poor :( Also , may anxiety be playing a role in this as I do worry quite a bit over school work etc , but it has been quite some time I havent worried, a month or just a bit under. As I said from the start, I would lie down in bed and my heart rate would increase I sit up and it hurts my chest , I always think Im going to have a heart attack , this has happened about three times in my life , and as its happened this time , its the 1st time its having a lasting effect on me , its nearly 3 weeks since this has happened and Im suffering from these pains :( Asthma does play a part in this as I do get a bit of a wheezy hearing when I breathe in and out and I can feel a wheezy feeling in my chest, and there is chest tightness / pressure. But I also believe that its something else aswell as asthma , Im just wanting to ask you guys as you know things and may be able to guide me in the right direction as I have been worried about me getting a heart attack , but my dad said its probably not! Any help will be appreciated!

Yeah guys , thats my sons account of things , please help!

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