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Chest Pain,pounding Just By Moving

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  • Posted By: elias01
  • July 22, 2007
  • 10:36 AM

Hi I Need Help.please. Im 26 Years Old Dont Drink No Drugs,i Been Too Many Doctors Cant Even Remenber How Many.my Ploblem Started About 2 Years Ago Just Lying Down In Bed Watching Tv,i Started Feeling Little Pain In My Chest Like Small Sharp Little Pain.went To Sleep Woke Up Still Had It All Day At Work Didnt Go Away.couple Days Later Went Away. 2 Weeks Later Rushed To Er Because Woke Up At 3 A.m. With Sharp Pains In My Chest Felt Like Coulndt Breath.doctors Sent Me Home After X Rays And Lab Tests Said Anxiety Attack.from Their On Have Been Having Very Bad Chest Pain And Chest Discomfort Now Sometimes Even Just By Standing Up From Were Im Sitting At Or Maybe Just Carrying One Of My Daughters Or Even Walking Or Running Or Trying To Tie My Shoes I Feel My Heart Pounding Even Lying In Bed I Can Actually Count My Heart Beats Just By Staying Still.i Have Visited 3 Cardialogist All Have The Same Conclusion Its All In My Head. I Have Had 2 Monitor Holsters On For 24 Hours, 1 Came Up With Nothing Abnormal The Other One Caught Some Palpitations At 4 Am In The Morning Which Woke Me Up.doctor Saw It And Gave Me Some Metoprolol He Said For Palpitations But Was Sure It Was In My Head Anxiety He Calls It.he Says He Wont Look No Further Because He Found No Ploblem And Forget About It.how Can I Forget About It When I Have 2 Small Little Girls 3 And 4 Months And I Cant Even Play With Them Without Feeling Like Im Going To Drop.(symptoms) I Have Pain In Chest, Feel Palpitations ,pain In Left Arm , Numbness In Both Hands But The Worst Is Poundind In My Heart Just By Randomly I Just Need Help.echo Tests Performed Came Back Negative .nuclear Medicine On My Chest Came Back Negative, Camera Down My Throat Into My Stomach Just A Small Hiatel Hernia Discoverd (received Nexium For It).cat Scan On My Organs Negative.lab Test Negative.but The Palpitations And Pain Keep Getting Worse Speacially The Pounding In My Heart Just By Moving Or Even Talking Dont Know What To Do.

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  • blood test for cardiac enzymes normal ? ECG normal ?x-ray,doppler,echo,nuclear,Cat all normal..... i could't think more test for it.Does metoprolol relieve your palpitation?
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  • I was having chest pains and also went to a cardiologist who ruled out any cardio problems. I have had anxiety in the past but was anxiety free for years. So, I decided it was finally time to see help and I now see a psychiatrist and therapist. I take a very low dose of klonopin and it has helped me tremendously. I no longer have chest pains or palpatations. I also have two daughters and it has made it much easier to spend time with them because I am not always focused on myself and the feeling that I am going to die. I hope this helps.Take care of yourself :)
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  • Thanks For Feedback.on Ur Question ,sometimes It Relieves My Pain But Once I Take It I Cant Really Agitate Myself Other Wise I Will Get The Pounding
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  • If you have done all the test that cardiologist should have test.make sure 90% not cardiac problems.Try refere to psychiatrist/therapist about your anxiety,you might need to take some drugs for anxiety.since metoprolol doest relieve much.
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  • Thanks For The Feedback. I Think I Will Definitely Look Into That If This Current Dr. Im Seeing Tells Me The Same He Cant Find Anything.my Worry Is That I Have Symptoms And I've Heard About Cases Were Drs. Never Find Anything Wrong Untils Its Too Late. I Just Want Make Sure And Relieve My Symptoms.thankyou For Reply
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  • no problem,recover well.
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  • It sounds like you may have mitral valve prolapse syndrome. this is a benign condition that is not life threatening, but can be very lifestyle threatening. mvp does not show up on an echocardiogram about 50% of the time. People with mvps wakd up from a sound sleep with their heart pounding and feeling like their going to die. The ER usually says it's an anxiety attack. Check out nonprofit org. www.mitralvalveprolapse.com
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  • Thanks For The Info I Have Visited The Site Already And It Sounds Very Interesting I Will Definitely Look Into It.thanks Again
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  • Maybe someone has said this to you before but I thought I'd leave a comment. I have suffered from anxiety attacks before. I did not understand why...I'm a really easy going person. I too woke up to my heart beating as well as other things you have mentioned. My anxiety attacks happened after the anxiety was long over...found that to be true... Now I am working through a tramatic event from years and years ago that I had blocked from memory until lots of therapy has chipped away at the wall that was blocking it... Might help you, might not! Things will turn out eventually!
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  • I'm a 43 yr old female and have had your symptoms since I was 15. My fault though; at school (Sydney, Aust.) in the 70's there was the stupid rumor that if you took a few 'Avils' (spelling? car sick tablets) you could go 'tripping' but we could only get Phenergan. To cut a long story short, because of taking large doses over two days I ended up with epilepsy and heart problems.It took 17 years of going to doctors before I was diagnosed with spasm of the arteries and a leaky valve, which causes my angina and palpitations(and my family doctor looked up phenergan recently and said, yes it can cause heart probs). Can it cause a heart attack? Well I've been told that if the spasm lasts long enough, which constricts blood supply.So don't give up. I too suffered anxiety attacks for many years but they didn't start until the epilepsy and heart problems - who wouldn't have anxiety when they think they're going to die? Keep seeing doctors until you get an answer, you're not mad. Good Luck:oPS My mother in law has had the same problem as me since a teen and she's 80 now and not on heart medication because like me it's not actually heart disease, just a 'defect'.
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  • Hello,It maybe sounds strange but did someone ever look at your blood count.And in particular the Potatium and Sodium. Many people now a days are drinking to much soda's and not enough water. And if hey do drink water they drink water which is to clean.As soon as your Potasium level in the blood goes down your hast starts beating uncontrolable, it will go to 120bpm when in rest. Also it feels like it's is beating inside your chest without beating fast. A low Potasium level also messes around with your adrenaline that give you the feeling of anxiety. Nausia, loss of strenght, numbeness and general tiredness are also symptoms of a to low Potasium level.I wish you all the best,Erik
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  • You said you dont drink or do drugs, but do you smoke?
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