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Chest Pain, Indigestion, Bloating... no answers!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 8, 2010
  • 11:53 PM

I've been experiencing bouts of crush chest pain, that radiates through to my back. It is between my breasts and goes through to between my shoulder blades. Saw a doctor 2 years ago who told me it was stress and to "not worry about it."

The pain comes and goes, will go away for a few months, then I'll experience it alot one month, then goes away again.

Starting in January I started experiencing bad indigestion and vomiting. Vomiting occoured the day after drinking alcohol (usually one or two beers). This happened 5 or 6 times between january and march - it was to the point where I couldn't even keep water down, but then would be fine the next day.

I cut alcohol out of my diet, but am still experiencing the random chest pains. It is so severe when it happens all I can do is lay in bed, to the point of tears. My indigestion and heart burn has gotten worse. I also experience bad bloating after eating, even if I just eat a salad.

I have had blood work done, GI X Rays and Ultrasounds, which all came back normal. I've been taking Zantac for the past month to relieve symptoms, but am still experieincing the heartburn. I'm not sure what to do - the Dr. doesn't seem concerned but I want this pain to go away, it is interfering with my life!

I'm 26, jog 3 times a week, live a fairly active life style, don't smoke, I was drinking socially about twice a week, I eat healthy, mostly home cooked meals... I am on birth control, but no other medication (other than the zantac). Never had any health concerns, besides being diagnosed with small ovarian cysts which haven't caused me any lower abdomnial pain...

Thanks very much for anyone who has any input...

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  • I suggest going to see a gastroenterologist. Watch what you eat..... avoid greasy and spicy foods. If you need some suggestions on how to help yourself in the meantime look up uclers, gastritis, GERDS, and things along those lines.I personally have GERDS and ulcers myself and have been in severe extreme episodes of pain. My uclers at one time were bleeding uclers then switched over to gastric or duodondal. I never really did change the way I ate. I however did OD on antiacids, not OD as in had to go to the hospital OD but over the reccomended dose of what my doctors would prescribe. At one time I took around 10-12 zantac 75. The only thing I really could do to ease my pain was jump in a really really hot bath or sometimes shower. If I took a hot shower I would move my waist back and forth letting the water hit my back and my side and it seemed to give somewhat a calming effect. When I say hot I meant hot hot. Also when I have an episode now I learned to watch how I breathe. I notice if I let the pain control my breathing the pain seems to last longer as if I calm myself and try to do normal breaths the pain is worse at first but doesn't last as long. What works for me though may not work for you. GL
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  • Thanks for sharing your input. It's good to know I'm not the only one experiencing these things... not an ulcer or anything physical that could be seen on x-ray or ultrasound. Am now on a gluten free diet, so we'll see how i feel, slowly eliminating things from my diet to see if its an allergic reaction I guess. Thanks again
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