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chest pain, difficulty breathing

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 17, 2010
  • 06:25 PM

My daughter is 15 years old. She was 13 when these first symptoms occured. Before I tell what happened, I think it is important to say that prior to these symptoms, she has a severe step throat infection accompanied by accute tonsilitis (Feb 2008). She had a reaction to the penicillin as well. She developped red patchy skin, that turned white when pressure was applied and then the skin would return to red. Anyway, 5 months later (July 2008), she stepped on a rusty nail and yet another infection (blood). The first symptoms appeared with activity (basket ball - March 2009). She was always one of the most fit girls in her class and then suddenly, difficulty breathing and blurred vision. When the season ended, so did the attacks. However, that summer she spent most of her time sleeping and always felt weak. Then school started and she was excited that basketball season was as well. This is when the attacks started again but they were far worse. The diffulty breathing was now accompanied but rapid heart beat, chest pain and the blurred vision became no vision. She also had the feeling of nausea and that she was going to pass out. Her coach got angry and accused her of keeping a heart problem secret from him. He told her to seek medical attention which we did. The doctor originally laughed and said she appeared to be a very healthy teenager. We had to request blood work and urine test. Protein and something else was detected and he became concerned about her kidneys. He ran a 24 hour blood test, results were the same. She was then sent to a pediatrician, who also thought that she appeared to a healthy teenager and prescribed pumps for sport induced asthma and ignored our doctor's concern for her kidneys. It is now November 2009 and her next appointement is February 2010. The pumps did not help so this time the pediatrician decides to run more urine and blood tests because my daughter has told him about her fingers swelling and her ofter rapid heartbeat. The tests are to check for angio edema. The next appointement is set for April 2010. Two months for results... WOW. Anyway, this appointement is different then the others. The pediatrician avoids eye contact and tells my daughter that her kidneys are not functioning as they should but he doesn't understand why since there is no blood in her urine. He refers her to sick kids hospital in toronto and book another appointement for July 2010. He figures that we would have been to toronto and back by then and that we would be able to discuss the findings. Guess what, it is August 2010 and we have not been to sick kids. The appointement is set for September 2010. Anyway, July appointement, my daughters heart rate is 123. The pediatrician decides to send her for an ECG but doesn't want to see her until after sick kids. During all of these months my daughter breathing is becoming worse and this is without activity. She finds walking to cause her discomfort. I catch her often suddenly trying to draw air into her lungs (2-3 times per hour) and more often as night time comes. Twice this month she has felt a sharp pain just below her left breast and diffulty breathing. Trying to draw air in makes it worse but she has no choice and then comes a popping feeling and the pain slowly goes away. I also remember one other time when the pain was shooting up her neck. I woke my husband up and we were prepared to take her to the emergency room. I am very worried and annoyed by how slowly things are progressing with our doctors. Should I request a heart ultrasound to rule out heart valve problems?

Please help

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