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Chest Discomfort, 2 Hospital Visits, Still Happening...

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 7, 2007
  • 09:27 AM

In the last few months I have started experiencing symptoms of Angina or even a Heart Attack, though the latter is doubtful. I am 25, I have smoked for close to 10 years, and have also been through a lot. I have been getting random pains and strange feelings in my left arm and forearm, as well chest discomfort, sometimes even painful. I check my pulse often and nothing seems to be wrong, this symptoms occur at anytime whether I am sitting and doing nothing or even trying to sleep. The symptoms do not intensify with activity. Occasionally I can even feel pain and or tingling on the sides of my neck, and sometimes the pains are felt on my left side. I have tried to apply pressure to check for any sore spots but I can never find any on my ribs or muscles, and the pain never worsens upon doing so. I have gone to the hospital 2 times already and the first time I was given a prescription for Ativan which helped a little, but not much. I was told that it could be Anxiety, but I am still getting symptoms, physically. I went to the hospital again for the same reasons only to be dismissed after 8 hours, 4 blood tests, and an Xray, yet these symptoms still continue. I do not think that Anxiety is even a factor here considering I am not really under a lot of stress. I just want to know if someone else might be able to shed some light on my situation, I am sick of getting random chest pains/discomfort, and arm pains with no explanation offered, it's very scary and I remain calm about it but I just want it over with. All signs point to Angina but I am not a medical expert, and the ones that are available to me, are understaffed and are not able to take the time to even consider a 25 year old male may be having a serious problem due to overload on patients and many other problems that are considered much more emergency then my own symptoms. Is there something that they could have missed, or that blood tests and xrays don't detect? Again, I am usually very calm when it happens, even while its happening, so please feel free to tell me anything you think that it may be without sugar coating. I have a baby daughter due in October and I would like to get past this so that I can move on, I just need to know what else there could be that I am missing.

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  • I feel your pain. I have the same problem. I am a 47 year old female who has very little stress and have been to the emergency room 3 times for the exact symptoms you describe only sometimes I will get a tingly cold feeling on the left side of my head. The E.R. doesn't take older women seriously either. Don't let them put you off. Just because you are such a young man does not mean that you can't have a medical problem . Have your Dr. check you for high cholestrol and vitamin deficiencies, my Dr. recently found I have elevated cholestrol levels. If that proves to be the case for you, please try to lower it by diet and exercise as the medications for it have dangerous side effects. You are so young. Don't accept anxiety as the cause, also beware of doctors just throwing medications at you. I think you should be seen by a cardiologist just to rule out any cardio problems and also to set your mind at ease. Please follow up and don't let them ignore your symptoms.
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  • Just a thought...... you may want to Google OI (orthostatic Intolerance) Your chest pain and tingles are significant to OI..... I understand that you may not have "all" the symptoms, most symptoms come on gradually...... doesn't hurt to check =) I have suffered through years of symptoms, constantly adding things to the ever growing list of "what is wrong with me?!?!" before finding out I had OI. Best wishes and congratulations on your baby =)
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  • I went to the hospital 3 times thinking I was having a heart attack! Pain in chest, arm, back right across the shoulder blades, just a an overall filling of illness. They would try to say it was anxiety, etc. I finally talked to my family dr who sent me to a specialists. He did the scope down my throat....found it was GERD....gastro esophigal reflux disease (sp?). When it acted up I literally thought I was dying!!!! I take 40 mg of Nexium daily and it is under control. Questions: Do you notice it after certain meals?? Greasy foods, chocolate, acidic foods (tomato based, OJ, etc), peppermint, chocolate???? Do you ever lie down right after eating?? Does this make it worse? Do you drink a lot with your meals? Water, tea, whatever?? If you can answer yes to any of this...asks your dr about GERD. Google GERD and see what you think. Best wishes for a diagnosis and better health!!!
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