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Chest Deformity

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  • Posted By: Shayan
  • May 28, 2007
  • 08:02 PM

Hello everyone!
My chest if deformed in a very strange way!..
the ribs are depressed on either sides of the sternum, with the dpression being more on the right side than the left..wht i think is that the costal cartilages(5 to 8 costals) are deformed!.."u r the experts, u decide"
I feel no difficulty in running,walking,playing,breathing and stuff!!

Plz Help

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  • Hello everyone!wht i think is that the costal cartilages(5 to 8 costals) are deformed!.. that what yo think ....did you take x-ray ?
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  • Yes i did have an xray ..it said that the heart size and location were normal.. I also had an echocardiogram...that 2 was normal... I Precisely dont know at what no of costal cartilages is the deformity!I have posted my pics as well..plz check them out mayb u guys can figure it out...
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  • Here are my pics..
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  • Im 19 yrs old..i Live in Pakistan.. If u can figure it out then plz tell me a possible corrective surgery for this type of deformity...
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  • pectus excavatum when sternum goes inward.
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  • Have they talked about Marfan syndrome? Some of the symptoms you have are consistent with Marfan syndrome- Abraham Lincoln had it. Check out pictures on Google and you may see some similarities.
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  • no.. Its neither Pectus excavatum( My sternum is Fine) nor Marfans syndrome( the symptoms absolutely dont match) Seems strange a?..:) Plz keep on giving suggestions...i respect ur advices and am eager to get a diagnosis and cure!... PS...(ITS DEPRESSION ON EITHER SIDES OF THE STERNUM..NOTHING WRONG WITH THE STERNUM)
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  • What happens when you exercise. Does it hurt? p.s. most men would be glad to have a chest like yours. So what if there is a little dent. American slang calls a well-defined abdomen a "six pac", and maybe yours has developed because of some odd exercise that you do repeatedly. Change your exercises and see if the dent disappears. Did they do a LATERAL chest xray (from the side)? Do your bones have enough minerals in them? It doesn't look like Ricketts. Are you a vegetarian? Do you get enough vitamins? Particularly Vitamin D? Good luck
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  • Actually i dont excercise a lot...actually i dont get time for it!..i myself am a Medical student..im in my first yr MBBS...:) ..we have not yet studied thorax!... but whenever i play tennis or cricket..i feel no difficulty,no pain, no breathlessness...I eat both veg and non veg...Yes they did a lateral view x ray...it was abt 8 months back...so i didnt heed to the reports in a sense that what they said or meant... have u ever come across a case like mine?????
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  • Hey I have this also, I think it might be flared ribs but I'm not entirely sure =) and yes everyone else it's not a issue with the sternum it's the ribs on either side ^^ tbh I would be overly worried If it's girls ur thinking of =] most of the time ur not wandering around with your top of =P and if a girl likes you it shouldn't really matter =]
    Matthew123 1 Replies
    • January 10, 2011
    • 06:03 PM
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