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Chemo or no Chemo. 2 DR opinions. Which do I choose?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 16, 2010
  • 05:00 PM

Hi guys,

Well, to keep it short, I was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer at an early stage. It was removed, and my tumor marks contain no trace of cancer. I was told by my Urologist that he suggested I just go for CT Scans every 4 months, along with blood tests, to make sure it doesn't come back. He also booked me to see an Oncologist, which from what he explained, sounded like a support group and setup in case I need any sort of therapists, for sex therapy, excercie therapy etc...

Today I went to the Oncologist, and to my dismay, they start telling me they are highly recommending Chemo therapy! (I thought I was clear!)

Their explanation was this. After studying my tumor (my Urologist had all this info too), they said that 85% was benign. 5% was YOC SAK or something and another 5% was this bad thing, looked like it started with CH. They told me that it looks like the cancer is gone, and in this case there's a 60% change that it is gone and never coming back, however because they are worried about the 5% of the bad stuff that started with CH, they are pushing for Chemo (and i mean pushing, they have my chemo date set already).

Now I have a short period of time to halt this. I'm 26, young, and have changed my diet since the initial news of cancer, and have been since eating a good 90% raw foods and feeling great for the most part.

Should I cancel the Chemo appointment?

Everywhere I read about Chemo, it's for patients who have bad cases of cancer. But at this point I am cancer free. But they're worried that perhaps some of it is "hiding" and want to be sure its all gone.

I have no clue what to do at this point, but it has put me in a worry state. I really don't want to do Chemo (I read the effects of all the medicine they're going to give me), but why would the Doctors highly recommend it if I have no more trace of cancer :S I am about to get in touch with my Urologist who decided with a team of Oncologists and Pathologists to just get CT Scans frequently, and I will tell him what this other Oncologist is trying to push me towards. I'm so confused and emotionnaly distraught!

Any advise from anyone, professionals, or people that have gone through Chemo for the same reason or have avoided Chemo altogether is much welcome!


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  • It is my understanding that cancer cells can be floating around but not detected by scans etc. I believe this is why radiation or chemo is used in conjunction with surgery. Even though a doctor may feel they have removed all cancer, there may still be those cancer cells that escape or are hidden.My husband had prostate cancer a few years ago. This is some of what we learned after diagnosis. I hope this is helpful. Choosing treatment for any cancer is a difficult process. Learn as much as you can and make your decision.Below is a site for the American Cancer Society that gives some information about your question:http://ww3.cancer.org/docroot/CRI/content/CRI_2_4_4X_Treatment_Options_by_stage_41.asp
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  • Hi Beth,Thanks for the reply. What treatment did your husband end up getting?It is a tough decision and it's really playing with my mind. I will try to get informed as much as possible, so thank you for that link. I will start asking what type of cancer it is/was, because they never told me what Stage it was and they didn't really explain how many chemo cycles I woudl be getting. Although they told me it's a 9 week process so it sounds like 2. What really worries me is:"People who have had chemotherapy for testicular cancer seem to have a higher risk of heart problems later in life. Several studies have also suggested that this chemotherapy treatment can sometimes cause high blood cholesterol to develop over time, which may later require treatment."Not to mention the 1% chance of getting lukemia, and all the other possible long-term side effects.I think what I need to do is to see if something does come back, will it be easily treatable. Because if it comes back and I need to do Chemo that's a different story. And if I do stick with the 4 month surveillance, I will look into asking for PET scans and MRI scans as well, as these are better to detect dormant cancers.And all these stats that are presented to me, I am wondering how skewed they are. How does the percentage change if someone leads a healthy lifestyle after their cancer is diagnosed, etc... Thanks for the reply I appreciate it!
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