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cant sweat

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  • Posted By: madone
  • March 22, 2008
  • 05:51 AM

hi my name is kyle and now for the last two winter i have suffered with the inability to sweat in most areas of my body. There are only really 3 areas were i can sweat which are my feet, groin and the Palms of my hands only. Now whats happening is my body will not sweat during the colder season from about the beginning of october till about the end of april. what happens is when im around dry heat or just a well heated area in general my body start to HEATS UP and my body will then start to turn very red all over my body and i will get very very itchy and my body will feel like im roasting in a fire..my whole body will feel like it burning. with this i will get little red dots all over my body and then i start to freak out because yes there is pain with this feeling..other things that follow suit that i have noticed is that before this happens and its not all the time but my lower back is tens and so is my butt like as if its flexed and i usually have to pee..also if im worried like for example i fear my condition and if i think about it enough it will trigger my problem to happen. also yes my skin is dry but not crazy dry.
some things i have done to figure out my problem is prosses of elimination to see if my body is reacting to something im intaking. some things i have eliminated from my diet is (pop,soda) chocolate milk, fast food, and i have bin resently trying my hardest to eat food that doesnt contain MILK. why is it ive bin trying to eliminate milk because when i stoped drinking chocolate my symtoms lessend but so little its almost not even noticable but now that ive bin trying to eliminate milk my symtoms have lessend by about 25 to 30 percent not i have still had some milk containning products. althought it has lessend or so i feel and think it im not running to say im allergic to milk....so what im asking is, if anybody has any idea or ideas on what or how to maybe solve this problem please post a message..thank kyle

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  • try increasing your electrolytes
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  • Hi kyle, I same like you, only sweat on palm and foot palm, (it sweats likes oil) because the body getting hot, it burnt all my energy, caused uneven heart beat, cannot walk, but my skin is OK, if you let it goes on, finally your sweat system will shut down forever, you need to restart it again as soon as possilbe.Does not sweat because of brain signal problem: no matter what reason caused you cannot sweat, you have something wrong with the sweat controller -- your brain or its connection, when I knew I couldn’t AUTO sweat, I seek a way to sweat manually, finally I found 2 ways to do it, Meditation and breathing, so you may try this, as meditation will reset your brain’s working, release stress and any of mental error, that wake up the auto sweat function, you have to educate your mind, until your body can auto sweat again, but the sickness will come back after month or weeks or days, because your brain’s problem still there, so you have to keep doing until completed educate the other part of your brain to help sweat, also drink a cup of ginger water will help sweat, (or you can eat ginger) beside sitting meditation, you can also standing meditation, (this is faster than the sitting) just bend your knees a little, like ride a horse, relax your mind and body, keep this still for 5 min, then next time 10 min, and then 20 min, until you can stand for 30 min or over, you will restart your sweat from your back first, drink the ginger water will help you faster.
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