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Cant get a diagnosis

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  • Posted By: Hayter
  • March 10, 2009
  • 08:11 PM

Hi, Im having a real trouble getting a diagnosis and im getting quite frustrated, it might be a bit of a long story

It all started midweek about 6months ago. That weekend i did experiment with cocaine which i sniffed. The next day i felt really ill and spaced out. The spaced out continued on to wednesday and whilst i was over a friends house it came on worse. I started feeling really light headed my heart was pounding and i just felt really shakey! I went to the doctors the next day and he said i had a panic attack. I told him about the spaced out feeling and he said it was anxiety.

The spaced out feeling carried on for a couple of weeks so i went back and the doctor did some blood tests and did and ecg which all came back normal. Whilst waiting for the results i started to feel really i was getting really bad headaches, feeling sick, I was also getting this weird tingling feeling on my forehead and down around one eye which only came on when i was laid down i was also getting bad ear ache.

To cut along story short i ended up seeing a neru about my headaches and having an MRI which all came back fine.

MY docotr was still convinced it was anxiety.

My neru did a lot of other tests and everything came back fine. All my blood work came back fine as well.

6 Months on and im still feeling exactly the same.

At the moment my symptoms are

heavily spaced out ( like everything is a dream)
Really tired all of the time
Ear ache
Tingling around forehead and eye which is pretty much constant now
weird little popping noises in my left ear and also in my nose
im feeling sick bloated stomach aches and

I have been to an ent but he didnt really help i think he was more fixtated on the anxiety side.

I really dont feel this is anxiety and i cant seem to get this out of my doctors head. I would agree at one point i was anxious but only because of how i was feeling.

I just dont know what my next step should be in trying to get a diagnosis! i aint worried about what it might be i just want to feel better and im finding all of this really frustrating.

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  • Did you tell your doctor that this started after sniffing the cocaine ? Why I ask is because drug dealers/suppliers cut these drugs with God knows what, just to increase the quanity & their profits. They wont care what they use, therefore you could be suffering the effects of whatever it was. I can't help you at all & don't really know if it could be narrowed down, like where would you start ? the list is endless..... If you haven't told the doctor I think you should as they will have come across these things before i'm sure, If your doctor doesn't know maybe he can point you in another direction. Sorry, I wish I could help you more than this. Hope you feel better soon......Good luck.
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  • yeah i have told him about what iv done but he hasnt really said much about it! with the spaced out feeling and the tingling im wondering if its all connected to my sinus's and ears. I really dont know whats wrong but im at a loss with my gp and just dont know where else or wat else i can do. I really have had enough of feeling like this and feel at a loss. My quality of life has been cut and i hate it :-(
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  • Hmmm sorry I just dont know maybe someone else will be able to help you. A couple of things but I would have thought they would have been ruled out.....sinusitis ? or maybe migraine ? Did they check your thyroid levels ? What age are you, if you don't mind me asking ? I'm guessing you are male ? How's your diet ? I'm just asking these things as it might help others to come up with other ideas. Do you ever use those inhalers to clear your head, ya know the type you can buy over the counter to clear congestion ? or meds like "Night Nurse" (don't know where in the world you are so it may come under other names) its meds for drying up colds ? sorry this is a pure shot in the dark. Why I ask is, if you do they can make you feel worse, I can't use them at all they drove my ears, sinusis, headache mad. Oooh & regarding anxiety well it can do all sorts of weird things to you, it can make you physically ill but then again if your feeling ill it can make you anxious also, it can be a vicious circle. I'm sorry I can't be of more use to you. again, Best wishes & i hope someone else can help you figure this out...:)
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  • Cocaine in its purest form is a white, pearly product. Cocaine appearing in powder form is a salt, typically cocaine hydrochloride (CAS 53-21-4). Street market cocaine is frequently adulterated or “cut” with various powdery fillers to increase its weight; the substances most commonly used in this process are baking soda; sugars, such as lactose, dextrose, inositol, and mannitol; and local anesthetics, such as lidocaine or benzocaine, which mimic or add to cocaine's numbing effect on mucous membranes. Cocaine may also be "cut" with other stimulants such as methamphetamine. Adulterated cocaine is often a white, off-white or pinkish powder. From Wikipedia:Except for the meth, most of this tuff looks relatively benign. Have you tried anything for anxiety?
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  • Hi and thanks for all your responses,You are corect iam male and im 25yeah i mean as far as i know all my thyroid levels were checked and normal.My diet is somewhat normal most days i eat 3 meals a day but when my stomach is bad i normally only have 1.I have tired lots of sinus medication and didnt really help or hinder it. I mean If it wasnt my sinus's what else would make my ear and nose pop?I havent tried any meds for anxiety. I would of said in the begining i was very anxious but i do stand by i was only anxious becuase of how i was feeling and i was worried about what the diagnosis might be. But as a last resort i did see a phschologist and she has helped me calm down. Im no longer anxious about what it could be, all i want is my normal life back and for all of this to go away.I agree it is really bizzare thing to be going through i just wish it was a bit more simple and it could be resolved
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  • Oh brother, welcome to the family... ;)I recognise the spaced out part,the tingling sensation in the forehead and lightheadedness. You're the third person I hear about with the same symtoms. You can follow my example and let it wain off over a period of years (can't recomend it) or you can have your doctor prescribe you some antidepressives which has worked for the other guys. Antidepressives are also prescribed for panic attacks.As for what the diagnosis would be in the end... I don't know really! 1. Anxiety? None of the rest of us really belive it 100%. 2. Psychosis? Don't know... if you're really psychotic you're not really supposed to be able to draw that conclusion, you'ld be too spaced out!Antipsychotic drugs should do the trick too though. You give it for other conditions to lower the level of dopamine and that just could be the issue. 3. Kundalini awakening. Only mentioned here for reference. If you do yoga and mysticism and stuff you'll here about it a lot. Google for it and... don't go further... ;) :) Good luck... PM. me if you like (and if I manage to understand how that part of the forum works???), and keep me uptaded. ps. Also if you ever have an x-ray examination or CAT-scan... tell the doctor specifically to look for a cellphone... just to cover all posibilities! Take care! S.
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  • cell phones/masts and atennas are little buggers, they hide ya know, they like hay stacks, barns & flag poles.....one of these things will be pretty obvious in the x-ray room though...... your doctor is really smart he'll catch em out. ummmmm x-ray room, loads of emfy thingy's there......:eek: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Awwh Hayter your so young to be feeling this bad. Wish I could help....:confused: sorry. Best wishes......:) ummmmm what about allergies ? hmmmm as your sinus's, ears & nose are all linked it could maybe be caused by allergies..........just a thought.
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  • Im not a big fan of medication like anti depressants if anything il have to wait it out but its just so annoying allergies is one thing i havent really looked into as of yet but something i should maybe be considering. I dont know where to start or how to get tested for things like that. im guessing speak to my GP?Yeah everything was going well in my life untill this and i kinda wish i never made that stupid descion to try that drug i often wonder if the past 6 months would of been different if i didnt. Shame we dont have a time machine lolIm going to keep pursuring my doc ( think i might even change docs even tho he has been good hes just fixtated on the whole anxiety thing which i do disagree with.) and try and fight it off iv got so much at the moment and i dont want this carrying on and loosing everything i worked hard to get. Thanks for all your input and the time you have spent if anyone else has any other suggestions or idea on want it could be etc pls let me know :-D
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  • Hayter the more I think about it allergies could well be a possibility, my brother became allergic to all household dust oooh & other things like fibers & feathers in pillows & bed linen, he had an awful time with it, this was many years ago but it still bothers him even now but not just so bad. Yeah, mention it to your doctor he can referr you for tests. Hmmmm regarding changing your doctor, well im not always convinced thats the best thing to do, as when people start jumping about from doctor to doctor sometimes this can go against you, then they are more likely put it down to anxiety. I would talk to him, saying that you fully understood the anxiety thing & that you are open to all possibilitys, that you would take it on board but would he also look at other possibilitys such as allergies, do it in a nice mature way, this shows that you want to get better, why i say this usually people who are suffering somesort of mental illness even stress/anxiety can be in denial & blankly refuse to even consider it, I worked with my doctors & stayed with them & really they where fantastic, so it can pay off........its best to build a good relationship with your doctor he will eventually get to know you as a person & not pigeon hole you so quickly. Tell him what you said here "Your life was good, that you made a silly mistake (as we all do at times) & you want to get your life back on track & that you are afraid of loosing every thing you have worked so hard for. You sound like a lovely, reasonable young man with a good sense of humour, hey, you have alot going for you, let your doctor see this & hopefully you'll get to the bottom of this & recover very soon.....:) ummmmm wish we all had a time machine but then again they would have loads of emfy things.....:eek::D
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  • I had the same sort of syndrome about 10 years ago after a similar incident, but it was not with cocaine. After spending thousands on blood work, I was finally diagnosed with a chemical imbalance by a psychiatrist. That was the cause of my anxiety, panic attacks and psychosis. The substance I took was the 'trigger', but how was I to know I suffered from that predisposition at the time? Also, my dad suffered from chronic depression which, I was told, could have effected my condition even more. Does one of your parents suffer from depression?My symptoms went away 5 years later on and off, thanks mainly to anti-depressants and tranquilizers - but mostly Bromazepam.My advise: Take tranquilizers whenever you feel light-headed and anxious. Trust me, they worked wonders for me -and they will for you. just trust me.
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  • At the moment my symptomshttp://kona.kontera.com/javascript/lib/imgs/grey_loader.gif are heavily spaced out ( like everything is a dream) Really tired all of the timeEar acheTingling around forehead and eye which is pretty much constant nowweird little popping noises in my left ear and also in my noseim feeling sick bloated stomach aches and 1. That dream-like feeling could be dissociation or depersonalization/derealization. All associated with acute drug use and anxiety. 2. Really tired all the time. Usually, if all blood work normal, associated with stress, anxiety and depression. 3. Ear ache Tingling around forehead and eye which is pretty much constant now weird little popping noises in my left ear and also in my nose. All of these are associated with TMJD, especially that 'popping' noise. It can cause you to feel pain in the area around your ear, and may also be the source of your 'tingling'. 4. The bloated stomaches aches are also symptoms of anxiety and depression. You may have began with an acute drug reaction, then gone on to get anxious, then developed TMJD and all have it cycle. Please don't discount the anxiety.....you may indeed be just anxious because of your original symptom, but it is a vicious cycle where the anxiety can lead to more very real, physical symptoms. It can also be treated without drugs....look up CBT.
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  • You may have began with an acute drug reaction, then gone on to get anxious, then developed TMJD and all have it cycle. Please don't discount the anxiety.....you may indeed be just anxious because of your original symptom, but it is a vicious cycle where the anxiety can lead to more very real, physical symptoms. It can also be treated without drugs....look up CBT. I absolutely agree. It seems really obscure that you can use cocaine for a short time and not use it for a long time yet continue with the 'come down' effects but, it happens. experts believe and my experience tells me that any predisposing factors to depression/anxiety and illicit drug use regardless of quantity and time bring out that depression.I'm a tough northerner and we dont do councilling lol cbt is great and helps in all forms of life.
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  • Thanks for the agreement Bluerabbit. :DI don't like going to therapy either, it never helped me as much as I was able to help myself....the great thing about CBT is we can all 'teach' it to ourselves, it can be done on one's own without outside assistance just from reading up a bit.
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