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cant eat losing weight.....

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  • Posted By: steffer
  • July 16, 2007
  • 03:21 PM

i have had problems with eating since i was a kid... when i was younger.. i was so stressed out that i would just "spit up" like a burped infant. did that till i was 15... figured out on my own that dairy was not as a good friend as i once thought it was... so i have to be careful of that... then about when i was 19... i got sick... everything i ate went right thru me.. if i drank anything.. or ate anything.. i baisckly was living off of pepto.. (pink stuff) it FINALLY!! went away after months of dealing with it...
then i went starting have problems with diahrea when i excerise or i got too hot.. or i got to stressed out... stupid stuff... go for a 3 hour ride.. diahrea.. it got to the point where i didnt go anywhere without some sort of antidiahrea meds...
now .. for the past few months.. once again... here i go... im not hungry.. and the only time i am... (yes i know its illigeal but what else do i have left?) is when i smoke pot.. and even now!!! the pot has to be super strong just for me to feel ANY!!! hunger sensations... im constantly having diahrea cuz everything i eat goes right thru me... in less than a year i have lost 15 pds of fat.. as of yesterday i weighed 112 pds... im 5 foot 8.. not good... no i dont have a "i look fat" issue... im embarrassed to stand naked in front of my own bf... cuz i look like a walkin skeleton...

they have diagnosed me with ibs... and fibryomalgya... im sorry... but this is too weird for even those things....

im so tired anymore... my vision is gettin blury .. sometimes i even see double... i dont want to tell ALL of this to my bf.. but i tell him enough to let him know with out freakin him out...

i do try to eat... i drink anything with vitiamans in it... and i can barely eat half a sandwhich... baiscly about a cup of food a day.... if that.. sometimes ill go 2 days with out even realizing that i havent ate!!! ive been trying to see what foods have been bothering me.. but everything gets so confusing... one time .. one food will upset it really bad... then the next time i eat it wont...

ive gotten such bad stomach cramps that i puke.... times i feel so "icky" i refuse to get out of bed... it just dont feel worth it....

i try to have a good sense of humor about this.. but i have to be honest... its scaring me.. i joke around with my friends and what not to ease their mind and my family's... but deep inside... i know something aint right... and all i ever hear is.. its just ur ibs... ur anexeric (not the i look fat kind... the actual termonolgy for it) or ur fms... here take this med .. take that med.. and all those meds do is make everything 10 times worse.... taking an antidiarhea medicine will cause me to have sever cramping....

i dont know.. i guess im just rambing to get everything out here... so i know that i havent missed anything... no i dont have heartburn... which is surprising... cuz i have delt with that for years... now it dont seem to bothering me one bit!!

anyways.... i hope that u all find something that will help you!!!

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  • Has anyone ever looked down your esophagus and stomach with an endoscope? Have you ever had an Upper G.I. (Barium swallow) or a fluoroscopy of you actually eating food? Maybe you have a kink in your upper plumbing which could be diagnosed easily. Focus on the three worst symptoms and schedule a visit to a G.I doc.
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