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cannot speak certain words out

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  • Posted By: abhishekh26
  • June 15, 2007
  • 04:29 PM

I am 21 years old M and i am having some speech difficulty. There are certain word that i cannot speak out. It does not come out of my mouth at all. Words that starts with "t" "c" "k". Like i cannot say "today" at all. Please help me diagnose my problem and treatment. I have trouble with only certain words. I know the word but i cannot speak it out. It getting worst.

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  • is this progressive or sudden?do you have low grade fever?Did you visit a doctor? You should- just to be on the safe side.
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  • No i dont have a fever. Its kind of sudden. I am talking to my friends and all of the sudden i cannot speak certain words and i have think of the synonyms of the word and substitute it. is this progressive or sudden?do you have low grade fever?Did you visit a doctor? You should- just to be on the safe side.
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  • How is your walking? do you notice stumbling more often?Are you becoming more clumsy?
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  • Could be an anxiety thing
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  • it is important that you answer the questions above,if not here,then to a doctor.if this is a "simple"stammer (whatever that means!i mean here a stammer not having an origin in nerve ,or brain malfunction.)which is developing,,it is important that you examine your social relationships closely.-more about this later.first, a technique you can use:-----i cured mine by finding alternative words;thus instead of saying "this must be done today, " i would say , "i want this done before tomorrow"(sorry about crap typing -i am not very good at this.)alternatively i might say ,"it is important you do this before you finish work tonight." just compose sentences avoiding the problematic words,or sounds.nobody ever guessed what i was doing,or why,and naturally i did not reveal the secret.------- while this method can challenge creativity,a side effect has been to build my vocabulary, and my skill in composing spoken and written english.but i do not regard that as a problem.tell your friends that the best way they can help you is to give you gentle,sustained attention,for as long as it takes for you to say what you need to. (i had a "friend" who used to hit me if i stammered! he meant well,and we were only little boys.but it didnt work.i can report that fact.)every stammerer i have met (i include myself)has been bullied in some way ,and made to feel ashamed of themselves.sex is often involved,(who said "the heart of the matter is often a matter of the heart"and there is a very good example of this at work in "one flew over the cuckoos nest"watch the film.?this bullying can be subtle,or disguised, in adult life,but if you think and watch,you will find the person who is doing it your "nurse ratched " ( or was it "ratchet"?); then stop them . as a poor second best,get away from them.(one of these witches certainly figured in my own problem.i was too young to fight,though i systematically dog faced her for half a decade) you may find that you can identify "safe "relationships,in which the problem arises only occasionally or to a lesser degree.if this turns out to be true,those are the friends to rely upon in the getting well project.but it would do no harm to get physical causes eliminated first.
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  • /t/ and /k/ are both voiceless stops (the former velar, the latter alveolar). I'm no doctor, but I find it neurologically suspicious that you'd have problems just with them./p/ is also a voiceless stop. Do you have trouble with it, too?
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  • If you could say it all your life, then you've done something or somthing is going on in your brain. Have you been using drugs? If you've had this problem all your life, then you can qualify for special education in the area of speech if you have not graduated from high school yet . You could contact your local college's speech department and the graduate students could work with you if you did graduate from high school. You need speech therapy and a diagnosis from a doctor--neurologist-- as to what is going on in your brain.
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