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  • May 31, 2008
  • 06:41 PM

i need help. i suffer from candidiasis for long long time, more than 10 years. docs wrong diagnose me and always give me antibiotics or cream to apply on my tongue. yet no help. Symptoms: blurred vision, itching eyes, depressed, tongue with white patches (that i bite sometimes to remove but they always reappear), have mucus in noze and all respiratory truck, can't speak clearly ( people lean in to have me repeat what i say, drives me crazy and selfconscious, and i speak in a weak soft voice tone), always feel there something in my pharinx, anal itching ( depresses me even morrrrrre coz i think about it every second, bothers me), cold hands and feet, headaches, etc.
the antibiotics doctor have had me take over the last 10 years can fill a drugstore( no kidding). I surf the net and now realise that candidiasis matches my symptoms. help me on medication. nystatin or clotrimazole orketoconazole? what dose? I really need help! i am 26 years old

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  • What do the doctors say you have?If you really had candidiasis this extensive it is because of an underlying problem - have you been tested for HIV, cancer and auto-immune diseases.
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  • this is the only thing i have found that works for candida and all the problems candida causes. go to www.stopyeast.comorder either the Threelac or the FivelacFor most of the people, the Threelac is what they need. The Fivelac is recommended when you are experiencing constipation issues.I hope this helps. I have tried a lot of products, and this is the only thing that has really helped.
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  • Hello - I feel for your suffering - I did too. I cut out using soap, and use sorbolene + lavender oil to wash in shower. Soap okay for hands etc. Cut out all sugar; yeast containing products ie bread, vegemite / marmite, alcohol; all fungi, ie mushrooms - and ANTIBIOTICS !! Find a capsule from the health food shop to restore good bacteria in GI tract. See a Naturopath urgently. There is a tablet from chemist to bomb your system & kill off all candida - try that for almost instant relief, but don't rely on it repeatedly. Adjust your diet as above & see how you go, then after a few months, gradually reintroduce 1 item at a time. I had dramatic results with above and after a couple of years of this, my body adjusted. But I still keep sugar intake low and limit soap use. Soap actually causes a huge painful rash in body creases - I have MS - good luck -
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  • Just ordered FIVELAC, have been suffering almost every yeast syptom that a male can have for most of my life and am exited about the results I can potentially see. Can anyone else speak from experience with this item?
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  • You might have localized candidiasis,but you'd be very ill if it were systemic.
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  • Just ordered FIVELAC, have been suffering almost every yeast syptom that a male can have for most of my life and am exited about the results I can potentially see. Can anyone else speak from experience with this item? Please go VERY slowly with fivelac and threelac...it can cause a Herksheimer reaction (also known as a healing crisis, which is a temporary worsening of your symptoms) if you take too much at first. One packet a day for a week or so should be good. Then start with two packets a day for a week, and so on. I also recommend Oregano Oil for candida. It is sometimes helpful to rotate treatments after a month as the candida can get used to a cleanse. If you have sinus problems oregano oil is excellent. Candida is very tenacious IME, and I disagree with Dr. Wayne that it occurs in only severely immunocompromised patients. As a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, I have found a small percentage of my patients just weren't getting better, and once I treated their underlying candida overload it really helped them. To me it is all in the symptoms, if you notice improvement in your symptoms then you are on the right track. Most people with candida overload feel loads better with a cleanse. Once you have killed the candida overgrowth, you need to rebuild your intestinal flora with a good quality probiotic. This will help keep the candida in check. You will also have to address diet, and eat more vegetables and less processed foods, sugars, yeasted products, and other. I personally like the following websites for candida info (am totally not affiliated with either one and can't vouch for their products, except the threelac which I have used and liked) www.candidasupport.org and www.wholeapproach.com Best wishesDOM
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  • What dosage and method do you recommend for oregano oil. Whats your opinion on Dr Ohiras probiotics? Thank you for replying so quickly.
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  • Acuann,I didn't say that candidiasis occurs only in immunocompromised people.We both know that broad-spectrum antibiotic usage can cause it in an immune-competent person.All I said was that the guy in question did not have systemic candidiasis or he'd be much sicker.
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  • Acuann,how did you know about a Herxheimer reaction?
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  • Yes,if you're positive that you have candidiasis you need to be on an anti-fungal med.
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  • Acuann,how did you know about a Herxheimer reaction? Ah, I knew I spelled that one wrong:rolleyes:. I've experienced this before from doing a cleanse too quickly. I am just not a fan of antifungal medications, as they can be hepatotoxic and don't always effectively kill the candida overgrowth. I just find herbal formulas more effective. If you choose diflucan, or metronadizole, just be careful. Mandopikr,Dosage of oregano oil varies. I use Biogenesis Oregano Oil 300mg from 2-6 times per day. This product is only sold thru healthcare practitioners. I also like Nature's Answer, NOW, etc...just make sure it is around 300mg dose. You may experience some oregano oil reflux symptoms, a sign you are taking too much. I love oregano oil and find it incredibily helpful for sinusitis and candida... Mandopikr - could you please post all your current symptoms? Best wishesDOM
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  • But how did you know that it was a Herxheimer reaction?
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  • And nystatin suspension is hardly absorbed at all and is not hepatotoxic.
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  • I have suffered for nine years, its systemic tissue invasive it responds to food loves sweet things, you need to keep the bowel moveing I take chinese herbal medicine for digestion gastric emptying and liver support managed to clear some and my memory and some of the pain in the tissues and muscles is going but it si still not resolved. Also taking mycropryl by bio care have taken oregano in the past. This is a serious illness and it is overlooked by medicine and yet I personally think it has a huge impact on other conditions and is being ignored. Good luck
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  • Another possible candida cure which isn't hepatotoxic is Lufenuron.
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  • Its very itchy and when i scratch it turns sore and painful.sometimes i soil ma panty with whitish discharge which is not too smelly,So i thought it was normal until the itching became severe and i saw a thick yellowish odorless discharge.which really sacred the ***l out of me.It was like a thump thick and looked like a fatty tissue.May i know what kind of disorder that is a any treatment available.Thank you
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    • January 12, 2010
    • 00:48 PM
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  • Hello all. My mom is very sick!! They are telling me "failure to thrive". She has ALL the candida symptoms from pain vaginally to sever pain swallowing and all those in between from confusion to lesions on her body. Her liver tests are coming back all wrong and they said it needed to be transplanted, but she is too sick to be a candidate (they say it is from drinking, but she has NEVER been a drinker). Then she gets better, then worse. This has been going on for years... and NOONE CAN SAY WHAT IS WRONG. Her history includes heart catheters, major surgeries and massive amounts of antibiotics and steroids. She has done the water/spit test and come up positive, but her doctor refuses to test her. How do i find her a real doctor that will give her the CT scan that will tell us what she has... (reading information on candida is the first time we have seen ALL her symptoms on one page) She is so sick, that we will have to have a doctor watch her progress...
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    • August 15, 2011
    • 03:51 PM
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