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Cancer or Not?

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  • Posted By: kcmarie1919
  • May 17, 2007
  • 11:01 PM

When i was younger i always had irregular periods and i went to a gyno when i was 18 after being on it for 7 months without stopping and the doctor said that it was because i was over weight and didn't have enough hormones. I listened because he was a doctor and he gave me birth control. It ran out in Nov 2005 and i didn't go back in and get a new prescription, i just didn't want to hear it was my weight. Well, i started in Dec 2005 and and it is a year and 6 months later and i was still on. I went to a new doctor and he did the something gave me birth control to stop it. Granted he took blood and said that we would find out why it was going on, and said it wasn't my hormones. He said that he would see what else it could be. He said that it could be Uterus cancer, among other things. It has been over 2 weeks since i seen him and he still hasnt setup any test. I am so tired of getting the run a round and i really want to know what is wrong with me.

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  • you should get a second, third, or fourth opinion.
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  • You need to insist on getting help asap. Remember it is your health on the line and you are the only one who can make it happen.
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  • please google symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome please google symptoms of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis I have suffered irregular periods all of my life along with polycystic ovarian disease many are being tested for this and many have already taken info to docs Please read"it's a mystery unti we solve it"...read last 5 pages...it will answer amny questions and you will see many coincidences I'm not saying you have it...just saying there have been many people...even some presenting with just one symptom when they find the info on CFS and ME...they realize they have many more symptoms but have never really paid any attention to them that's one of the reasons we are all here Good Luck and God Bless...mommy cat
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  • KC If I am reading right it sounds that the DR said he would run tests but you haven't had them or they haven't been set up? If so I would call the DR's office, speak to his nurse, and find out what the status of your tests are. From my expirience the DR gives the orders to his nurse who sets everything up, not the DR. Good luck Cala
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  • Thank you Mommy cat! I am going to google and see. yes, the Dr said that he would get test set up with specialist and nothing has happened. The office thinks i am crazy because i have called up every day for the last week. I have asked the nurses the reseptionist, and even left messages. I want to go to another DR, but he is the first one that knows there might be something wrong with me and just not doing anything about it.Thank you all for the advise i am looking in to it!
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  • Hey, thanks for all the advice. I have another problem. My period came back while i am on birth control. I know that i will still have a period but it was supposed to stop for 3 weeks and i have only been on the pill for a week and 1/2. I dont know what to do, now the pill isnt working to stop the bleeding. I am really confused and scared.
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  • Kc Have you called your DR back yet? Have you missed any pills? Cala
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  • I called and left a message but he never got back to me. No i havent i am really good about taking them.
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  • Yes, i called him and left a message but he never got back to me. No i havent missed any, i really have been good about making sure i take them.
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  • KC I would call again next week, and if they do not return your call, then I would do as the other posters said and get another opinion. Have you asked friends, coworkers etc.. who they go to and if the DR listens to them? Cala
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  • Thank you again. I have asked several people and they all have a DR but none of them actually like the DR's. I asked my mother in-law and she doesnt like hers either. So getting a Dr i was all on my own.
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  • I was just thinking there should be a website to rate DR like there is for professors at colleges...... well there is on it's www.ratemds.com maybe you could find one on there.
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  • KC...please read pages I mentioned...irregular periods are also a symptom:( ...mommy cat
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