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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 17, 2007
  • 00:03 AM

Over several years I have noticed my throat sometimes feeling tight. Five months ago, in the night, I had a kind of sleep apnoea; where the moment I fell asleep I woke up again with a spasm feeling in the high part of the throat. For about five nights this recurred and I barely slept. I do not snore.

At this time, I also became very sick with nausea, lack of appetite, fatigue, and occasional shaking. This feeling lasted about two weeks, and then went away. I lost weight and haven't regained it, which I would have expected to do.

Since then, I have had a permanent knot, or spasm, in my swallowing muscle. (that is for four months). Any and all attempts to relax the throat haven't worked. I have no problem eating, or drinking, however.

Two years ago, I started to feel some itchiness at the side of my nose near my mole, where I also have a small papule. It was a vague itch. As time went on, the itch was very intense inside of my nose and also the corner of my eye (but not in my eye). I also had a lot of allergy-type symptoms such as an itchy throat, some itchiness of the eyes etc. An eye specialist diagnosed allergy; he saw some bumpiness under the lid.

I have been to an ENT specialist: the MRI was clear. The Barium swallow showed no significant abnormality. The throat ultrasound showed Multiple Nodules in the thyroid. The dominant nodule was 2.2 cm. And a Fine needle aspiration of this nodule diagnosed a benign follicular nodule. Overall, a diagnosis of a Multi-nodular goiter.

The specialist has said the feeling in my throat is caused by tension, and possibly reflux and has prescribed Nexium. I have NEVER had any reflux.

A dermatologist saw me about the side of my nose and has said the mole would have become larger in the two months since the last appointment, if it was a melanoma. It doesn't seem to show any of the signs of a classic melanoma. It's not asymetrical and the border is clearly defined (round). The colour is mostly skin coloured with a slightly darker spot inside. Five other doctors (not actual dermatologists) have looked at the mole and said they don't think it's a melanoma.

If this was a melanoma, could it be causing the feeling in the throat?

The feeling in the throat gets me down. And I've shed many tears over it, and over fears about dying. I'm obsessed with the mole, and I'm always looking at it. I still believe it's a melanoma, even though I don't want to. The mornings are the worst when my jaw feels sore too.

Any help will be appreciated.

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