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Can U Make Anything From These Results

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  • Posted By: chica69
  • May 8, 2007
  • 01:39 PM

I have just had my blood tests back....I have been to THE digestive department at the hospital for diarrhea, abdominal pains etc, they sent me for a colonoscopy, which came back as normal

but the doctor has circled a few blood tests results.

I would appreciate if anyone can tell me if they mean anything.

ferritin 8 ng/ml ..normal range shows 15-150, so this is low.

acid alpha 1-glycoprotein 126 mg/dl ...normal range shows 50-120, so this is slightly high.

Hemaglobin 12 g/dl ....normal range is 12-16...this is very borderline.

Do theses tests results tell anyone anything.

I still have the abdominal pains on my left side, little hair loss ( only when washing and brushing ) diarrhea...etc, etc

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  • chica...PLEASE look at hummingbird site again...I know you are getting mad at me for this but I have to tell you in the 80's there was a big outbreak of MEMyalgic EncephalomyelitisMy mother has fibromyalgia in the 80's LosAngeles was hit the hardest with MEMontel Williams did a show the other day regarding a sudden surge in FibromyalgiaDo you see the connection, chica??? I know it sounds crazy but I've told you before...atypical inflammatory cell count and so on...most of your lab results fit this I'm not a doctorI'm not telling you that you have thisI'm telling you there are way too many people with way too many similar symptoms for there not to be a whole lot of connections here I believe in coincidences...to a degreeThere are way too many here for me Be Well and I'm sorry if I have upset you God Bless you.mommy cat
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  • Hi Dont be so silly, u have not upset me at all....nor am I getting annoyed with you. I will have a good read through it tonight....I have just printed if off. Thanks for all your help Pls feel free to post anytime Take Care I will keep you posted. lots of hugs Chica xxx
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  • Chica...thanx for giving it another look...feel like I'm loosing it sometimes but there are so many people...not only in US but other countries too Be Well, little sweet one God Bless.mommy cat
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  • hi,to be honest, i wouldn't look to much at ur haemoglobin... 12 is still ok. worry if u go below 11.not sure about the other results... any other blood tests done ? maybe next time have them check your esr, aswell as kidney and liver function.good luck
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  • Hi Thanks for your feedback, my results do not show ESR. Yeah I have loads of results on my report. Anything else I should look out for ????? Chat soon Chica
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  • chica...keep in mind my esr is normal...yet I'm being tested...mommy cat
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  • chica...I'm just finding out...in USA there is no diagnostic code for ME...there is only one for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome...don't let the name scare you go to www.ncf-net.org there you will find info regarding this...mommy cat
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  • If its the same as CPR then mines shows 0.73.....normal range on my report is 0.1-0.5 Pls remember I live is Spain so not all the test ranges will be the same.
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  • Hi Chica,Go to the website: http://www.labtestsonline.org/understanding/index.html and there you can look up every one of your tests, and what they mean.From your low ferritin, and your borderline hemoglobin, I'd say you should retest a regular CBC to see if you are becoming anemic, or if you are stable or getting better. The low ferritin can be the first step in becoming anemic. But I also know you've had trouble with very heavy periods, so it may be left over from that (if that is better now).Best,Shulamit
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  • chica...ME is world wide...not just in US...mommy cat
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  • I think it is interesting that your Dr. ordered th alpha 1 glycoprotein test. It is hard to tell what this means, even though abnormal or high, because he probably ordered it in conjunction with other tests. Sometimes a high result on one test can mask other diseases, or make other tests come in at "normal". For instance your Hemoglobin is on the low side, but what is your Hematocrit? Usually, your Hematocrit result is 3 x your Hemoglobin. So, if one is off.....what does it mean alone? Seeing that your ferritin (a form of iron) is low and your hemoglobin (a red blood cell -- a complex iron-containing protein that carries oxygen throughout the body and gives blood its red color) is low means something. The conjuction of these tests either indicate you've lost blood recently through trauma, or from somwhere in your body (bowels, kidneys, stomach). I must add I am not an MD. Many Dr.'s do not always know how to interpret the results they get. This test seems pretty specific, so my guess is he had a good reason for ordering it and will be able to tell you....though if he just circled these tests....and didn't tell you what he was looking for, I don't know what to tell you. Sometimes, the trend matters more than the current result of some tests, so see if he orders it again. I think it speaks volumes that these proteins are involved in homeostasis....'i could not find this test listed as one for ME/CFS/orFM. But....homeostatis is certainly interrupted in these diseases, especially ME. Here is some info about the test: Acute phase proteins such as a1AG are elevated during acute or chronic periods of inflammation or infectious disease, following surgery, with malignant tumors, in autoimmune diseases, liver cirrhoses, during cardiac infarction and with all types of stress in general. The acute phase proteins are heterogeneous with respect to physiological properties but share common functions. In particular, these proteins engage in restoring homeostatic balance disturbed by injury, tissue necrosis or infection.Among these acute phase reactant proteins, alpha-1-acid glycoprotein (a1AG) has been found to increase remarkably during periods of non homeostasis as caused by situations and conditions as described above. a1AG is particularly useful as a marker for detection of early stages of disease, to judge the extent of progression of a malady and to assess the effectiveness of treatments or changes related to attempts to improve management or environment. For more info see: http://cardiotechservices.com/background.htm.
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  • thank you for your feedback, mmmm, strange. I have also read about the Iga test and could not make head nor tail of it. The only other thing is that my Hematocrit does not have a range is said 42...then % no range value. Im so confussed. When I asked the doctor about all the tests that I posted he told me that they were ok, dont worry, not important. he didnt even give me iron tablets for my low ferritin. I was so angry when I left the surgery....Im considering taking the test to another doctor , also changing the current doctor. Thanks for your help. Take Care
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  • chica..do yourself a favor...print out "tests for ME"off the hummingbird site I didmy doc is now doing "flow cytometery" of white blood cells your doc is looking for inflammation information I get swollen lumph nodes in neck, armpits and groin... my doc is also going to test the CD/4 to CD/8 ratio and other test I've found on ME site get a new doc if you can...take copies of all medical records...tests you've already had...disease they have already ruled out print hummingbird site...take doc his own copy...I didI told him he was going to need it when "countless" people start showing up with weird symptoms... He is testing me for it...I have low Potassium and an increased lymphocyte(inflammatory cells) count...these just 2 of the diagnostic symptoms for ME May the Grace of God be with you Always, Sweet Chica...momma cat
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  • Val...ever thought of becoming an MD???? You'd make a great one from what I've seen Thank you for mentioning MEI'm finding daily that there are countlessThis all went from me, sitting at my computer, looking for the one person who could empathize with meto me finding not only one, but countless people on this site alone with the same symptomsEven from other countriesthis is getting bigMontel Williams did a show on sudden surge of Fibromyalgia in LosAngeles? LosAngeles actually documrnted their cases of 80's outbreak of ME most family/schoolmates have sxall of our mothers have Fibromyalgia///too many coincidencestoo many peopletoo many similar symptomstoo many docstoo many undiagnosed peopletoo many patients being passed aroundtoo many people with ME Just figuring this all outI went from self to infinite in a very short timeThis is so unbelievable it sometimes, doesn't feel possible...yet here we all are...mommy cat
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