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Can someone please read my long post and help me?

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  • Posted By: maanabu
  • June 15, 2012
  • 08:06 AM

Hi everyone. First I'd like to say I'm not very good at expressing myself with words and english isn't my first language so this post might be a little confusing and poorly written, but I ask you to please try to bare with me because I need someone, anyone to help me.
Here's the story: I'm 19 and I feel very ill. I've felt this way since I was probably around 15 and it has only been getting worse. I've had so many symptoms I can't remember them, some of them happened for a while and went away, some of them stayed with me, some went away and then came back, and well, my fogged memory and my fatigue are certainly two of those symptoms. It all started when at 14 I had a very strong pain in my stomach while I was in class, I left and called my parents and went to a hospital and after some medication it went away. But some time later it came back and I went to the hospital again, and this time they found I had a "torsion" in my intestines, they never explained exactly what it was to me. I had a part of my colon removed. A few weeks after the surgery I had a swollen testicle so I went to the hospital again, they found I had an inguinal hernia and I was gonna need surgery again. While I waited for surgery I started experiencing occasional, sudden sharp pains in my bladder area that went through my urethra through the tip of my *****. Anyway I had surgery for the hernia but these sharp pains didn't stop for a while. I'd just be doing anything and they'd start, like I'd have a "pain session" out of nowhere. I never told anyone about these pains because I was embarassed to talk to my parents about it. By now they mostly went away, but they still happen sometimes exactly like they used to, except not nearly as often. They happen maybe once every four months or something.
Well let me just say, after these two surgeries I've just never felt fully recuperated. In these past 5 years I've experienced different types of intestinal and testicular symptoms, like I said they come and go, they change...some of those were pain, swelling, blood in my feces, constipation, diarrhea etc. When I was around 16 I started experiencing constant pain on the tip of my ***** going through my leg all the way to my toe, it's a tingling numb pain that's just always there, has been for 3 years. Also started having constant headaches at around the same time, my head is just always hurting, it hurts in different spots and with different intensities but it's always there. It hurts on the top, the back, the sides, around the eyes, forehead. Somethings trigger a bigger headache (probably a migraine) like not eating for a long time, when that happens I feel throbbing in my head.
I also have low apettite, weird sleeping patterns, I just feel weak and tired all the time. My nose feels clogged all the time. I hear constant buzzing in my head, it started in one ear also about three years ago, now it's in both ears. My jaw cracks and hurts, and sometimes I feel a drumming in my nose. I have awful balance and get dizzy very easily, if I bend over I get dizzy, if I spin 180 degrees I get dizzy.
Okay I thing I haven't missed much, here's where my life gets complicated.
Like I said most of these started when I was around 15~16 and at the time I was in high school and was so tired all the time, I had no time or energy to go to doctors. Needless to say my grades were horrid and I never got into college because of that, I just spent class sleeping and would cheat on every test. Still, school was very time consuming, as I studied in a different city it was a 2 hour commute every day. So when I got home all I could think of was going to bed, no time for doctors. And my parents, well, they're ****** up people...When I tried asking for help my dad would say things like: These pains are normal, you have them because of the surgeries, etc. But he would take me to doctors and they would mostly be useless because I could never tell them everything I felt, they wouldn't listen. So after a while my dad deemed me crazy and started saying I was like an old lady, that when he was my age he hadn't gone to half the doctors I've been to, etc. And he was the only person who could take me to these doctors, he would yell these things every time he was supposed to take me to one. So I just stopped asking for help. My mom, well, her health is about as bad as mine. She has headaches, migraines, fatigue, she vomits blood sometimes and stuff, she works all the time and doesn't go to doctors either. So I can't blame her for not helping me whwen she can't even help herself, and my dad doesn't help her either.
Well time has passed and here I am...Lately I've gotten some freedom and tried to go to doctors. One doctor found I had a huge polyp in my intestine and had it removed, but it hasn't helped me at all. And with most doctors it's such a huge story I don't know where to start with, plus the fact that I'm bad at communicating verbally makes it even harder. I'll try to concise what I feel lately:
-Constant tingling pain that goes from the tip of my ***** through my testicle, leg and toe
-Red sores on my ***** head
-Constant pain on left side of lower abdomen
-Constant back pain, everywhere pretty much
-Constant headaches, everywhere in the head
-Low appetite
-My mind feels foggy, I feel stupid and slow
-Buzzing in both ears
-Crackling in both ears
-Jaw pain
-Cracking jaw
-Stiff neck, cracks all the time
-Occasional numb hands
Here's some tests I've done this past year:
-Blood tests (all the basics, some STDs ), numerous times
-Urine tests
-Full abdomen tomography
-Ultrasonography on my testicles
-MRI on lower back
-Colonoscopy (found the polyp)
-Stool exam
And guess what, other than the colonoscopy, none of them found anything. The tomography did show a possible inflammation on my lower intestines but the doctor who examined it said it was probably too small to cause pain, so he decided to treat me with anti-depressants, they didn't help.
Now that's another huge problem: every doctor treats me like I'm crazy, hypochondriac, or that my symptoms are psyschosomatic manifestations of my obvious depression, and some of them caused by my sedentarism. Well, yes, obviously I am depressed and I don't exercise at all but I wish they'd understand I'm depressed BECAUSE I live with so much ****, not the other way around, and I can't exercise when it feels like my abs and my head are gonna explode whenever I do any effort.
Like I said I'm so tired all the time, it makes it so hard to even go to a doctor, even more when I know: they're not gonna find anything, they're gonna imply I'm crazy, they're not gonna listen.

So to the point of this post: I don't really know. I'm not really expecting anyone to come out with a diagnosis for me, although that would be great, I've done my share of google self diagnosing and haven't found **** but more worries and confusion. I'm mostly expecting someone to help me out with a plan here. What kind of doctor should I look for? How should I talk to him? Where do I even start, do I tell him the whole confusing story like I just did? Should I just demand some exams, if so, which ones?
Again, sorry for the confusing, poorly written, gigantic post. It just came out of me as best as I could, this is my desperate attempt at asking for help.
Thanks for reading.

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