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Can someone please help my step-son?

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  • Posted By: Steph81
  • February 22, 2009
  • 00:30 PM

This has been going on for such a long time now, that we feel like we're running out of options and time.

When he was born he had severe reflux. As he got older they realised he wasn't developing as quick as an infant his age should. He ended up going to a special nursery for children with developmental problems.

By the time he was ready for school he was already under doctors at the hospital for being very underweight. My husband had already split up with his mom at this point and when my step-son was 5 i'd met his dad.

I noticed straight away that he was very small and couldn't actually say more than his own name. For the next 7 years nothing really was done about his learning difficulties. He had maybe 20 hours a week help at the school he was at. They took that away from him claiming he didn't need it which was mind blowing. His mom and dad fought for him to get it back which eventually they did but he speech therapy was took off him.

The doctors at the hospital tried all kinds of tests to try and find why he hasn't gained weight and nothing has ever been found.

Last year his mom found a new boyfriend and they moved out of the area. My step-son ended up moving to a main-stream high school near his new house.

Within a week six teachers had approached the head saying they thought he has severe dyslexia and there was no way they could teach him alone. The head was absolutely disgusted that his previous school had neglected him so bad and that she was going to write a letter to the school board she felt so strongly they'd let him down.

Now they're suggesting he changes school again to a special school which his dad and i are pleased about.

We've just took him away for the week and this had prompted me to find this forum. We have him everyother weekend and we can recognise that he is quite far behind but the severity has shocked us.

First of all his weight is extremely worrying. When he is undressed his spine sticks right out. Along with his ribs, hips and collar bones. Anything that should have a bit of flesh on it, doesn't. He is 12 and is in 7-8 year old clothes.

He does eat. Sometimes really well. Other times not a lot. But he does eat. His mom has said he's had food and spat it out in the toilet before but we've never known him do that here. He asks for food when he's hungry but he's so small anyway i think he eats enough just to keep him going. He's always full of energy.

He can make sentences but a lot of what he says is like he's just plucking things from thin air. He can be sat in silence then come out with something that he done four years ago as if he'd just done it. He hasn't got a grasp of past and present and has no time perception.

He will sometimes act like a baby when other times he can be extremely rude to his grandparents but never to us. There's no way he's got adhd because he can sit for hours watching wrestling or playing on a computer game.

He can't read books meant for a 4 year-old and there is no control or neatness to his writing. When teachers are asking him to read things off the board he has started to pretend to faint and jumping under the table in order to get out of trying to read it.

He does get his b's and d's back to front.

I can't help feeling the two things are related somehow and if he was my child i'd be camped outside the doctors office until they did something.

It scares the life out of me that in less than four years he could potentially leave school and only just be able to write his name. His dad and i are determined to do what we can for him and it starts here, so even the slightest bit of help or leads or hunches anyone has PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE LET US KNOW!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this xx

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