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Can someone please help me....

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  • April 25, 2007
  • 04:18 AM

I am new at this and in need of some help. I am sorry this is a bit long and will try to post shorter messages in the future. I am just so confused about what to do next. Anyhelp would be greatly appreciated.

I am in my early 40's.

1. About 6 months ago, I developed a large node on my left index finger.
2. One month ago, I developed severe tooth and jaw pain and then the lower left side of my face became numb.
3. I went to a neurologist. Had extremely expensive Brain and Cervical MRI's w/contrast done.
4. Brain was normal, Cervical, abnormal: "The c5-6 disc is mildly narrowed on a degenerative baseis. Multi-level degenerative disc bulging is best seen at 4-5 through 6-7. Spondylitic exit foraminal impingement is severe bilaterally at 4-5 and moderate to severe bilaterally at 5-6 as well as on the right at 6-7."

1. Spondylitic exit forminal impingement is severe bilaterally at 4-5 and slightly less at other levels.
2. No disc herniation, acurired canal stenosis or pathological spinal cord signal.

MRI Diagnostic Summary Code: 2 (abnormal)

Please forgive me for being so ignorant, but Ihave no idea exactly what this means. My doctor labeled this as Cervical Radiculitis?

Furthermore, can anyone help me understand what these further expensive blood test mean and if I was ever tersted for B12 defciency? Also, I was given a B12 shot 10 minutes before I had the blood drawn. Now, as I have read, this can affect the test....

1. ANA+
2. Anti_DNA (DS)+
3. NN Blood Sheet (SST, CSF)
4. NN MS Panel (SST, L)
5. NN Stroke Panel (SST, L, BL, Special
6. NN Spinal Tap Panel (SST. CSF)
7. Lead, Blood
8. Immundelectrophoresis
9. Vitamin B-6
10. Mag Antibody
11. Cryoglobulin, Qualitative
12. Vitamin B1 (Thaiamine)
13. Methymalonic Acid (Serum)
14. Sjogren's Antibodies
15. Ace Level
16. Lyme Disease Antibodies

All test with the exception of the Cervical Spine MRI came back negative or normal. I left the neurologist's office with a prescription for Ibprofen, exercise tips and a reference to for a rhuemotologists.

Other symptoms:

1. Extreme fatigue that lasted for about 4 weeks. Still tired, but not as bad. My body felt like lead.
2. Muscle pain in arms, wrists and legs as well as muscle twitching eye, legs and arms.
3. Tingling in arms and fingers.
4. Double Vision
5. Shaking in right hand
6. Very painful joints, toes, ankles and of course, stiff neck.
7. A constant vibration radiating throughout my body.

I understand that this is not a place to receive a diagnosis, but rather I am looking for guidance as to where/how I should go about finding the right doctor and some leads to what this might be. I am a single mom. I am very financially challenged and my insurance is not the best. I just want to be careful not to fall under the wrong diagnosis, especially if this might be a B12 defciency and an extreme difference in treatment cost compared to other problems. I am also worried about waiting too long. Every office vist requires an extra weekend work day on my part to cover it and this has been hard because I am not feeling so well.

Is this a possible B12 defciency? So far, gratefully, it is not MS.

Thank you for any help offered. I am lost..

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