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Can someone offer some insight please

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 11, 2007
  • 00:21 AM

I really dont know how to put this....
Lately I have been feeling very forgetful, unable to rest, confused, dazed, and somewhat apathetic and I dont know why. I've been to the doctor but the bloodtests he took have returned normal. I just feel wound up because of everything and my ability as a student and my part time work is suffering.
The main problem for me is the forgetfulness, I have difficulty in understanding while reading and often just find myself lost trying to concentrate (my concentration span seems to have fell to an alltime low).

I dont know if this is stress or anxiety or a build up of both but I just wish there was something that could help me out.


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  • Hi Tommy,Those do sound like signs of depression (but not necessarily). Regarding depression, symptoms can often be what you described. Onset of depression (especially if it seems to come out of nowhere), can occur for numerous reasons. Your age may have something to do with it because of your hormone levels. Also, a large change in your life (whether it is seemingly positive or negative) could contribute. Have you thought about seeking a counselor, etc?
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  • I'm not sure who to seek to do with this, I've only been to the doctor once about this and as I've said the general tests (thyroid etc) came back normal. What should I do?I feel wound up constantly, but the forgetfulness and lack of concentration are real problems, I can't even watch TV as I just find myself in a daze and uninterested. I'm thinking of returning to the doc as I feel I only told him a little of the story (only mentioning the inability to rest) but I feel stupid for these things and I dont believe the doc will take it serious. Tommy
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  • Sometimes a complex of Vitamin B helps with such symptoms! But talk to your doc about it! It could be built-up stress.
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  • Tommy...please visit www.ahummingbirdsguide.com look around this site...I've posted this info everywhere for a reason...I've already heard from several people saying they have been sick for a while, can't get a diagnosis, all having similar symptoms...good luck...mommy cat
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  • Hi Tommy,You could have more than one thing going on. But the first thing that comes to my mind is a possible head injury.Do you play sports? Have you been in any serious sporting impact within six months before this started? Or been in even a minor car accident in that time period? Or taken a fall?People (even doctors) generally think you have to have hit your head to have a concussive injury (do a search for "post concussive syndrome") but that isn't the case. And your description sounds like it to me.Write back, and tell me if you can think of any bump or shaking your head may have been through any time in the six months prior to this starting.Shula
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  • I've experienced similar symptoms over the years, and would recommend a couple of things.1) Try regular exercise at the beginning of your day. Going for a run will help your mind get clear, and get your day going with a bit of momentum.2) Try and stay away from prescribed stress pills like beta-blockers that can affect short term memory and concentration.3) Try and stay away from recreational drugs that could exacerbate the problem.4) Try and read recreationally. Whenever I am stressed and foggy and a little lost, just reading a couple of novels helps open up my mind + stir up my imagination and improve my concentration.5) Persist. Even when something is hard to grasp that you feel shouldn't be, just don't fret and keep going. Small steps cumulatively can get you a long way, and then you might find yourself on a roll.
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  • Dear Tommy...have you looked at hummingbird site??? it has info on all of your symptoms... I told fiancee a while ago I didn't understand how gas and sneezing went together in the same diagnosis and I've been a nurse for 15 years ...imagine how stupid I felt telling the doctor that one!!! I did it, though along with printed pages of my ME symptoms(several of them) including gas and sneezing I also took copies of tests I've had recently along with info on other diseases other doctors had ruled out...He is testing me for ME... I had fired my old doctor a few days prior...went to see new doc with all this info and he was overwhelmed...not only did I discuss my own illness but I informed him of this site and the obvios hundreds of people on this site with similar symptoms...I'm dizzy every day ...have diarrhea, flushing, stroke-like symptoms as well as so many other things that I've always chalked up to one thing or another.... please take a look at the site...Be Well and don't feel foolish for giving your doc honest information...I did and it got me where I've needed to be for the past 4 years...mommy cat
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