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Can cigarette smoke cause air hunger?

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  • Posted By: skittergitchy
  • July 14, 2007
  • 03:41 PM

I and my daughter have cough variant asthma. There are times when I do not need my inhaler or medicines for months on end, then there are times when I need them often. My husband smokes, smokes in the house, smokes outside and comes right in reeking of smoke. Those nights, I cannot breathe as I try to sleep, awaking after only minutes gasping for breath. My husband is mad at me, says that I cannot be allergic to his smoking one day and not another time. I don't understand it either, but last night he smelled so strongly of stale smoke that I had to cover my nose and mouth to sit next to him. He says I am a hypochrondriac and I guess my doctor and I are wrong to think that my asthma is affected by his smoke. Am I nuts, is he, is it possible to have a reaction to smoke one time and be around him when he smokes other times and not react? I might add that right now I am ill with a tick born illness and have felt like absolute crap for the last couple of weeks and figure that my immune system is in overload right now causing reactions that I could normally fight off. But then, having a tick illness, possible Lyme Disease again, is something I have to fight alone as he gets mad when I get sick. Advice please, anyone. I need sites to show him to let him know the smoke is making me sick and hurting my daughter and me. He says it is nonsense.

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  • Your husband's a ***k. He can not only give you the asthma and allergies, he can give you and your child cancer. Make him smoke outside and shower before going to bed...he should never smoke in the car. Some states have laws against smoking in a car with a child...now why would they????
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  • I was a heavy cigarette smoker for 23 years...almost 2 packs a day. When I got ill, and was wrongly diagnosed with cancer, I quit.There is a new medication out on the market called CHANTIX.Normally I do not recommend pharmaceuticals, I prefer herbs but this med is amazing. My father quit after 43 years and insisted I take it for my own good so I did. Since I have quit, my 2 closest friends have also.I had tried everything available on the market over the years and nothing worked.I was told I would "need" to take the med for 6 months (most people require 3). I stopped at the end of the second month when I realized that I had been forgetting to take the meds and still was not feeling a need to smoke.I know that most insurance covers the prescription for CHANTIX.I paod a $40.00 co pay for a month's supply which was way less than the $200.00 a month I was spending on cigarettes, not to mention the cost of the medical bills for going to the hospital 5 times a year to get treated for it.Your husband should try the med...it works. If he won't, then infact the should be smoking outside. You are ill and your daughter already has asthma.Time for him to stop being so selfish, don't you think?Hope it all works out...mommy cat
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  • Thanks guys for the info. I am afraid he will not take the meds, does not want to quit smoking. I need scientific data that backs up my reasoning, and yours, that his smoking, even outside and then coming inside can cause allergic reactions in asthmatics. Where would I start looking?
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  • Try googling "neurotoxins" as Nicotene is one of them. It is a poison. Also, you can just google...dangers of cigarette smoking or look into the American Lung association. They may have pictures of smoker's lungs that are horrifyingly scary. Good Luck...I know how your husband feels, I didn't "want" to quit either. In fact, I doubted the med would work...but it did!!! Here's wishing you all well...mc:)
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  • Your husband sounds very abusive...and completely unsupportive:mad: . Anyone who berates you for being sick is not looking out for your best interests! It is a passive form of abuse to smoke in the house and in the car subjecting you and your daughter to KNOWN toxins. I was married to a smoker and he never smoked in our house, out of consideration to me. This is just the right thing to do. I live in NM and there is now a statewide ban on smoking in ALL public spaces. I know that many people object to this as a freedom of choice issue, but if it causes one less death from smoking than it is justified in my opinion. And yes, you can certainly have worse asthma symptoms one day from the next. Many factors come into play with asthma, and food intolerances are a big factor. Smoking is just horrible for asthma sufferers - please get him to stop at least smoking in the house. I wish you luck.Best wishesDOM
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  • First of all- It sounds liek your husband has some issues of his own. Smoking can absolutely aggrevate asthma, allergies, and so on and so forth. He is DEAD wrond to insist on putting you and your child at risk when you both are already comprimised health wise.Second of all- regardless of you being a hypochondriac- it does not dismiss the fact that you husband is being the most selfish person and obviously is in need of serious education.There are probably about 1000 webites discussing the dangers oif smoking- a few good ones are: American Heart Association, Cancer.org, Health net, just goodle the dangers/effects of smoking. I was a smoker for 15 years. I love everything about smoking, witht he exception of the horrible smell it leaves. I quit cold turkey- it just happened to be the best way for me. I tried Chantix, patches etc. Chantix has wroked for many people. The main problem with quitting is preparing yourself mentally. You can get over the physical habits much quicker than you can break the mental habits. Noone can make you quit it needs to be a personal conviction. He needs to do this on his own, just don't let him bring you down with him.You may want to try alternative methods with your husband. Get yourself as educated as possible, print off articles, etc. There is absolutely NO excuse that your husband could not be more respectful of your health and your childs. If he wants to slowly kill himself there may be nothing you can do to stop it, but you can prevent yourself and your child from going down with him. It may even be in your best interest to speak with legal counsel.I feel for you because it is easy for other people to sit on the outside and give you advise on how to deal with it, but is all boils down to you. This is your choice, and I think you know what you need to do to put this horrible problem to bed.Best of luck- I will be thinking of you.
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  • See Body Works if it ever comes close to you and have him look at "The Smoker" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Body_Worlds Take him with you to your child's next doctor appointment and have the doctor explain it to him. http://www.nationaljewish.org/disease-info/wellness/smoking/secondhand.aspx http://www.entnet.org/healthinfo/tobacco/secondhand_smoke.cfm
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