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Can't get a firm diagnosis, balance and concentration

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  • Posted By: jisatsu
  • March 25, 2010
  • 10:49 AM

My symptoms are as follows:

-- Balance problems that have been getting progressively worse over the last month. Stumbling, veering to the right, having to hold on to walls to keep myself from falling over.
-- Trouble concentrating, which has also gotten worse over the last month.
-- Muscle twitches, mostly in my thighs, hands, and buttocks.
-- Fine tremors in my hands (noticeable when I hold my hands out, palms down, and a piece of printer paper is put over them).
-- Pins and needles sensations in my hands (mostly in my fingers and wrists), which get worse after lots of typing.
-- Average body temperature of 97.5-97.7F (for most my life, my normal body temperature was 98.6)
-- Goosebumps on my legs, not related to temperature or any other outside sensation. My skin randomly raises up in goosebumps in little patches along my thighs and my calves.

I am a 28 year old female. Smoker (half a pack a day). Non-drinker. Not very physically active. I have had the pins and needles sensations before, four years ago, and my GP at the time diagnosed me with carpal tunnel (based only on my explanation of symptoms; there were no tests done) and put me in wrist braces for awhile until the pain/tingling went away. Six months ago, I spontaneously lost control of my bladder while driving and didn't realize it until I got out of the car, and my GP diagnosed me with a bladder infection despite my urine being clean.

I have been to three doctors. The first two diagnosed me with labyrinthitis despite my insistence that it wasn't an inner ear infection. When symptoms kept getting worse and worse, to the point that I can barely get from the living room to the bathroom without walking into walls and furniture, I went to a third doctor who finally agreed to do bloodwork and an MRI. I haven't gotten the results of my bloodwork yet, and my MRI is tomorrow afternoon.

Mostly, I just want some opinions as to what this could be. Degenerative disorders are at the top of my list of things I'm worried about. At this point, I would actually welcome a hypothyroidism diagnosis.

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4 Replies:

  • Maybe it's a lack of vitamin B12 ...
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  • Maybe it's a lack of vitamin B12 ...I am having alot of the same symptoms as you are experiencing. I was tested for many things. Lyme disease, MS, Porphyria to name a few. Do you have any children?
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  • I`m afraid you`re right,it sounds like a Neurological condition.See a Neurologist!
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  • Ck out Vit B12 deficiency (PernicuousAnemia),involves the digestive system,and in some health cond...not treatable by oral B12 med,SOME may need mo. B12 inj. NOTE also, this Vit Def is not at all the same as anemia.LABS for Vit D3&4,esp if:Low exp to sunshine, and if elevated calcium level over several years. If low Vit D's- Learn about Hyperparathyroidism(Parathyroid glands) At least you are honest, as I smoke cigs too.Don't be afraid, empower yourself with knowledge and yourwillingness to learn and "it" will & does get better!...Good luck...
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