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Can't get a diagnosis- pneumonia & GI complaints

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • November 5, 2006
  • 05:18 PM

In August, I had almost 2 weeks of having 4-5 bowel movements a day (soft stool, not very loose) and just feeling fatigued. This started about 3 days after eating shellfish at a buffet (which may be coincidental). The fatigue lasted about 4 weeks, and then suddenly I was coughing like crazy. My doctor diagnosed bronchitis and gave me Levaquin 500 mg daily, for 7 days. The cough got worse, to the point that I couldn't catch my breath and was often choking. Though I didn't have a fever, my symptoms worsened- mostly the cough, but fatigue and just feeling miserable, plus I literally "gurgled" and was constantly short of breath. I have had pneumonia about 10 times since I was a child, so I called my doctor to ask about a chest xray, which he then ordered. He also gave me Levaquin again, this time 750 mgs for 5 days. Chest xray showed right lower lobe pneumonia and a left lower lobe infiltrate, and a nodule on my left lower lobe. Subsequent CT scan showed the nodule was "probably" (their word!) benign, plus I have a small hiatal hernia. My symptoms did not get better, and I was then given Augmentin-- 2000 mg twice a day for 10 days. During this time I coughed so hard I felt something "pop" in my back, and had another chest xray as my doctor suspected a broken rib or 2. The ribs were not broken. Though my cough has decreased in frequency and severity, it still has not stopped totally. I have that deep, rolling, froggy cough. During all this time, sputum has been either deep yellow or light green. Right now, in addition to the cough, I have a bad pain in the area of both left and right bottom ribcage and just underneath those areas. When I lay on either side, it is quite painful and almost feels like I am laying on a lump. It is probably just a coincidence that my GI problems were so closely followed by respiratory problems, but it makes me wonder if I could have picked up some sort of fluke (from the shellfish) that may have initially caused GI problems and then migrated to the lungs. My doctor has done no labwork and scoffed at my concerns about the GI stuff being related. Any suggestions as to what might be causing this ongoing rib/lung pain? I have been sick now for almost 3 full months-- and I have had less than 5 sick days n the past 20 years.

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  • I was once diagnosed with a strep infection that first manifested itself with GI symptoms fever,diarrhea and finally I developed severe strep tonsilitis and had to be hopitalized. Sonds like you need to be also. Just a Thought?
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • November 6, 2006
    • 02:49 AM
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