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can't get a diagnosis but something is wrong

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 5, 2007
  • 06:53 AM

i was wondering if anyone here would take a look and give me opinions on what you think. i have seen many doctors but i can't get a diagnosis of what is wrong. first, a little background:

i have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) with Insulin Resistance. i am overweight and have been since my early 20's, but i weigh the most now than i ever have. i have had one surgery to remove dermoid tumors off both ovaries in 2000 and i have had 3 pregnancies and 3 c-sections since then with the removal of another dermoid tumor off one ovary along with my baby last june.

i also have a nodule on my thyroid and it was last checked dec 2005 at 7MM. i don't have insurance right now and can't get it checked yet, as i have other more important issues since it isn't big enough to biopsy. my thyroid blood levels are always in the normal range, though more on the hyper side. during my last pregnancy, i did have abnormal ranges, towards hyper, but they normalized within a couple of months. but i do have alot of the symptoms of thyroid problems yet my blood levels are always normal, so i don't get treated. but i do have a diagnosis of a uninodular thyroid.

i am also seeing a lung specialist as nodules were found in both lungs in a ct scan that also located the dermoid tumor on my ovary before my last pregnancy. so far, the nodules are staying stable and no diagnosis is being made. but i also have symptoms of sarcoidosis.

current medications i am taking:
lo ovral birth control pill
prenatal vitamins
zoloft for anxiety and panic disorder that developed after the 1st c-section
wellbutrin XL for depression, mainly PPD
hydroxyzine as needed for all over body itching

current symptoms that i am experiencing now after my 3rd baby was born:

constant all over body itching, sometimes a rash but it doesn't itch. my skin just itches and it takes the hydroxyzine a while to work. my doctor never could tell me why i was itching and did no blood tests.

major major fatigue, and it is not just from taking care of my 3 kids. it could be partly related to PPD, but it is the worst it has ever been. i just feel exhausted all the time and all i want to do is lay down and sleep. doctors have never been able to tell me why i suffer from it so bad. other than saying i need to lose weight.

weight gain in spite of no appetite. i basically just snack all day. sometimes i get 2 meals a day, sometimes i get 1 meal a day, and sometimes i don't eat a meal at all during the day. i just don't care for food anymore. i have no taste for it or desire for it. by the way i eat, i should be losing weight but i am not. this could also be related to the insulin resistance. i am not currently taking metformin as i was before this last pregnancy. mainly because i can't find a doctor to prescribe it for me, and it helps me get pregnant when i am not ready, lol. i am also retaining fluid alot. tried aldactone for that but it didn't help much.

sometimes my arms and hands go numb and tingly. and sometimes my legs and feet do as well. not sure if this is related to being overweight, or the swelling that i experience. my doctor could also not tell me why i keep retaining fluid.

that pretty much covers it. someone had mentioned to me that i could have a problem with my lymph drainage system but i don't know. i have been tested for lupus in 2005 and it was negative. i really have lost alot of faith in doctors because i can't get anyone to help me find out what is wrong and is causing these problems. i am usually too tired to excersise and so losing weight is hard. plus being overweight to begin with makes excersising hard. i keep saying i am going to start walking, but i am just too fatigued to do it.

if anyone has any insight on these issues, i would greatly appreciate your response. i have not been diagnosed with any type of cancer pertaining to my lung nodules cause they are too small to biopsy, so they are just watching them. oh, i do have some axillary nodes enlarged in my neck area that were noted on the ct scan report from november, but the radiologist who read the prints said they were not important. but to me, everything that is found is important,lol. thanks for anything anyone can offer.

i wish you all wellness and happiness.

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  • Have you done low carb? It was the only thing that helped my terrible PCOS....the newest miracle though is Byetta! It is amazing. (taken along with Glucophage) You are headed for Diabetes...I got it at 43 because of the PCOS. Eat only low glysemic foods...no sugar!! Sugar and simple carbs is the worst thing ever for this condition. Also I think any pharmacuitical hormones are a BIG mistake and cause more weight gain...esp. birth control pills and clomid (for infertility) which made me gain 100 pounds in one year!!! I do the bio-identical progesterone cream now. Take lots of magnesium and b-vitamins and alpha lipoc acid, and no caffeine. Also avoid things like Prednasone at all cost if possible! I gained 50 pounds in 4 months on it when they used it to treat a weird lung condition that caused me to get Pleural Effusions. The steroids didn't help the lung problem, and the 50 pounds refuses to come off now! I also have terrible hair loss, and body hair. Very depressing!! My doc gives me "Omacor" for my hair and to lower high triglycerides and cholesterol. A diabetes specialist helps more than a gynacologist...I have done the rounds and the best help comes from a woman in Fort Collins, CO named Nikki Carter at "Three Peaks" Integrative Medicine. PCOS is not a problem of the ovaries! It is a blood sugar disorder. Treat that and your symptoms will be lessened or disappear altogether! I still have symptoms like I said, only they are not as bad on low carbs. Good luck!! Andrea
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    • January 6, 2007
    • 11:54 PM
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  • thank you Andrea. i am not currently doing low carb, but i have done it before. i actually saw no help while doing it. my problem is that i do have a very high fasting insulin level but my fasting blood glucose is always normal. and i didn't get gestational diabetes either, which i am thankful for. being pregnant actually helped my body alot, lol. i agree with the BCPs. but i really need them now for contraceptive reasons and to prevent anymore dermoid tumors from forming until i decide if i want another child or not. but i do hate taking them. but the depo shot isn't right for me, and i don't like the IUDs or the ring. the added estrogen is a problem. but hopefully by the end of this year i can decide what i will do. but i do thank you very much. and i wish you all the best with your treatments as well.
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    • January 8, 2007
    • 10:33 PM
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