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Can't focus, twitching, pressure on the roof of the mouth

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  • Posted By: agnieszk
  • June 19, 2013
  • 07:06 PM

I'm a 19 year old female.
I've been dealing with chronic hyperventilation syndrome for almost a year, but I only discovered that that's what it was in March, and by that time it was really bad. I found a Buteyko breathing teacher who was able to help and it improved a lot since then, but around a month ago I started getting strange symptoms. My brain would feel really numb, I couldn't keep still and focus on anything because I would start twitching or shaking. And i mean literally anything, not just the kind of things you need concentration for - I couldn't even lie down, close my eyes and focus on my my breathing. I couldn't sleep, I would take ages for me to fall asleep and once I did I would wake up a lot and the sleep would be really shallow.
When I was hyperventilating I would often forcefully try to suppress the breathing, which would create pressure on my head and on the roof of my mouth, but it wouldn't bother me because at least I could concentrate and breathe less. Now, when I try concentrating, all I can feel is the pressure on the roof of my mouth, so I though maybe I strained some muscles so much that even with the slightest effort of keeping still and keeping composure of my head, the muscles feel overworked hence the pressure on the roof of my mouth. However, I asked a doctor and he said it's not possible, and also that if for example I had popped a vessel in my brain, my blood pressure would change and my blood pressure was normal. The other thing that the doctor checked where my heart and lungs and my reflexes which were all normal. He prescribed me magnesium and some herbal thing to sleep and said it was stress related but I don't believe that, I've had those symptoms non-stop for a month and it's hard for me to believe that stress could cause something this serious. Besides, I had been told the same stress thing before I self-diagnosed myself with hyperventilation, so it just seems to me like the kind of thing doctor say when they don't know what it is.
Now, around the same time that I started getting those symptoms I also started getting off Tegretol that I was taking for epilepsy. I thought that could have cause the symptoms but now I've been back on Tegretol for 2-3 weeks and I don't feel any better. I also had an EEG done to see if there were any changes but it came back normal. I only felt slightly better at first because the Tegretol made me drowsy which helped me sleep.
Right now the pressure on the roof of my mouth feels really strong and is constant, I can also feel some pressure on the bones in my nose. I have trouble opening my mouth wide, chewing, speaking, smiling. A thing that might be important is that for over a month I've been chewing gum every day (it helped me with the breathing) so maybe that contributed. I stopped a few days ago but so far it hasn't changed anything. In fact, it has gotten worse, now I feel the pressure with the tiniest efforts and it's impossible for me to do literally anything without putting pressure on the roof of my mouth.
The past three days my nose has been running (for the past few months I've been getting some kind of an allergic reaction whenever I'm back home, it feels a bit like hay fever but I'm not sure what causes it) which makes the pressure on the nose even worse. It made me think that maybe I've been having a sinus infection - I haven't been getting a running or stuffed nose earlier but I've had drainage down my throat. Could a sinus infection be causing such symptoms? Right now my only guesses are either this or some complications of hyperventilation. I took my doctor's word that I don't need a brain scan so I hope he's right and that it's not anything more serious.. Has anyone had similar symptoms?

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