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Can't find what is wrong with my sister! Please help!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 17, 2008
  • 03:35 AM

My 21 year old sister has been experiencing heavy fatigue and a swollen lymph node the last couple of months. A week ago she was simply standing up and suddenly had severe pain in her sciatic nerve, then passed out and went unconscious for several minutes. She woke up very confused and not remembering anything except for the pain in her sciatic nerve. She has never experienced any kind of back pain so we know she does not have sciatica. Now she is experiencing severe headaches and EXTREME sensitivity to sound. She has also mentioned tingling in her face and neck stiffness. She has been to several doctors that have just ran blood tests and have found nothing. I think she needs a CAT scan. I have no idea if these symptoms have any relation to each other but she knows and I know something is wrong with her. Does she need a CAT scan? Can anyone give me an idea of what this could be? Thank you!!!!!!!!

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  • It could be that she had an infection, licked it, and now there is postinfectious sciatca. (Yes, it *could* be sciatica, BTW). Here's a case report: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/9747106 Sorry there's not much out there on this.
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  • Has she been to a neurologist? Had tests for Lyme disease? A CAT scan might help, at least if you don't find the answer you know some of what it is NOT.
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  • Hi, Blaze, what is ES? Thanks. Marionstar
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  • It could be that she had an infection, licked it, and now there is postinfectious sciatca. (Yes, it *could* be sciatica, BTW). Here's a case report: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/9747106 Sorry there's not much out there on this. This is a possibility. Lyme is another possibility - get tested thru Bowen or Igenex labs as they are the most reliable for Lyme. Either way I would suggest trying acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine or a good naturopath. Acupuncture is brilliant for sciatica, and if you find one with certification in Chinese herbal medicine it can help with deeply lodged viral or bacterial lingering infections. Best wishesDOM
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  • One thought i've got is that she could have a form of meningitis... stiff neck, extreme sensitivity to sound and headache brought that to mind. Many years ago.. a friends child had meningitis and we didnt know she had it until she went unconscious and we had to rush her to hospital. "Severe headache is the most common symptom of meningitis (87 percent) followed by nuchal rigidity ("neck stiffness", found in 83%). The classic triad of diagnostic signs consists of nuchal rigidity (being unable to flex the neck forward), sudden high fever and altered mental status. All three features are present in only 44% of all cases of infectious meningitis. Other signs commonly associated with meningitis are photophobia (inability to tolerate bright light), phonophobia (inability to tolerate loud noises), irritability and delirium (in small children) and seizures (in 20-40% of cases). In infants (0-6 months), swelling of the fontanelle (soft spot) may be present." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meningitis ................................ You say she has severe fatigue, headaches, noise intollerance and a swollen lymph node. chronic fatigue syndrome commonly presents like that and cause all kinds of other symptoms (including unconsciousness in some)... but at this point i think it's too early to go thinking she could have something like that, so it's probably not worth even mentioning to her at this point (just posting this in case you find she hasnt got a diagnoses in several mths time and doctors are at a complete loss).
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  • The lymph node swelling shows the body is actually trying to fix the problem. Also - in this day and age when our food is so impure the lymph system easily gets clogged - lymphatic drainage massage really fixes this problem. The symptoms sound like migraine related and at her age I bet she has a food allergy/allergies that she is not aware of. I am much older than your sister but I have experienced similar symptoms. I discovered a fantastic chiropractic approach known as Bio-Cranial treatment - you can find a practitioner through the Bio-cranial website. I would also encourage your sister to go and see an excellent naturopath who can test her for allergies. Typical allergies that bring on migraine symptoms are chocolate and two much sugar in the diet. Doctors (I have found) will always test (at great expense) for the worst first (that's their job) but they do not have a complete knowledge of the body. I don't think she needs a CT scan. Even if they find something like acute sinus problems that cause the headaches they won't know how to get to the cause - a good Naturopath will.Good luck!
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  • Check out http:www.lymenet.orgShe could have a another tick infection or a mycroplasma infection. ~~JerseyLymie
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