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can't figure out diagnosis

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 21, 2011
  • 07:40 PM

i started having lower back pains over a month ago. it was going down into my legs/feet mainly my right one. my leg either throbbed, became tingly, then eventually went numb. only if i sat for a long period of time. i hardly felt pain in my buttocks only slightly on the ride side. if i was standing there was no lower back pain but more my hip area. now if i sat first then stood my lower back hurt for a few minutes. it evenutally stopped though. going from a laying down position to a standing position there was no lower back pain. lower back pain only started slightly if i stood for awhile usually over an hour. laying to standing caused no pain in my lower back at all. the only time my lower back hurt was when sitting was involved somehow or i bent over. laying down on my back did not hurt my back at all. it started to hurt my legs both of them. so i ended up having to bend one to the side to sleep. sleeping on my sides hurt my legs and whole back. ive never been comfortable sleeping on my stomach either so i didn't bother trying. i have not been in any accidents or had any traumas. i haven't done any unusual bending or twisting, just my same routine. my life is pretty normal/average. i work at a sit down job. i sit all day at a desk 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. that hasn't been going so well with all this going on.
i've been doing physical therapy for 2 weeks now. we do stretches with laying down. last time i went, my therapist massaged a muscle in my buttocks on the right side. he said it was really tight/a knot. afterwards, we then tried to get me to sit for 30 minutes with a lumbar roll. i was hesitant but able to without ANY pain. since that day with the massage/elbowing of my buttocks on right side, i was able to sit only for 20 minutes then pain started in lower back again and went down the leg/feet still mainly on right side. trying to sit now, all the pain is back just as before after 5 minutes. i feel with sitting i'm back at square 1. i don't sit if i don't have to. i'm still in slight pain going from sitting to standing in lower back. when i stand now the pain is in my right hip. the medication i've been put on is lessening the pain alot but it is still there. i still have to sleep on my back with a leg bent though. that hasn't changed with the medications. it still hurts just as bad as before meds to lay on my sides. xrays came back normal. my mri is scheduled this week. i don't think anything will be found there. my doctor says that is semi good though. it will show us what it isn't but i want to know what exactly is going on. i thought i was making progress with physical therapy and being able to sit there. i was wrong.

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