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Can't climb steps, get out of chairs HELP!

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  • Posted By: dlwaddell
  • November 18, 2006
  • 03:03 PM

I'm 41 years old. I have been extrememly heavy over the years - over 325 just a year ago. I am now down to 245 and still loosing, but the issues that started my weight lose plan have not subsided.
I'm not really sure where it all started. I know I had been able to climb steps only twelve years ago without holdingn on to rails...now I can't even step up on a curb if it's higher than a couple of inches. I worked upstairs in an elevated (above the warehouse) office for about a year. My job was to on a regular basis collect scrap tickets from the warehosue floor. I probably went up and down those steps a dozen or so times in a night. I weighed around 260-270 then. After a while my left knee joint began to ache and became inflamed. I didn't have insurance so didn't go to the doctor right away. Just iced it, favored it and kept going. When i did get insuracnce I went, he said it was inflammed from the weight, suggested I loose weight, gave me strengthening exercising to do...that i didnt' do it hurt too much. About six months later i began to notice the weakness in getting up, climbing steps...anything that was getting up or lifting me up. Within a year I couldn't climb a step without a rail, and couldnt' get out of chairs without leaning forward and letting my hips do the lifting. I gained another fifty pounds or so just do to depression and the inability to get around. When I began loosing the weight I began a search as to why I couldn't do what I needed to. I have been to chiropractors, physical therapist, trainers, orthopedicist, and a neurologist. They ran MRI, Nerve tests, X-Rays of my spine, tried every strenthgening exercise they could come up with and i could do...then I lost my job, had no insurance again and they in the six months they had been trying to 'help' me had found nothing to explain my problems.
Here is what my limitations are:
CAn not climb steps unless I lead with left leg and push to the side...one leg at a time...can not step striaght up.
Can only get up out of any kind of chair by leaning forward and either 'climbing' up my thighs or pushing on a flat surface in front of me
I can not pick up anything and stand up holding it. It's like the muslces in my abdomen will not push in conjunction with my back muscles pulling.
When I lay on my back I can only left both my legs at the same time about two inches off the floor and that's only with great strain on my back.
I ride a recumbant bike every other day for 30 minutes, but get frustrated with that because of the weakness in my legs. I quite literally pray through the whole workout and I'm only running about 10mph.
Any strength training exercise I find shows squats and kneebends and if I tried those I'd be on the floor in an instant.
It takes little for me to fall. I hit the back of my left knee with a clothes hamper the other day and it was only the grace of God that kept me on my feet...I staggered and my legs wanted to collaspe. I even fell going up the steps the other day...my knee just literally gave and i had no strenght to keep mysefl up. Now I have a lovely bruise on my shin and my knee is stiff and sore where it pulled so tight.
I am so tired and frustrated with this problem. I keep looking on the web but find nothing to help and no one. I am 41...not 71 I want to be able to run and climb steps and go horse back riding and four wheeling again.
CAn anyone help me?:confused: Please!!!

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  • Oh, Deanna!!First, dont put anymore strain on your knees at all, really baby them at the moment and support them by binding if you have to. Your knees are damaged from years of weight baring. ANY exercise for the knees at present is not helping but harming. And seeing no progress with them is only going to make you more depressed about it all. I know how you feel. I am not overly heavy but have many of your problems due I have a connective tissue disorder called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome EDS Type III, and for me i lost the ability to run without spraining my ankles at nine years of age, and now at the age of 37 my knees have had it and now nearly all my other joints collepse under weight baring, there is no exercise i can do apart move my body so it doesn't seize up. At the moment I am alternating between zipping around in a manual wheelchair to get a bit of exercise.I have been struggling with stair for years, I lean on walls to get me up there safely and love the sight of a hand rail and take care not to sprain my wrist using them. And notice markably the presence the availability of any toilet that is higher than everage. :-)Anyway, back to you. Your weight looks like you are a candidate for Syndrome X www.womentowomen.com will help you with a good diet that will have the pounds drop off you.Due to your weight you have lost all knowledge of how to use you muscles and which ones. I am thin and didn't know how to use mine due to the hyper mobility of my body (double jointed). Most people don't know how to use their muscles properly, look how many hunched over people you see who are as thin as twigs. You need to see a one on one pilates instructor or a practicer of Alexander technique who can show you how to turn on muslces (this is a very hard thing to do so it needs perseverance and a lot of patience), how best to walk, stand and get up.All the best. I know how hard it is to turn to the fridge for comfort. I am a comfort eater and it takes an iron will.Take lifts, anything that will rest your knees and don't feel bad about it. You need to know your limitations and not compare what you used to do with what you can do now. agapesearchingsam.
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