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Can't breathe!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 6, 2009
  • 11:56 AM

Well that got your attention!

This problem first started just before Christmas when I was doing some decorating for a family member. I seemed to always wake up with a blocked nose and I felt pressure in my ears and kept getting pressure headaches.

I assumed that all of the dust had caused an allergic reaction and the problem would go away once I finished with the decorating and left it at that.

About 2 weeks after Christmas I noticed a huge yellow lump under one of my Tonsils (and it looks like my tonsil has been mutilated or something, almost like someone has sliced it into 3). I tried to make an appointment with the Doctor as I assumed this was the start of Tonsilitis, but despite several attempts could not get seen, so I gave up.

Then 3 weeks ago I got a terrible sore throat and managed to get an appointment with the Doctor. By this time my nose was constantly bunged up and I was getting frequent earaches. She took a quick look in my ear and proclaimed nothing was wrong, but prescribed antibiotics for the sore throat.

After a 5 day course of Penicillin the sore throat (and all the white patches that came with it) dissapeared, but the large yellow lump is still there and my ears/nose are worse than ever. The problem is preventing me from sleeping - every time I lay down my nose completely blocks and the feeling causes me to panic (I don't know why). Again I have tried to get an appointment with the Doctor and again I haven't been able to get one.

Does anyone have an idea of what this is, so that when I finally do manage to see her again she won't be able to fob me off by saying that nothing is wrong? I should explain that you can't make advance appointments to see my Doctor, you have to call up at 8am and get one for the same day (by 8.05 they are all gone). You have to be pretty lucky when you call because so many people phone in that most of the time you can't even get in the call queue.

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  • Can you go to another doctor?the mass really needs to be checked.
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  • In the UK you sign up to a Doctors surgery and are stuck with that group of Doctors until you go and register somewhere else (and they will usually have strict geographic limits and a waiting list). Whilst I have a particular Doctor that I see, there are others available in that surgery - the problem is getting an appointment with them. I keep calling to see if there are any cancellations, but so far no luck. I tried a nasal rinse to see if I could clear my nose a bit, but it has just given me ear pain so I think I will forget that one.
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  • I sort of knew that but wasn't sure of the details.That's too bad.
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  • First of all, I wouldn't be too worried about what's going on, it is perfectly normal. Your sinuses are draining into your ears. The doctor can't see anything b/c they are limited to your outer & middle ear only. I would be more concerned as to why you are congested like that - possibly it is a dust allergy. To be on the safe side, I would go to see an allergist all the same & get patch tested - it can't hurt. I, personally, am severely allergic to household dust & dust mites - though I get massive hives & swell beyond recognition. Maybe try a decongestant in the meantime - that should do the trick to dry you up - maybe some Actifed if you don't have a problem w/ it. If it is an allergy, try picking up an over the counter like Zyrtec - they do have 5 day sample packs you can purchase to see if they do the trick as well. All the same, go to an allergist - you might be surprised what you're reacting to.As far as the white throat - bad news since it is strept. I would go to a different doctor & get seen to also be on the safe side. One note to make for everyone - ALWAYS GET TREATED FOR STREPT!!! w/ antibiotics! What people don't realize, is that it is a very nasty bacteria that will stay in your body for an indefinite period of time IF NOT TREATED & may also possibly kill you - under those circumstances. Over time, it has the potential to eventually travel to your lungs/ heart when NOT treated. Though rare, I did have a very good friend that died of congestive heart failure due to exactly that - which they found in the autopsy . . . he was only 40. SO ALWAYS GET STREPT TREATED MEDICALLY!!!Anyhow, your dr. did put you on a round of anti-biotics, which is good. I didn't know that they used Penicillin anymore, but if it worked, great. If not, I would suggest you see another dr. and get treated w/ a 10 day course of the Z-pak (Azithromycin), which is the latest & greatest antibiotic that wipes out almost everything.As for the yellow . . . yellow signifies infection. It may very well be going along w/ your strept throat & possible drainage from your sinuses (does it also have a yellow tinge when you blow it?) Antibiotics should take care of it all. But if you wanted to also be on the safe side there as well, I would go to see a specialist in the area of Ear, Nose & Throat - since they are all interconnected. They will definitely be able to tell you what's going on & appropriately treat you for everything. I am not a big fan of generalized practitioners, myself. If there is something wrong w/ a specific system, I always go to a specialist - since they are experts in that specific field & have seen more than their fair share of cases & know what to do w/out even thinking about it.Well, I hope this helps you out somewhat & lessens any worries. I highly advocate anyone having a problem that is getting treated & the treatment not working (or doctor being a 'weenie' for lack of a better term) to ALWAYS get a second opinion. Doctors are human too & can make mistakes too - 2 doctor opinions will at least give you a chance to receive an unbiased opinion & possibly catch whatever the 1st one may have missed/ disregarded.
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  • Where in the U.K. do you live?My dad was there during W.W.2.What was the saying you Brits came up with?Was it that the Americans were overpaid,over-sexed,and over there?Too,one of my dad's G.I. buddies met and married a woman from Manchester.Years later my dad and Mr.Cheek worked at the same school in Texas and lived only 12 miles apart.My dad's middle name was Bedford,but I don't know if it was for Bedford,England or not.
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  • Hey Richard, just found you can add people to an ignore list on your profile. Then none of their posts appear. Ace! mOt, I live in UK (and work in NHS). You do not have to see the same doctor every time. You can request a different one when you ring for your appointment. Also, there are some excellent NHS walk in centres where you don't need an appointment, you just walk in! Look here:http://www.nhs.uk/servicedirectories/Pages/ServiceSearch.aspx?ServiceType=WalkInCentre&WT.srch=1 I thought walk in centres were for minor injuries because they didn't have doctors? The problem at my doctors is that it seems like quite a few of the doctors have left, so theres not enough to go round.
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  • Sounds like liver issues to me, if you drink you may want to quit for a while.
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  • Sounds like liver issues to me, if you drink you may want to quit for a while. I don't drink because alcohol gives me migraines.
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  • I don't drink because alcohol gives me migraines. Well the breathing and panicking part sounds like something I had and the fact that alcohol gives you migraines sounds similiar too, so I know how annoying it can be. Just want to give you my theory, you can try it and if it helps it helps if it doesn't I don't think you have anything to loose. Do you know if you have issues with calcium? You can try a calcium/magnesium supplement and see if you get relief. I take Citrical. Hope you get better, take care.
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  • Blaze,how can you proove that you've got electromagnetic sensitivity?What objective test actually prooves it beyond a reasonable doubt?And I don't count that meter thing you have as proof of your alleged illness.And if it's because you say you have it,that doesn't count. She should be removed, trying to make everyone parnoid like that.
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  • Hi .some time back,i had a problem that i could not breath ,the deeper i took a breath the less i could breath.the doctor put me on a machine ,blocked my nose and put a pipe in my mouth .to tell the amount of air i was inhaillig .it turend out i was under sterss and found it caused a breathing problem .i got some carmming pills and in just a day or 2 the breathing was ok .hope this will help you in some way
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  • Right, just got back from the doctor. Had to see the same one again because that was the only appointment available. She couldn't see the white/yellow lump under my tonsil (despite it being the size of one of my back teeth) until I borrowed her light and showed her in her mirror. Even then she didn't think it meant anything. She did give me a steriod nose spray to try and reduce my sinus inflammation, and has sent me for Full Blood Count and Glandular Fever (Mono) tests. I have to say I am once again not entirely filled with confidence.
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  • electromagnetic sensitivity!! LOL!
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  • electromagnetic sensitivity! LOL!
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  • electromagnetic sensitivity! LOL! Lol...........:eek:
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  • electromagnetic sensitivity! LOL! If all this really were cause by the small amount of electromagnetic radiation from the computers/phones etc, then I must be really sensitive to it. In that case I would have to wonder why I didn't end up dead from 45 minutes in an MRI machine a few years back....
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  • Sometimes tonsils develop pockets which collect food and cellular debris. Most people don't like the taste but some feel like something is gagging them. There are many threads on this web-site about that problem. Mostly though, it's give yourwself extremely good tooth care. Could your dentist take a look at your mouth? To unclog a nostril on a short-term basis, trty a nasal spray such as Afrin but don't use it for more than three days. If it didn't work, it would be a significant clue to a good doctor.
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  • I am a nurse and I currently work in an accident and emergency department but will soon commence a new job in a walk in centre.When I wear my 'non nhs employee' hat I have to stress that not all gp's are experts and it is quite frightening sometimes some of the stories you hear on what get's missed (I have personal experience of this) and i guess this site would be obsolete if not the case!It really is a matter of luck which gp surgery you get allocated and unlike our American cousins we are not afforded the opportunity to self refer to ENT specialists unless we pay through the nose (excuse the pun!) privately and quite frankly why should we when we all deserve excellent free nhs care so......1. I would suggest insisting you are referred to an ENT specialist and use the choose and book system to get the higher rated specialists at the better hospitals in your region this sometimes means you have to wait a little longer on the list but at least you know a dr high in his field of expertise is seeing you. with regards getting an appointment there is always space for an 'emergency' use your nounce!2. Go to a walk in centre, you don't have anything to loose, you can 'pop' in during your lunch break and if we do anything in there it is look at throats/tonsils! 3. (don't ever tell anyone i suggested this as I would be excommunicated by my collegues!) go to a good A+E (preferably not a district general but university hospital) am i recollecting correctly you are in manchester? therefore manchester royal infirmary, salford royal or even Oldham as these hold the cities ENT specialists and so an A+E Dr or nurse practitioner can refer you directly rather than sending you away with a letter suggesting your gp refer to them. as mentioned earlier by another the 'lump' needs exploring penicillin V is a great ENT antibiotic and maybe you just need another course, but at the end of the day it isn't normal and you deserve answers. a gp is a highly trained Dr, in A+E they are generally junior and intraining obviously registras and consultants work shop floor, but as a general rule your GP is the first port of call and you must have faith in them, if you get a significant diagnosis from another practitioner which proves your gp wrong you must change practices there are some excellent gp's out there. I wish you luck x
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