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Can anyone help me with my back?

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  • Posted By: cdemoreta
  • January 26, 2009
  • 09:09 PM

Pain in mid/upper right side of back. Hurts when I breathe in deep. I can't stand/sit for long periods of time without it hurting.

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  • Thank you for trying to help. The pain in back when I breathe happened couple times in early teenage years. But then in July 2003 at the age of 23 while turning a patient I felt something pop in back. MY work sent me to their WC Dr and for 8 months he told me it was muscle spasms and strains. After pain getting intolerable I went to another family Dr who then referred me to a Neurosurgen. They did more films and said it was herniated disc(L4-L50 and Degenerative disc(S-1) causing the pain. That Neurosurgen then referred me to another Neurosurgeon that was involved in a research on Artificial Disc Repacement. I went to see him they did more films and concluded that yes it was because of a herniated disc and because I had degeneration and POSSIBLE PARS DEFECT in other discs we should have surgery to fix it. THESE were my options...1.BE in PAIN.. 2.Be apart of the research and have the Artificial Disc Replacement since the Dr involved with the research said I was a candidate. or 3.Have the fusion later but because of my young age and the decrease of mobility he didn't suggests it NOW.. So I went with the ADR because I was tired of being in pain everyday for 2 years. I had the surgery in December 2005. I thought it worked for 1st month or so but then heard the disc grinding and making noises when I would sit, turn, twist, walk etc...No pain with the grinding just pain when i would walk, sit, or stand for more than 45 min. The worst thing is that it would hurt when I would breathe in. THIS Dr who performed my surgery said that based on what he could seee nothing was wrong with the disc and he was referring me back to the family Dr for pain managment. I tried that from 2006 to present being "doped" up on medication but still in pain. I became depressed and withdrawn from family and friends and things that were important to me. So last year I decicded to come off of meds. Im still on 1 but i try to take only 1 time a day and its only 10mg which i went from 120 mg twice a day to this. I know that because I am not on the strong meds I am going to feel everything but its better than feeling unmotivated and depressed from all meds. ANYWAYS thats why i am here because it hurts when I breathe in deep kind of below rib cage and lower on right side. Now I am noticing that it hurts on left a little as well. Liver function tests were fine. Thyroid was low but retested and its good now. The Neurosurgeon did Total body bone scan in November. They also did MRI and the Dr said there was a pars defect fracture. HOWEVER this was on my inital films before surgery and this surgery still didn't fix it. NOW that DR says that the PARS DEFECT was a contraindication for having the ADR. SO now what do I do? I am tired of being in pain. I want someone to find the problem and treat it. I am wondering after looking online why noone ever thought to look at kidneys or pancreas or even gallbladder. When i ws in Las Vegas I ended up in emergency room for stomach pain..they said it was ovarian cysts. Got back home and they did follow up and said from pap smear it looked to be abnormal. DID COLPO and during the exam while in room the DR noticed some dark areas on cervix. 6 weeks later she called me at 10pm at home and told me I had cervial cancer. I then went to a gyno oncologist who did a colpo and gave me the results that NO it was not cancer and it was just abnomral cells. Ever since the back surgery and then VEgas incident i have noticed that i have severe cramps before a bowels movement. The same gyno dr did ultrasaound of pelvic area and said it looked to be endometriosis.. THen had the D/C and still cramps are there and yes I still hurt when i breathe in. Im sorry to ramble and i know its scattered but i wanted to make sure they are not related. I'm hoping its not my lungs...But from what i read it looks to be renal, kidney, SOD with gallbladder, or even pancreas. I dont know it may be the fracture but I can't forget that the same pain was there in beginning and after surgery. They also did nerve blocks and steroids. The pain did go away for a day or 2 but then was back. anything you might know would help and thank you for taking the time!
    cdemoreta 1 Replies
    • January 27, 2009
    • 10:05 PM
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  • I/m not really clear as to where exactly you're hurting.Is it at the level of your surgery?Exactly what surgery did yiu have?What level and what was done?
    richard wayne2b 1232 Replies
    • January 27, 2009
    • 10:20 PM
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  • Pain in mid/upper right side of back. Hurts when I breathe in deep. I can't stand/sit for long periods of time without it hurting. Hi there, I was on here reading up about something else when I came across your post and figured I would try and help. I have been a practicing Chiropractor with a Diplomate in Orthopedics for 20 years and have had dozens of patients that came in with very simliar complaints. First off you are one of many people that got caught on the medical merry-go-round. Your doctors all did exactly what they were trained to do. Evaluate you for all possible conditions you may be suffering from and then treating all of them in some way. I read your history and could comment on may different aspects of your case like the pars fracture that is usually something people are born with its called a non union not really a fracture. As for the herniated discs well, those two should be evaluated by a Chiro before surgery is considered. Im going to limit it to the one you posted about. Pain in the right upper back that is increased with breathing. While rarely diagnosed by MDs it is something we see and treat very often in a chiropractic clinic. Its referred to as a rib subluxation. The articulation between the rib and the vertebrae in the mid and upper back is not the most stable and can sometimes be subluxated (less then a dislocation) its a slip of the rib head at the articulation to the vertebrae. This causes pain and a lot of muscle spasm which is why it is often misdiagnosed as a "musle strain". In every case I have ever seen and there have been hundreds in my office alone and your history of the mechanism of injury where you are bent over using upper body muscles to turn a patient twisting your upper back is very common. In every case chiropractic manipluation has given immediate relief after the first adjustment. Depending on how long the rib has been subluxated will determine the integrity of the ligaments that hold it in place so if it has been out for a while it may take a few visits to get it to hold. However, once a rib subluxatres it will always have a weakness at that level of the spine because ligaments when stretched never really return to original length therefor always having a little laxity in them leading to future subluxations. Thes can and should be relieved with chiropractic care. Every Doctor of Chiropractic is trained in the adjustments of not only the spine but the ribs as well as every articulation in the body. So my advice is the same as the person who first responded. Find a good Chiropractor in your area and go in to him with the problem. Ask him if it is in fact a rib. If you want to check it at home what you can do is when the pain is present if you have someone stand behind you and reach around the front like they are hugging you from behind. Have them gently pull back on the rib cage on the side of pain and take a deep breath if it lessens then its pretty much a rib. It is the movement of the rib during breathing while subluxated that produces the pain so stablizing it with this test should reduce pain. Dont rely only on this test unless it is done by a lisenced DC. Best of luck to you,Dr_hands
    Dr_Hands 2 Replies
    • January 28, 2009
    • 07:39 AM
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