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Can Anyone help??? Ive been to the doctors but nothing..

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  • Posted By: montecarlo1905
  • April 6, 2007
  • 01:15 AM


Hello everyone. Im a 20 year old white male. I stand at 6 foot 4 and 220 pounds. Ever since around mid Decmeber of 06 I havent been feeling quite the same. Im normally an energetic person that outgoing, but latley Ive been like a lump on a log. It all started one night where I started feeling ill and was experiencing nauesa, dizziness, deep breathing, and light headedness. That went on and off for another 2-3 weeks and occasionally went away. I was feeling better for some time. But then a new spell of symptoms came. I would feel dizzy, tired, I would have a hard time remembering things, and would have no motivation for anything at all what so ever. I can get a good 8 hours of sleep in at night and still feel exhausted the entire next day. I would get this tingling feeling in my hands and feet. I finally got fed up with feeling like this and went to the docotrs. he did some blood work, tested me for diabetes (runs in my family), anemia, tested my cholesterol level, and everything came back alright. He said I check out fine, but I still feel ill. Can anyone please help me? I want my old life back.


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  • Hi Montecarlo,There are various things it could be. You might consider talking to a neurologist, considering the tingling hands. Also, make sure your doctor checked your thyroid levels. Young men are not commonly afflicted with thyroid problems, but when they get them, they can be missed because they are unusual. Nonetheless, it happens, and needs attention.It does sound like you might have a massively nasty case of depression with a bit of anxiety. People who haven't had it before don't realize that depression can be a disease, and not just a sad reaction to lousy things happening in your life. You don't mention it, but has anything changed with your (please excuse this, but needs asking) bowel movements? Diarrhea or constipation? Or both? Also, did anything change in November or December? Did you move? Change jobs or relationships? Get a new pet or car? Start or stop taking some kind of vitamins or medicine?Feeling bad, and not knowing what it is can tend to leave a person feeling even worse, just for not knowing. Try to get out and do things. If your body isn't up to it, you'll find out, and you can rest. But don't try to avoid activity with the hope that this avoidance will make you feel better. In fact, if you go out and do stuff, and get some reaction from it, that might help your doctor figure out what is wrong. But it is unlikely to cause you to get worse.Best,Shula
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  • Thanks for the reply shula.... I had a relationship end a month or so before hand. The girl I was dating ended up moving and a whole ridiculous situation happenwed . I did consider the depression thing, but I thought that depression and anxiety went away. And yes, my bowel movements did change. This is gonna sound gross but I used to go, well, once a day and now ill go a few days without anything. I hope I didnt gross you or anyone out that came across this. Does bowel movements have anything to do with depression?Thanks againTJ
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  • Dispite the pos test results it could be your thyroid. What "normal" for one person isn't exactly right for the next one. The same goes with Lyme disease, the tests aren't always accurate. Dr's seem to "treat the tests" and not the symptoms, There are many good places on line to get info, do some searches and see where you may fit in. And push the dr into treating you, not the test results. Best wishes ~~Dee
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  • Without a doubt, you have the symptoms of depression. I have been there and am great now. Tell your Dr. exactly what you have told us and he should be able to help you. Good luck.
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  • hey thanks for the help guys. Im going back to the doctor next week and am having him look into the thyroid levels and depression.Thanks again - TJ
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  • There is a difference between being depressed and Depression. Everyone gets depressed when something unfortunate happens and it is perfectly normal. Chronic Depression, the mental illness, is typically defined as depression lasting at least 3 months, and with the symptoms of lethargy, unhappiness, "lack of self-worth" (etc) interfering with the individual's normal lifestyle. Don't just run to the doctor and tell them you have depression because doctors love to perscribe all kinds of medicines and won't hesitate. If you are seriously considering the possibility of Depression, consult with a Psychologist first and see what they think. At worse they will confirm it, at best they'll say you are just going through a rough time in your life. Don't go to a psychiatrist however, as for the most part all they do is perscribe medications. BTW- Did you have a celiac panel? Celiac Disease can actually cause feelings of depression. Did you ever have Mononucleosis? Epstein-Barr Virus can cause extreme fatigue, and is linked to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Also, what kind of testing did your doctor perform for diabetes? You seem to be a bit overweight (unless you exercise and it's muscle) and if diabetes runs in the family, that might be something to do more testing with. If your doctor only ran a fasting glucose test, ask them for a Glucose Tolerance Test- it's far more accurate.
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  • www.ahummingbirdsguide.com all of your symptoms are there...I have the same problems go to symptoms page write down how many you have, if several take info to Dr. with you...print article if you have to...PLEASE check out the site...let me know what you think...mommy cat
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  • If you are seriously considering the possibility of Depression, consult with a Psychologist first and see what they think. At worse they will confirm it, at best they'll say you are just going through a rough time in your life. Don't go to a psychiatrist however, as for the most part all they do is perscribe medications. I absolutely agree! There are many ways to treat depression, and often medication offers a downward spiral and can make things worse - not always, but often. Please look into all options, including therapy and alternative medicine, before resorting to antidepressant meds. Do you still have the occasional nausea after eating? Do you have any epigastric or stomach pain or bloating? Any reflux? Do you get headaches? Do you have a good appetite, or do you skip meals? Do you exercise? Are you thirsty and do you drink lots of water? Depression and fatigue are symptoms of an inbalance, and it could be due to an excess or deficiency condition. If you want to get at the source of all or your symptoms then I suggest trying an alternative approach. A good naturopath or acupuncturist may shed a different light on your illness and offer some solutions to get you back to health. Best wishesDOM
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  • TJ as soon as you visit this site again,pleaas look at the above referenced hummingbird site...it has nothing to do with hummingbirds and everything to do with your illness. Let me know how it goes...mommy cat
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