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Can anybody HELP PLEASE!!

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  • Posted By: wannabehelpd
  • June 15, 2009
  • 03:41 PM

I am a 21 year old college student. I was engaged to be married in July of this year until I found out I had genital warts which i contracted from my ex. soon to have been husband! He was in the army and i guess into other women! I wnt and got the warts removed and didnt have any problems after that for about 6 months! then one day out of the blue I start having discharge ((I have not been sexually active during this time)) I take medicine because i thought it was just a yeast infection! the discharge stops and now every since then I have been having a oder! no discharge, no bleeding, no pains just an oder!! i bath 3 times a day, eat fruits but nothing is stoping the oder! i was told to duche but i am scared that will make it worse!! and unfortnantly I do not have the funds to see a doctor and i dnt have insurance!CAN ANYBODY PLEASE HELP!!!:confused:

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  • Check out this website:http://www.medicinenet.com/vaginal_odor/symptoms.htm
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  • Why are you afraid douching would make this worse? If anything, it will mechanically flush out the overabundence of whatever is causing your problem and give your body a chance to restore the natural balance to your vagina. Choose a lightly mediated douch - some come with a small amount of iodine; others have an additiive you can mix up yourself. Perhaps douching 2 or 3X weekly for a month may be needed if symptoms continue without easing up after the first douches. Try it - you have nothing to lose. If this doesn't help, it's time to visit a doctor.
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  • I believe you are right to avoid the douching idea. Water and other perfumed chemicals are just not going to take the problem away. How about trying acidophillus? It is a naturally great anti-fungal and sometimes yeast or other fungal infections can be nearly impossible to get rid of without it. It cured my son's terrible case of athlete's foot and my husband's case of jock itch. Acidophillus can be found in yogurts or just by itself available in health food stores and is not very expensive. Just take twice as much as is recommended for about a week and then go down to the recommended amount for as long as you want. It can be taken daily always. If there is no improvement in a couple of weeks, you really ought to be seen by a doctor. You don't want to find out too late that you have cancer or something. It could be too late if you keep putting it off. Just try to save up some money and ask friends or relatives to help you to get enough so you can pay your doctor. I have also heard- from my grandmother that you can put some natural plain yogurt on your vagina (just a little bit) each day and that will help with some of these conditions. Never tried it though. Hope you can find a remedy that works!
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  • Studies have shown that BV is more common in women who douche.The normal vagina is self cleansing.Check your vitamin D levels and refer to the very long thread about BV on the share your medical stories page.best wishes.
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  • BUT, we aren't speaking of a NORMAL VAGINA at this point, are we? The idea is to do the least to get the most benefit. Without a physician's diagnosis, continued odor suggests imbalance - there is too much of something and too little of something else. The least offensive action to take without first seeing a physician for a diagnosis is to flush out whatever the contents of the vaginal canal may be - whatever is being oversecreted or undersecreted or growing ... Do this several times - if there is no change I suggested doing this 2 to 3x weekly for a month to give the canal contents a chance to return to normal. This way there won't be any overgrowth of anything present to prevent this return to normal equillibrium. Douches have their place and this case seems to be one of them.
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