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Calf numbness and Pain

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  • Posted By: ihave2dogs
  • July 9, 2009
  • 05:08 AM

I am 20 years old and female. For about 1 1/2 years I have experienced a weird tingling sensation in my calf (nothing at all below the ankle or above the calf and it happens to both legs, but only one at a time).It seems to be brought on by sitting or being in any awkward position like sitting on my knees. The sensation starts out feeling sort of like when your foot falls asleep, followed by a numbness/partial paresthesia feeling where I can't move my leg at all; its like dead weight and if i try to walk on it I just fall over. About 5-10 seconds after the "numb" feeling begins my calf starts to become extremely painful, almost like a burning/pokey knives feeling. From start to finish the symptoms last about 20 secs-1 1/2 minutes. Sometimes this happens to me 3-4+ times a day and sometimes I can go 2 or 3 days with out experiencing anything. These symptoms happen randomly throughout the day and don't seem to be connected with any specific time of day.

During the past few weeks my feet, and calves especially, both seems to be very achy. If the usual tingly/numb/pain symptom doesn't occur, its because now if I am any any position besides standing my calves get numb very easily, but not to the point where I can't use them and they ache and have a tingly feeling to them. It is very hard because the only position that seems to relieve this new feeling is hard because my legs feel so weak and achy.

One last thing. I never told my doctors this because I figured it was irrelevant, (until I saw this site and how so many symptoms can be connected) is that my feet, legs, and hands are very sensitive to the cold. This doesn't seem to trigger any symptoms, but I feel like it may be something significant. I usually where long sleeve shirts or sweaters with jeans in the summer and like the house temperature at least at 72 degrees so that i can walk around the house without a sweater on (even though I still get cold if I don't have a long sleeve shirt and long pants on). I also have trouble getting into any pools, even heated ones because I can't take the cold. My hands, feet, and sometimes legs are even cold to the touch. In the winter I even have to wear mittens around my house. This may be due to something entirely different then the previous symptoms, so if there is something that could explain the sensitivity to cold without being connected to the other stuff please share.

So far I have been to both a neurologist, a spine specialist, and a family doctor(for normal blood values). Al the tests that they did including a dull spinal MRI, testing for intermittent claudication, brain function and nerve testing, and blood flow/pulse all seem to be normal.

Please help with any information you have. I appreciate it more than you could know!

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