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Butt infection and skin discoloration

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  • Posted By: quickguide90012
  • May 13, 2009
  • 01:04 AM

Hey again. I just want to rant right now so if you dont want to listen it is fine. I'm male Asian 22-23 years .

A few years ago i noticed my butt cheeks turned black. It is not my whole butt though but a very good portion. I am Asian so our skin tends to be yellowish. I noticed this maybe 2 years ago? I never did anything because i hoped it would go away. I didn't want to go to a doctor because I was scared and embarrassed which i regretted so much now.

In April of 2009 i went to a doctor who i went there mainly because i had some other problems. Then i asked the doctor to see my butt because it was dark. He immediately said it was a boil and gave me some cream for 1 week and use those gauze pads. He said if nothing worked.. which didn't I would go to a surgeon he referred me to.

One week later i went to the surgeon and the moment he saw my butt, he was extremely upset that i did not go to see a doctor sooner. He said it was a pilonidal cyst and immediately did an office procedure which i later found it was called drainage. I had to soak my butt in the bathtub for 1 week. I had to also stick the gauze pads 2 times a day for 1 week. I recalled when i got home after the drainage, i had a lot of blood but after that day, it was less and less. When i went back to him a few days later, he looked at my butt and said it looks like it is healing well and said to NEVER SEE HIM AGAIN.http://www.pilonidal.org/forums/images/smilies/eek.gif I asked him what about the color of my butt and he said to not worry about it. Well the thing is my butt has turned black and purpish. Some people here think it is hyperpigmentation which most likely occurred because of the pilonidal cyst.

I then went to a skin doctor and when he saw me in April 18 i think, he said the area is definitely inflamed and suggested me doing surgery. I told him i just had my Pilonidal cyst drained a week ago by a surgeon and he knows the surgeon as well and he said then there is nothing he can do but to wait 4 weeks to see him again. I went to him for a 2nd opinion even though he was skin doctor and not surgeon. Reason i went to him was because he's a skin doctor and i wanted to know what i can use on my butt to change the color of my butt from black back to my normal color. And when i say the skin color turned from yellow to black i am not kidding. It looks black which most likely is hyperpigmentation. It still looks flared up but the thing is my pilonidal cyst doesn't look like it has any problems. To those ppl who complain about the pain, I don't think i felt much pain really. I went to doctor b/c of the butt color change and didnt even know there was a cyst.

Today I went to my skin doctor and woke up real early because this doctor has a lot of patients and dont have appointments. Everything is walk in so you need to be on line etc. Well when i got there today doctor wasn't there so i have to wait till Wednesday to see him. I also have to schedule an appointment to see the surgeon again because i want to talk to him about what the skin specialist says.

I mean i look in the mirror at my butt cheeks now and it looks black and inflamed so it would definitely be embarrasing as well. I wanted to know as quick as possible what i can do like using some hydroquinone cream or whatever to change the color back to normal. Its like I want to live like there is no tomorrow but this pilonidal cyst and butt discoloration holds me back

I mean if i showed any of you guys a picture of how my butt looks you would be like wow how did it get black since most of you people here who have a pilonidal cyst don't have anything happened to your skin in your butt.

Is there any point of doing surgery since some people here said the pilonidal cyst came back? I already had it drained 1 month ago. The most important thing right now to me is it possible to change the skin color of my butt back to normal? It is black and covers a good amount of area as well.

Here are some pictures of my butt and the pilonidal cyst and the butt discoloration that turned black. I understand if you dont want to see it because it would look horrible.

Warning these are pictures of my butt to show what happened to it.



Im going to skin doctor this wednesday again and my surgeon hopefully later this week or next week.

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  • this is long BTW- I copied a lot of stuff for you to read and do -http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/pilonidal-cyst/ds00747Definition By Mayo Clinic staff A pilonidal cyst is an abnormal pocket in the skin that usually contains hair, skin debris and other abnormal tissue. A pilonidal cyst is almost always located near the tailbone at the top of the cleft of the buttocks. The term "pilonidal" comes from the Latin words for hair ("pilus") and nest ("nidus"). Pilonidal cysts occur more often in men than in women, and they are most common in people between the ages of 15 and 24. A pilonidal cyst may remain harmless. If it becomes infected, however, it will cause pain, inflammation and usually drainage of fluids. ---------------------------------If the cyst did not hurt you why did you let them drain it?If you wanted to change the color but really the cyst was not an issue don't let them touch it. In future, understand what is involved in a procedure before you agree to it. Once it is done it is too late to regret or be upset about it. I think it got infected. I think that if someone gives you a procedure and then on the follow up says they don't want you to come back again- that is reason to fill a legitimate complaint- because HE is the one who did the surgery on you and needs to be available in case you need further assistance - as in this case!. I would file a complaint with the Doctor's association or surgeon's association, they have them and you can find out where to do this if you do a few minutes of research. I didn't look at your butt but you are very descriptive about everything so I feel like I saw it in your descriptions. I think you need to worry less now about the color and more about the skin healing and the pain leaving. As you see from above - it is pretty common in men and in your age range. So, this should put your mind at ease. Here is your case now that it is infected- By Mayo Clinic staff http://www.mayoclinic.com/images/nav/clear.gif CLICK TO ENLARGE http://www.mayoclinic.com/images/image_popup/thumbs/sn7_pilonidalcystthu.jpg Pilonidal cyst http://www.mayoclinic.com/images/nav/clear.gif A pilonidal cyst may cause no noticeable symptoms (asymptomatic). The only sign of its presence may be a small pit on the surface of the skin. When it's infected, a pilonidal cyst becomes a swollen mass (abscess). Signs and symptoms of an infected pilonidal cyst include: PainLocalized swellingReddening of the skinDrainage of pus or blood from an opening in the skin (pilonidal sinus)Foul smell from draining pusHair protruding from a pilonidal sinusFever (uncommon) A pilonidal sinus may appear as a tract, a passage below the surface of the skin that connects the infected pilonidal cyst to the opening on the skin's surface. More than one sinus tract may form to drain a single infected cyst. CausesBy Mayo Clinic staff There is some disagreement about what causes pilonidal cysts. Most pilonidal cysts appear to be caused by loose hairs that penetrate the skin. Friction and pressure — skin rubbing against skin, tight clothing, long periods of sitting, bicycling or similar factors — force the hair down into skin. Responding to the hair as a foreign substance, the body creates a cyst around the hair. This explanation accounts for rare cases of pilonidal cysts that occur in other parts of the body. For example, barbers, dog groomers and sheep shearers have developed pilonidal cysts in the skin between fingers. Another possible explanation is that normal stretching or motion of deep layers of skin causes the enlargement and rupture of a hair follicle, the structure from which a hair grows. A cyst then forms around the ruptured follicle. Some children are born with a small indentation in the skin (sacral dimple) near the top of the cleft of the buttocks. Rarely, a sacral dimple may become infected, essentially forming a pilonidal abscess. ----------------------------------------This is what I thought- the hair follicle got infected and formed a globule around the hair like it was a foreign substance. That is not a bad thing, the body is taking care of the issue alone. It is smart. But then the dopey surgeon came along and tore into the flesh and created a wound. And now you have to heal it ALONE! The guy is a real pill, sorry this is what we say when we don't want to use a four letter BAD word to describe someone. ------------------------------------------By Mayo Clinic staff Certain factors can make you more susceptible to developing pilonidal cysts. These include: ObesityInactive lifestyleOccupation or sports requiring sittingExcess body hairStiff or coarse hairPoor hygieneExcess sweating--------------------------------------------Perhaps since your hair is coarse, being Asian, it was one of the reasons for the cyst- you probably sit a lot too? How is your hygiene? Don't answer, but if it is not good, improve it because that may be another reason for the cyst- although I seriously doubt it people get cysts all the time, and hair will create enough of a reaction from the body to create one. But poor hygiene may have been the reason it got infected. Now you have to let it breathe as much as possible because you want a scab and you need to clean it all the time- so I would wear loose cottony fabric that breathes and if it is in the waist band area do not wear elastic or anything that will not let it breathe. Perhaps a bandage was a bad idea because it let things stay moist and goopy- He should have let you dry it out and have it form a scab. His directions may have been poor ones. I would also go to www. youngliving.org/gilsign up and buy Purification it is a blended oil in the essential oils section and it willpurify the area. It will not hurt it and will on the contrary take the bite out of it because it will disinfect it, without hurting you. Put it on several times a day- every 2-3 hours. You will see how quickly it will clear the infection. Now what worries me is that this is something that could come back due to the nature of the issue, location, activity level or type, and the hair follicle. If you ever get another cyst just leave it unless it hurts you. If your butt is black then seek the remedy for that and nothing else. Do not let anyone pull you into any future issues. That man got his surgery job in there and then sent you for a hike and that is wrong. He could have advised you or taken you for how ever long it took but to take you, operate on you and then dump you was very bad. Be more carfeul. The color is inmaterial. It is lesions that you must be careful of. Color is unimportant. By Mayo Clinic staff If a chronically infected pilonidal cyst isn't treated properly, there may be an increased risk of developing a type of skin cancer called squamous cell carcinoma. -----------------------------------------------------If this happens then you need to account that doctor who left you high and dry, with an infected cyst which did not heal properly. It is only his word that it was healing fine and no one else's and if it that had been true you wouldn't be discussing it here on this forum.
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  • By Mayo Clinic staff Treatment for an infected pilonidal cyst may include: Incision and drainageThe initial treatment for an infected pilonidal cyst, or pilonidal abscess, is usually a procedure performed by your primary care doctor or a surgeon. You're given a local anesthetic to numb the area before your doctor opens the abscess, drains the fluids and removes hair and other debris. The wound is packed with dressing so that it can heal from the inside out. For about 50 to 60 percent of people with an infected pilonidal cyst, this treatment is effective and no further treatment is needed. SurgeryA surgical procedure is necessary if you have a recurring infected pilonidal cyst or if one or more sinus tracts are present. A surgeon will expose the cysts and all sinus tracts in order to clean out hairs, pus and other debris. The preferred surgical procedures generally fall into two categories: Open wound. The surgical wound is left open and packed with dressing to allow it to heal from the inside out. This process results in a longer healing time but usually a lower risk of a recurring pilonidal cyst infection.Closed wound. After cleaning out the cyst and sinus tracts, the surgeon stitches the wound closed. The healing time is shorter with these procedures, but there is a greater risk of recurrence. To improve healing time and lower the risk of recurrence, the surgeon may make the incision off to one side and create a flap of skin. Therefore, when he or she stitches the wound, it is not in the cleft of the buttocks, where healing is particularly difficult. Wound care is extremely important after surgery. Your doctor or nurse will give you detailed instructions on how to change dressings, what to expect of a normal healing process and when to call the doctor. Postoperative care will also include shaving around the surgical site to prevent hairs from entering the wound. ----------------------------------------------------OH the Purification OIL - a blended oil found on www.youngliving.org/gilwill Oxygenate the area and the tissue so that all of the area will regenerate. You can see a documentary about therapeutic grade essential oils and how they work if you like on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqxj0UfE5b0&feature=channel_pageso you understand how the healing takes place. Remember to let it breathe and scab over and let the scab fall off by itself when it is ready. You can put the Purification on the black parts to see if the oxygenation will bring back your yellow color. I think it will. It is very good in that the tissues will regenerate and flow will begin in the area and perhaps this is what caused the black color. so you don't have a chronic cyst, or one that always happens-
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  • Prevention By Mayo Clinic staff To prevent future pilonidal cysts from developing: * Remove any hair from this area on a regular basis. Shaving or depilatory creams work well, but you may need laser treatments for hair removal. * Clean the area daily with glycerin soap, which tends to be less irritating. Rinse the area thoroughly to remove any soapy residue. Washing briskly with a washcloth helps keep the area free of hair accumulation. * Keep the area clean and dry. Don't use powders, oils or herbal remedies on this area. * Avoid sitting for long periods of time.-----------------------------------------------------------------------why they would say not to use herbal remedies I can't imagine.The oil I am telling you to get is not a slippery, "will stay on forever" oil.It is an oil that will soak into the skin and leave the skin dry and clean so their's is not a good suggestion because Purification will clean and keep the area from further issue. Thus I am asking you to use it.But I can understand other company products- so do not buy from any other company because their oils may not be pure and may be adulterated. (alcohols, foreign ingredients that are not the oil)The products from www.youngliving.org/gil are 100% "herbal equipment" tested for ANFOR standards and are of the highest quality oil you can find. They are therapeutic grade and really no other company in the country can boast this, in Europe, Africa and Asia yes but not here.I think cutting the hair is a mistake too- take it from a woman who has to remove body hair on a regular basis. The hair has to grow back and in doing that it will create issue here and there. Leave the hair alone. But clean that area from sweat, toilet residue like paper and waste, and make sure that you keep the area breathing- no restrictive and nylon clothing that creates or allows sweat to sit in the area. Baggy boxers made of cotton so it is airy there. And if it is in the waistline area- drawstring- no elastic.You may put Purification there after cleaning with a paper. Also try to wipe with a peper that is not bleached white, with bleach or chlorine. Try to use brown paper, maybe napkins from a natural fast food or brown paper napkins from some other place. Bleach is a skin irritant, and the paper we wipe with is soaked in it. You can also use a wash cloth, but be gentle and use foamy warm water, and then dry with a soft hand towel.Just make a ritual of taking care of this "sore spot"- it is the design that is hampering you. You have a little dimple of hairy area and between the hair and the dimple it is getting grimey. Clean and dry are the magic words and Purification can help. Just stick it on in a tight spot when you can't do better, it will sanitize the area.Remember hair has more surface area than skin so it gets smellier, and dirtier with sweat than just skin, it also holds on to dampness. Like an arm pit. Hey you just made me think of something too- you can order the Aroma Guard to put on it daily after you get rid of the infection.This is their deodorant, totally herbal and will probably do a nice job on your little area to keep it from getting dirty and sweaty. And it will smell nice. There are two kinds in the personal care section.Anyway you decide.Let us know how it goes. Sorry this was long : \
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  • Sorry, I love science and learning about the ins and outs of the bodybut I have no stomach and I can't take pics or movies where I have to see the body looking foul or messed upor even a birth- won't go there- to be honest I don't think ANYONE is going to see them- I think you wasted your energy putting them up - sorry
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  • OK- because misdiagnosis is BIG all overAs I was reading about aflatoxigenic- and somehow it brought me to this link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Necrosis which made me think of the black skin on your posterior. It is apparently caused by several things:1. a brown recluse spider bite- sometimes gone unnoticed until the skin around the bit turns black2. blockage of blood flow3. etc....read the link and I hope it is not what you have- but there it is.it makes sense though- the body parts turn black when air or other life giving forces are cut off from it.
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  • Usually the cyst is caused by an ingrown hair or something. It looks like you have some hair in the area so that may have been the source of the infection. Has the discoloration gone away?
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    • September 27, 2010
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  • No, it hasn't gone away.Anyone can help?I just tried lemon peel bioferment which was recommended by someone to help with the discoloration. However, it did not work at all. Anyone have any other suggestions? Only ones that i can think of is1. Papaya soap2. Neostrata HQ skin lightening gel that contains hydroquinone 2 percent- i used hydroquinone already with no effects3. Kojic acid4. Glycolic/lactic acid peels
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  • When you say your skin went black it reminded me of when I had a staph infection in my thigh. A small cyst developed and around this.. the skin all went black. Over time the very black area grew and got bigger and bigger, that was the staph spreading. I ended up having the small cyst drained and started antibiotics which that appeared to clear the cyst but I was still left with the black patch. After many months small cyst came back. After a second drain and more antibiotics the cyst appeared to go again but black surrounding area was still there. I ended up taking several courses of antibotics with the blackness getting smaller with each course. I ended up getting rid of it and my skin is now normal colour there (Id started to think the black would never go). I know now that while there was still staph infection there, my skin must of retained that blackness. Anyway.. consider the possibility it could be bacterial staph affected. (You would need an antibiotic the staph isnt resistant too, possibly several courses).
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  • hey i did get some minor surgery for the pilonidal cyst. This was about 1.5 years ago. I was told that the coloring would get better but its still the same.U know what i can do?
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  • hello im sorry to hear about your problem i am also going thru the same problem but its kinda worst than yours i am an asian/female/21 and the discoloration is on both my butt cheeks and i dont know what the problem is and i didnt have anycysts going on as far as of what the doctor told me... my skin is also slightly peeling and its kinda going back to its original color im not sure what happened but coming from me i have been praying and waiting to for the color to change back even as a registered nurse there are things i question doctors about. as far as what my doctor told me with some people if they are lucky the color will change back but there are those who will have to live with it.im sorry i couldnt give much advice but here is a little bit to relieve the scaring you can use coco butter or peanut oil.
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