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Butt infection and skin discoloration

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  • Posted By: quickguide90012
  • April 13, 2009
  • 10:30 PM

Im a 23 year old male. I am very worried. Around my anus area, where i spread my butt cheeks, it is VERY swollen. It is dark and just look swollen. I'm am Asian by the way. The thing is it has been like this for a year and maybe a bit more. The thing is i never went to the doctor because i thought it would go away but it didnt. I also did not went because i was very scared. The pain also hurts too on the left side of my anus.

Today i went to the doctor and showed him my butt. Also told him it has been a while since i had this and it was not recent. He checked it out and gave me some pill to take and most importantly some cream to put on 3 times a day. He told me my butt has an infection but wants to see what this cream he prescribed me will do. I will see him next Friday again and he told me if it doesn't get better, he would have to send me to a surgeon. I am very worried right now because I felt like an idiot not going to the doctor when I saw this close to a year ago. Again, i didn't went bc i was scared to death and hoped it would go away.

If I don't spread my butt cheeks, I look in the mirror and i see that the inside of it looks very swollen and if i got injured or something. If i spread it, it looks very bad. There is a lump on the inside left of my anus. I also feel the pain there as well The doctor i went to today noticed this and told me.

I am very tramatized right now. I know the cream he gave me isn't going to help since i will use it for 1 week because i went to him too late. If i went to my doctor last year, everything would probably be fine and the necessary actions would been done quit. I waited too long and now I think i might have cancer or some uncureable tumor on my anus. He also had a very concerned look on his face when he saw this.

If he sends me to a surgeon, do any of you know what they are going to do? I thought he would send me to a skin doctor but he didnt mention that.

I am very scared at this moment and cannot think about anything else right now.

Again, my butt area hurts bc i have this lump on the left side of the inside of my butt cheeks. Both the left and right side surrounding areas of my butt looks very swollen. It looks blackish.

I feel like life is over for me.

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  • I went to a doctor and was referred to a surgeon b/c my butt cheek area , the whole surrounding area is very dark and looked infected. I went to my surgeon and he did an office surgery when i got there and told me i had a Pilonidal cyst. Well he took a knife and cut some part of my skin on Thursday and told me to stay in my bathtub with running water and lye 3-4 times a day for my butt to circulate.I will be going back on Tuesday as another follow up. I might have the operation i dont know yet. However, since he already did the in office surgery on Thursday, he noticed that my butt area is not as reddish/black as it was before. Yes i know the area around my butt and genitals is suppose to be darker than your skin but my butt cheeks and the surroudning areas are VERY dark. i am asian male 23 by the way.When i look at the mirror, my butt cheeks and the area surrounding my *******e is very dark. I asked my doctor would the discoloration go away since most likely it was the pilonidal cyst that caused this and he said most likely not.Does anyone know what i can do? My butt area looks black and bruised obviously it was from the infection of the pilondial cyst. I didnt went to the doctor 1 -1.5 year ago when i noticed this b/c I was very scared.I googled and saw some things on anal bleaching but is that for the butt? This is very embarrassing as well for me. I also saw that they say dont use the product if the area is infected and what not so I don't think i should use that. Again, my butt cheeks when i spread a little looks VERY BLACK like i had some BIG bruises there and it loks like it will stay there forever.Does anyone know what i can do specifically? Thank you.
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  • anyone can help?
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  • i doubt using those things would help. Its been like this for maybe 2 years i think. The skin just turned black. I think it might be hyperpigmentation.
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