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Butt Discoloration Cream?

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  • Posted By: quickguide90012
  • January 9, 2010
  • 06:06 AM

Hey guys. I know this is acne.org but not sure if this is the proper forum to post this.

This was my story from a few months ago on another forum.

If you do not want to read that, i can summarize quickly my situation now.

I was on this forum a few months ago because i have a pilonidal cyst. I went to a doctor because my buttcheeks were DARK black. It looks like i had permanent bruises still. I found out i had the pilonidal cyst in June 2009 but i probably had it since 2007. In mid October, a dermatologist did a closed excision surgery on me at his office. It took about 25 minutes i say. There was not that much pain when he did the small procedure. How come a lot of people complain so much about pain after surgery b/c this small operation didn't felt anything to me besides a little bit of pain when he used a knife and scissors.

All that happened after that was i had a bit of blood around the area and i was fine. I could walk perfectly after it. I mentioned how my butt cheeks are very discolored. It looks like hyperpigmentation of the buttocks. It was most likely because of the pilonidal cyst. I asked my skin doctor if i could get rid of the discoloration. He said in 6 months my skin would get better. He did tell me there was a cream that would help restore the color of my buttcheeks. It started with an H but i do not recall the name of it. Does anyone know? It was something like Hydro....

Today i went to his office today and telling him its been 3 months almost and my buttcheeks are still discolored. He tells me most people have hyperpigmentation around the area. I am Asian and he tells me that happens for all of us. I asked him if he could prescribe the cream he talked about a few months ago. He tells me i don't need it since no one would look at my butt. Well i did tell him if the cream doesn't do any harm, why can't i and he said some people just have hyperpigmentation and I don't need it

Anyways, he did tell me to purchase this product called Cevave and to buy it off the counter. I saw that there was the lotion and the cream. This is the cream


He tells me this would work to help my discoloration of the butt. When i was at the drug store, the product to me didn't look like it was anything special. I also said i don't think off the counter products are good since i don't think those are strong enough or do anything. He would not let me get a prescription of the cream he was talking about.

Does anyone know what are my options now? Should i just buy this cream and try it? I read the ratings online and it is very good. However, most people say its a great cream if you have dry skin or enzyma? Well i don't have any of these problems. I also don't believe this kind of cream will make my buttcheeks turn from dark back to normal.

Has anyone got an opinion? Does anyone know what cream he was talking about that starts with an H for helping lightening butt cheeks because it is dark?

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